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Here Is The Chapter 8

As I Reached The Stage People Started Greeting Me And Kiara For Their Engagement….I Was Shocked. I Looked At Mom And She Smiled Happily. I Went Towards Her To Ask Her What The Heck Is Going On..?.

“What! Lucus………. Today Is Your Engagement And Thats Final.. If You Love Me You Will Marry Kiara”. Ordered My Mom.

“ But Mom! I Don’t Want To Maarrry Her…..”

“Why..!! She Is Perfect Just Perfect In Almost Everyway” She Was Defending Her.

“ I Know Mom,… And I Agree With You Too…. But………”

“Then But What…?” She Questioned Me Like She Don’t Know

“ I Don’t Love Her Mom… She Is Perfect But Not Perfect For Me. She Is My Childhood Friend And I Don’t Want To Hurt Her Or Destroy Her Life As You Did By Marring A Wrong Person.”

“ Is That Necessary What Happened With Me Will Repeat With You Too… Dear You Are Special You Will Never Break Kiara’s Heart”.

“Yay!! ‘Special ‘ As My Father Is King Tyson .I Am Special”. I Said In A Sarcastic Way.

“ No.. My Child When You Were About To Birth Moon Goddness Has Said Me That Your Son Is Born For A Special Purpose. So My Child You Have A Heart That Sometimes Beat While It Doesn’t Happens With Vampires. So I Am Dam Sure You Will Not Break Her Heart Ever!!”

Lucus: Mom! I Don’t Know Any Thing. But I Now For Sure That She Will Never Be Happy With Me I Don’t Love Her, She Is Not For Me.

“So, Tell Me Who Is For You… That Elisabeth …. Whom You Are Search For So Long. Son Many Vampires Never Get Their Soulmate That Doesn’t Mean They Remain Single Whole Life”.

“ Please Try To Understand Mom…. Just Give Me Sometime More If I Couldn’t Able To Find Her Then I Will Marry Kiara Without Saying A Word”

“Mom: Ok! I Am Giving You Time Of Six Months You Don’t Able To Find Her You Will Marry Kiara. But For Now You Have To Do The Engagement For Kiara And For The Pride Of Our Respective Families…”

“ Butt Momm…”

“ Not A Word Lucus…… Its An Order I Cant Posepone This Engagement As All Guests Has Camed… And If I Posepon This Engagement People Will Raise Question For My Daughter In Law….. “

“Mom She Is Not Your Daughter In Law…”

“ Okay My Would Be Daughter In Law”


And She Giggled. I Love When She Laugh Smile Or Giggle I Can Do Anything For This Smile On Her Face.

Unwantedly I Exchanged Rings With Kiara But I Promised Myself Whatever Happens I Will Not Destroy Her Life By Marring Me Because I Know Ill Never Be Able To Love Her The Love She Deserve From Her Husband.

After Couple Of Hours Later The Function Ended Guests Were Departed And Kiara And Her Family Too Went To Their Kingdom.

And Now This Was A Time For Me To Speak To Mom And Clear My Thoughts To Her. I Went To Her And Explained My Point “Mom, Please Get My Point”.

”You Get My Point Dear, You Have Just 6 Months Find Your Soulmate Or Marry Kiara” She Ordered.

“”Okay…. Now I Will Come Here With My Soulmate Or After 6 Months For Marring Kiara” I Said In Frustration.

“ Okay….” She Replied

“ I Am Going Mom….. And I Will Be Back With Your Daughter In Law” I Confidently Said

“ I Too Wanted That Dear, But Iyou Were Searching Her Since So Long And Condnt Find Her Till Now… ..So” She Said In A Concerned Tone.

“I Will Be Back Soon Mom”

“I Will Be Waiting For You, Be Safe”.

And I Came Back To Human World And Started Searching My Mate But Didn’t Find Her. Now Its Been 6 Am Now So I Went To Home Because I Don’t Like Sunlight It Irritates Me. Its Not That I Cant Bear It But I Don’t Like It.

I Went In The Home Their Was A Very Loud Music And Two Girls Were Dancing Horrible Like They Are Drunk Or Something… And Went And Saw That They Were Non Other Than My Princess And That Girl Hmm… Lisa Was Their. I Was Shocked To See Them Like That Danking Like A Mad Fellow With Loose Tee And Shorts.

I Cleared My Throat To Grab Their Attention, But That Didn’t Work I Know The Music Was Too Loud And I Can Understand That Lisa Couldn’t Hear Me But Krystal Should Get This After All She Is A Dhampire. So, I Called Krystal But Suprisinly That Also Didn’t Work , Both The Girls Were So Ingossed In Their Pathetic Dance. So, I Went And Off The Music.

As I Stopped The Music “ Who The Hell Sttooppe……….” Both Girls Shouted And Their Words Were Choking When They Saw Me.

Both The Girls Were Highly Embarrsed For Their Pathetic Dance And The Embancesness Was Clearly Seen On Their Faces. So, I Went From The Hall To Make Them Comfortable. As I Went From The Hall Both Of Them Runned To Their Respective Rooms , I Went To Kitechen To Take A Glass Of Blood.

Just Then I Hear The Foots Steps Towards Me… From The Sound Of The Foot Steps It Was Very Much Clear That Who Is She Because The Footsteps Was Like Should I Go Or Should I Not…. Hehe It Was Obiouse That She Was Lisa.

“ Do You Want To Say Something” I Asked Lisa. She Was Shocked That How I Get That She Was Lisa Without Seeing Her.

“ Actually I Wanted To Thank You… For You Hospitality And Kindness But I Don’t Want To Become A Burden On You, I Want To Say That ..” And She Was Interrupted By Sister Krystal .

“ What You Want To Say… Haa You Will Not Go Anywhere You Will Stay With Me Always” She Ordered Her

“ But….”

“No.. Buts And All , You Are Staying Here And Thats Final”.

I Don’t Know Why I Don’t Want Her To Go I Just Want Her Near Me May Be It Was A Attraction As She Has Virgin Blood…..

My Thoughts Were Disturbed When I Realised That Their Discussion Is Still Not Over..

“ You Know Krystal Whats My Problem And Why I Want To Leave From Here…” She Was Explaining Krystal The Reason Behind Her Leaving But I Was Totally Confused As I Don’t Know Anything About That.

“ You Don’t Take Tension Of That I Am Their And Icing On The Cake Bro Is With Us… Till Lucus Is With Me No One Can Harm Me.

“ What Yu Mean By Harming You .. Who Has That Much Strength To Harm My Sister…”I Asked Her

“ No One Bro… Just Relax I Will Explain You Everything… And Lisa You Go And Freshen Up Meet You At The Dinning Room…” Krystal Ordered Her And She Like A Obedient Student Listened Her.

“ Now Explain Me Everything” My Curiosity Was On Cloud Nine At That Time.

“Last Time After You Went Vamp World, I Went To Lisa Room Then…”

Flashback Starts

Krystal Pov

I Went At Her Room, She Was Crying And Sobbing Sitting On The Floor At Near The Bed, I Quickly Went Towards Her . I Saw That She Was Hugging The Note And The Pizza Which I Had Brought For Her.

I Rubbed Her Tears And Asked Her Why She Is Crying.

“ I A.A.Mm… So.Rr..Yy.. I …D.O.Nt… Wan.T T…Tto.O… Di..Stur.B… Yo..U..” She Said Between Her Sobbing

“ Its Nothing Like That , You Can Say Your Problem With Me Can Consider Me As Your Sister” I Said Rubbing Her Tears. And She Quickly Hugged Me Her Hug Was Like She Wanted This Hug The Console From A Long Time. I Was Confused But Knows It Very Well That She Is In Real Trouble.

Tell Me Everything You Can Open Your Heart To Me After All I Am Not Like Your Sister I Am Your Sister” I Said With A Cheerful Smile. Which I Thing Had A Effect On Her.

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