Savitri Devi 18th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Sanchi doubts on Dr. Kabir

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Savitri Devi 18th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Jaya telling Sanchi that she has done a mistake in a hurry and apologizes. Sanchi says what is destined had happened and asks her not to take tension. She says Dr. Kabir can never harm our hospital. Dr. Malhotra says I am so good to see you and so proud. Dr. Kabir stops him and says I know you understand just money language. He takes out the cheque book and gives him cheque asking him to leave. Dr. Malhotra is stunned. Dr. Kabir asks him to close the door while leaving. Dr. Malhotra closes the door. He looks at the bouquet and keeps the hand on his chair. He thinks tiger don’t need anyone to rule in the jungle and thinks he will get what he wants without any help. He looks at Sanchi’s pic and smirks.

Sanchi waits for Veer and thinks if his work haven’t finished. She thinks where is he? She comes to his cabin and sees note and balloon there asking her to come on the terrace. She thinks Veer knows how to cheer her up. She goes there and calls Veer. Dr. Kabir comes there. She collides with him and turns to him thinking Veer came. She gets shocked seeing him and balloon and note fall down from her hand. She asks you are here? Dr. Kabir asks why can’t I come here. He says it is beautiful, but not beautiful than you. He comes closer to her. Sanchi thinks he has the same perfume as that man. She is about to go. Dr. Kabir stops her and says you can meet Veer later at home. Sanchi says Veer is my husband and I came here to meet him. She goes downstairs. Veer comes and asks her to come to the terrace. Sanchi refuses and says Dr. Kabir is on the terrace. Veer says he reached there also and tells that they shall go home. Sanchi shares her doubt with Veer that Dr. Kabir might be that man. Veer says why he will do this, he has nothing to do with us. Sanchi says maybe I am thinking much and asks him to come. Dr. Kabir hears them and says you thought right, I have done all that and spoiled your honeymoon. He says it is just a start.

Priya comes to the hall and tells that she wants to tell them something. Vikrant comes there and says if Priya told truth to everyone then I will be jailed. Priya says Vikrant had done something and lied to every one of us. She says time has come to reveal it. Savitri asks her to tell clearly. Priya says Vikrant has done a big mistake in business and have to go tonight to rectify it. Veer asks him to share his problems. Priya says Vikrant will not leave, he will not take anyone’s help. Vikrant nods. Veer says as you wish. Dr. Malhotra asks him to take care and call him if needed.

Vikrant asks Priya if she is fine. Priya says she didn’t tell anything to anyone and asks him to leave. Vikrant says I am your husband and we have become bankrupt. Priya says I was your wife, but you kept me like an animal and then…. She asks him to just leave. Vikrant says you haven’t done right and asks her not to forget. Jaya calls Sunny and asks how was the day? Sunny says good. Jaya says she is cooking food. Sunny asks can I go to my friend’s house for group study. Jaya says ok. Sunny calls his friends and says he will come to the party.

The nurse informs Sanchi that Dr. Kabir called everyone to cut the cake. Sanchi asks why? Dr. Kabir tells that he wants to celebrate their new relation. They come out. Dr. Kabir asks Sanchi to cut the cake with him. Sanchi refuses and says she has to attend her patients. Staff members request her. Sanchi and Dr. Kabir cut the cake together. Dr. Kabir tries to feed cake piece to Sanchi, but she refuses and asks him not to force her. He forces her. She pushes him and the cake piece falls down. The manager tries to scold Sanchi. Veer takes a stand for Sanchi and says your CEO shall know the meaning of no. Sanchi says exactly.

Sanchi tells Veer that she has a strong feeling that he was with her in Mumbai. She says she felt uncomfortable with Dr. Kabir. Dr. Kabir gets some video and thinks to make Sanchi puppet in his hands.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I wish kabir sara cake utha k sanchi k face pe mar de.

  2. So nice episodes.Recently the episodes where kabir is shown as negative they r very interesting.I love the new kabir but I also miss the old.LOVE VARUN AND VIKRAM????❤❤?

  3. Why So negative riddhi.If some one forced u to eat what will u do6I am sure she didn’t do it intentionally.

    1. But she deserves sanch had made kabir to turn negetive and I wish that he would prove his inocsence and ruin sanchi and veer

      And to separate her friends bcoz of them the show has turned in this way

      1. Varunfan

        Veer Sanchi did nothing to him, Veer was also framed fr this and Kabir happily blaming him without knowing his side then hw cm Veer is wrong to think the same.When did Kabir see Veer murdering and doing organ trafficking in his entire career in SDCH.He was always against Malhotra but its Kabir who used to blindly trust him and do whatever he asks for.

        Kabir is assuming SanVeer framed him and stopping new low each day and such thingscn never be justified.

    2. Varunfan

      For them Kabir jo bhi kare sahi he
      Since they dnt knw what is the meaning of “NO”
      She cuts the cake ok but if she dnt wanna eat then SHE DONT WANNA EAT for once and all.

  4. RuCh23

    ??? after such a long time I actually watched today’s part!!! The way Kabir brushed off Anand like dust part was awesome!! Good thing he didn’t joined hands with him. And Sanchi ??? seriously? She cam recognize the perfume of Mumbai guy and Kabir’s is the same in an instant but she couldn’t figure out properly it wasn’t Veer she was dancing ???. Anyway loved today’s part and hope Veer and Sanchi get caught for spying on the new CEO’s cabin ???

  5. I m not getting negative dear . I m just giving my reaction bcoz i m a kabir fan . Whatever kabir is doing i m loving it bcoz watever sanchi did with me she will get this only in return. She is also behaving like as if she does not know him. And yes it is sanchi only who made him to do all this as she forgot all his good deeds and judging him on the basis of the thing that actually he has not done.

    1. Dear leave them u r wasting ur time on them and especially on this @Varunfan the one who don’t know how to respect others and he/she is so much obsessed with the show that he/she can compare it with reality??? like seriously and Riddhi dear once again I am saying let them say whatever they want to…..have u not hear that DOGS BARK WHEN THEY DON’T KNOW THE PERSON even I am sure some of them will think that I called them DOGS but seriously I have no intentions like that but still if u want think as whatever u want I DON’T CARE??

  6. Some ppl r blaming that kabir is having lust on sanchi and he never lovd her. He wanted to marry her just to snatch the hospitsl. He came back only to seperate sanveer. So ppl should hate him. If cvs r trying to show same so that we should accept the bhai behan pairing then i just want to ask sm qiestions to the stupid cvs why they hav shown the following things.-
    1. Why kabir accepted sanveer relationship easily when sanchi broke his heart for first time. He easily gave namechit of sanchi to veer that he got diring diwali celebration. If he has lust not luv for sanchi why did he not turn nregative then only.
    2. If he hate veer and os a bad person why did he bring sanchi back to the hospital fpr veer’s treatment when he slippd frm stairs.
    3. If he always wanted to snatch sanchi $hospital then why did he ask sanchi to do wat she wish to do as ots her own life and no one has right to take decision for her life when that chipkali told him abt promise she made to SD.
    4. If he wanted to seperate sanveer why did he ask sanchi to talk to veer after the magzn incident when that chipkali was crying.
    5.if he nevr luvd sanchi when riya asked him if he loves bittu a lot he said more than love he cares for her.
    6. If he is a bad petson why did he help sanchi in bringing out ayesha’s truth infront of veer.
    7. If he never lovd sanchi what was the purpose of the scene when sanchi said “kisi se pyaar karne ka matlab sath rahana nahi balki apane pyaar ko har musibat se bachana hai” then he said “mai bhi to wahi kar raha hun qki mai bhi tumse pyaar karta hun.”
    8.he never forced sanchi to luv him or marry him. When he came to know that gayatri killed rohit then he asked her to marry him as his purpose behind this was just to save sanchi from gayatei’s evil eyez.
    9. If he had lust on samchi or he was marrying sachi just to snatch hospital or seperate sanveer then why did he backoff from marriage. He could hav easily married her and made her his wife forever as jaya was also with him. But he could not see tears in that chipkali’s eyes. And the dialogue he said to jaya “av mujhase aur nahi hoga. Agar aaj maine ye shadi ki to wo meri patni kabhi nahi ban payegi veer ka adhura pyaar banke reh jayegi. Ab aap bhi apani jid chod dijiye. ”
    i just want to ask the stupid cvs by showing all this if they want to show kabir a cheap, evil person so that we start hating him. Then i must say they made a joke in the name of a show. Iys a flop show. We audience r not fool. Cvs have completely lost their grip from the story. They r not doing justice at all to kabir’s character.
    if they want to show that kabir came here for revenge wat sanchi did to him and a very bad effect on his life jist bcoz of her action against him . Then only they will do a proper justice to kabir and ofcourse his fans. Agar kuch bhi bina matlab ka dikhayenge then i must say audience r more inyellectual.

    1. Anee

      Yes Riddhi dear U are right we audience are not fool….If these Obsessed sanveer fans are thinking that kabir is negative and that chipkali didn’t anything Then I must say they are fool and blind….they got chance to laugh and badmouth about kabir because they easily got their so cold sanveer na…but u mentions all points are correct I wish after read that their eyes will open and they would see that kabir isn’t bad person he is forced to be bad just because of that chipkali and her so cold true love….Uss ka naam lena bhi mere liye gawara nahii…..kiya yeh sab bhool gaye saanchi ke so cold pati ne shaadi se pehle uss ke saath kaisa suluk kiya tha….and that point is also correct that the CVs are not able to justice with kabir’s character…..that’s they are doing all these crap things.

    2. I completely agree with u and veer hasn’t trust sanchi in case he just want to destroy sanchi in that one month challange is that was right and ne I have no problem with veer he is only a unambitious person in his life who just go behind his wife like a puppy

      I have problem with jaya and physio sanchi that once also she dint trust kabir just blamed on him only fr so called love . If any one wants b in relationship if they c the show they slipped out and vomit bcoz the story line is completely bakwaas

    3. Dhruti

      yup riddhi pata nahi cvs kuch bhi dikha raha he if they think that after seeing yesterday epi we hate kabir then they are bigggggggggg foolish because noone of kabir’s fan hate kabir’s character because sanchi jo bhi kiya uske baad to what would i say??? because sanchi not just broke his heart but rain the respect what he gain from his profession……………so i’m totally agree with you…………….

  7. *intellectual. Ha ab thak gai bahut lamba type kar dya.

  8. Now d story is interesting ….. Jam kar badla le kabir… Sabke nak me dam kar de…. I’m just loving this side of kabir….

  9. f**k of ridhi

    1. @neha khisiyani billi khambha noche.this proverb suits u.

    2. Prachi

      mind your language neha

  10. ????????

  11. Dear neha i can understand ur feeling as i have mentioned all the points they have actually been shown in the show. Here i m not targeting any fandom i m just talking abt the stupid cvs who r showing a complete different story that is irrelevant to the past. And pls behave cheap bcoz RS made this show for sanveer fans only. As according to the current spoiler they r going to show kabir as a psycho and obssessed lover of sanchi(another vikrant in the show). So dear just relax and enjoy the show . I can’t tolerate this bullshit anymore. Just one advice for u grow up . Don’t behave cheap just for a show.


  13. @manu u r calling riddhi sick. But i think any normal person on this earth can never tolerate such a crap show. Only mental people like u can watch this. So people can understand who is sick. Ise padhane k bad tumhe mujhe jitani galiyan deni hai do. I don’t care bcoz i know ur condition is really very bad. U r getting mentally sick. So i ‘ll pray for u.ok. u r free to say whatever u want to say “kyunki paglon ki bat ka koi bura nahi manta.”

  14. then y r u seeing the mutalithan

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