Savitri Devi 13th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Mishri burns cow dung in hospital

Savitri Devi 13th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dr. Kabir stopping Sanchi from going to canteen and tells that ward boy is fighting with canteen manager. I will see him. He asks her to go home and rest. He goes there and asks Veer and Canteen Manager Ramesh what they are doing? He asks Veer if he breaks the discipline then what example he will set. Veer goes. Mishri asks her friends to come. Rekha says only the people which have bad grahs get angry. She gives dried cow dung and asks her to burn it wherever he goes. She says he might have got bad sight. Mishri says ok. She comes home and burns cow dung. Gayatri and Savitri feel the smell. Gayatri calls Servant and asks him to bring room freshener. Veer comes and sits on table. Mishri thinks to see if cow dung formula is working. She brings juice glass and makes it fall on Veer. Veer thinks he doesn’t want to spoil his morning and goes to change his clothes without telling anything. Savitri scolds her, but Mishri thinks the formula is working as he went without scolding her. Savitri thinks she is strange. Mishri thinks to follow him wherever he goes. She burns the cow dung in Veer’s cabin. Veer comes just then. She gets tensed and hides.

The nurse comes and gives file. Veer senses bad smell and thinks from where it is coming. He goes out of room. Sanchi checks curtains on her mobile and thinks to ask Dr. Kabir. Dr. Kabir picks the call. Sanchi asks for his favorite color and asks her to tell one. Dr. Kabir says grey. Sanchi asks dark grey or light grey. He says all grey are same. Sanchi tells about his favorite grey shirt and says which grey. He thinks Sanchi remembers all my shirt colors. She says I understood and ends the call. He smiles.

Mishri follows Veer and lights cow dung everywhere. Smoke gets filled up in the hospital. Veer sees her with her face hidden and tries to stop her. Just then Garg comes and tells that a patient might be smoking. Veer goes there. Mishri burns the cow dung everywhere and thinks conference hall is remaining. She thinks to make it pure as well. Veer goes to the conference hall to meet Dr. Saxena. Mishri thinks there are many people there, and thinks to burn one more cow dung pot in Veer’s cabin. All patients get up thinking the hospital caught fire. Dr. Kabir asks everyone not to worry and says they will check. He calls sukhdev and asks him to check. Sukhdev says it seems to be cow dung smell. Veer says even I got this smell since morning. Nurse sees smoke coming out of his cabin and tells Veer. Security staff goes inside and find cow dung pot in Veer’s cabin. Dr. Kabir asks who is burning it. Interns say Dr. Veer must be burning it. He recalls seeing veiled woman and asks Nurse to search her.

Mishri comes out of hospital and thinks she has done her work well and now he will get rid of bad sight and anger. Just then Veer comes and holds her hand. He asks her to remove her veil. Mishri lifts her veil. Veer looks on.

Veer asks Mishri why did she do this? She says she wants to lower his anger. Everyone comes there. Veer says this is hospital and patients are here. He swears to send her to her village if she tries to come to him or to hospital.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. ex-sanveer-now-veer-fan

    Are Mishri’s antics supposed to be cute?Is this how the showrunners see villagers….She was burning dung in hospital, how horrible

  2. Who llb so innocent n kanchi ki sciences hi nahi hai miss them

  3. RuCh23

    No offense but Mishri do act somewhat stupid. Who burns cow dung in a hospital? ??? They said she went till 12th grade. Even someone who never stepped on a school would know what to do and not to do in a hospital. Why are they trying to show her as a person who doesn’t have basic common sense? Other than those stupid things they do to make her look as they say illiterate (which is completely rubbish) I just love to watch her scenes. Veer… well he do need to control his anger. Kanchi… we don’t see them much but whenever they’re on the screen, they just steal my eyes ???

  4. Mishri is cute. But that cow dung scene was stupid bcoz villagers are innocent but not stupid. Kanchi scenes are less but cute. Yes I also think kanchi SS is reduced but Kabir’s SS is increased as he is there in most of the scenes. I m really happy that Kabir’s SS is increased.

    1. Villagers are educated especially girls men’s are drop out from college.or starting business
      Well am not from city,village,and town this place is mixed version by all

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