Episode 4
After that beautiful night spend by twinkle and Kunj their life has changed kunj just showering his love on twinkle didn’t leave any chance to romance with her. 1 month has been passed to twinkle and Kunj consummate their marriage.Everything was going so good in twinj life.They are so happy cherish all moments. It was normal day. Kunj went for office while twinkle preparing for dinner. Everyone can see new glow on twinkle face niki and Bebe understand now everything is fine in between twinkle and Kunj marriage they are so happy. Twinkle working in kitchen thinking about kunj how naughty he is she never thought about this her husband Kunj can romantic this much whom she thought just normal he is extra romantic that twinkle also can’t handle it. Smiled appeared on twinkle face. Niki entered in kitchen and see twinkle she went near and shake her with her elbow.

Niki:what you think twinkle about kunj.

Twinkle:no bhabhi why I’ll.

Niki: acha you tell me Twinkle which cream you were applying nowadays your face glowing very much what reason behind this twinkle look Niki. She understood in what way she tell her.

Twinkle:no nothing Bhabhi.

Niki:acha okay I’ll ask kunj.She winked at her.Twinkle blushed hard.She hides her face covered with her both palms.while cutting veggies niki talking some naughty.
Twinkle just going yes and no.. aur twinkle how kunj is on bed.Twinkle looking other side it’s so awkward for her.

Twinkle:I don’t know..

Niki???acha Ji..your face telling so much.

Twinkle:you asked him directly there usha and Mahi come they both keep quiet and busy in work.After all dinner get ready they all went in living room chit chatting. Twinkle went in her room.Than Kunj come back from office. He went in room see twinkle keeping their clothes in wardrobe back.He locks the door and went towards her hugged her from back.Twinkle shocked (first) than understood who he is.

Kunj lock his hands around her waist. Rest his chin on her shoulder.

Twinkle:finally you come back..

Kunj:hmm.. don’t you miss me..

Twinkle: no why I’ll..

Kunj:But I miss you like hell. He kissed on her cheek.

Twinkle:acha ji.She turned and look at her hands on his chest.Twinkle look at Kunj stage messy hairs.Go and get freshen up.

Kunj:hmm he tucked her hairs.You look beautiful twinkle..

Twinkle:I know kunj this you go.

Kunj: haa I’ll twinkle.He pulled her closer to her.

Twinkle:chii you stink so much kunj.

Kunj:so what I worked so much. Twinkle look at door and see it’s locked.

Twinkle:why you lock the door kunj.

Kunj:woh I’m thinking twinkle.He goes closer to her. Twinkle push him.

Twinkle:I know kunj,, she going while Kunj held her they both falls on bed.

Kunj: behind your beauty I’m only don’t forgot this. He nuzzled his face in her neck.

Twinkle:kunjj please stop.

Kunj:why just for 30 minutes.

Twinkle:no way kunj.He tries to open her back dori.See the time what everyone will think about didn’t let me sleep in nights now too you become shameless.

Kunj:whatever. Kunj lock his lips with her twinkle kiss him back they share deep lip lock just than listen knock at door.

Niki: Twinkle Bebe is calling you. Twinkle break the kiss in breathing voice.

Twinkle:yes Bhabhi I’ll come.Kunjj get up from me.. twinkle push him and get up and tie her back dori correct her lipstick go take bath come out from your romance dream kunj.

Kunj:huhu.. you’ll come to me only na..
Twinkle get downstairs while Kunj went in washroom and get freshen up.Later they all sit for dinner like as usual they have their dinner nicely. After twinkle and Mahi did their work and went in their respective room. Twinkle went in washroom get freshen up come out and she wears nighty. While Kunj who playing games in phone tomorrow is Sunday so relaxing. Twinkle went and lay down beside him.

Twinkle:sleep kunj.

Kunj:I’ll. He turned his face.

Twinkle:ho ho kunj. I didn’t let you make love you get angry with me on this..

Kunj:kya did you say something.

Twinkle:nothing sadu,,did you know till now you didn’t leave single night to and didn’t let me sleep peacefully.

Kunj:ab soja.Before I started. Kunj closed his eyes while twinkle went near him and rest her head on his chest. And cuddles him tightly Kunj smile slightly.Twinkle raise her face and look at Kunj she gives him quick pecked. Kunj cuddles her tightly and sleep took over them next morning they wakeup.Twinkle feeling uneasy she gets up and went in washroom throw vomit. She gets freshen up and come out and see kunj who still sleep. She let him sleep for sometimes today is Sunday so. she went downstair make breakfast for everyone special for all.Later all come for breakfast. Mahi started talking to twinkle little bit now. Yuvi totally become good boy working with Surjit now.They all have their breakfast expect that Kunj.Who still sleeping.after this twinkle get busy in work along with servants. After this she and Niki went to market to buy some glossary things, so they buy all things have pani puri twinkle feeling like have something tangy.After sometimes they go back to Sarna Mansion keep all things in kitchen.
Mahi make all lunch things while Yuvi and Anant watching match kunj who still living room.Everyone sitting having nice moment.

Bebe:Arey Yuvi puttar bas you and Anant just want to see match let me see my serial na..

Mahi:haa Yuvraj.

Bebe:Twinkle where is kunj..

Twinkle:your kunj still sleeping Bebe.

Bebe: What morning se bhi tak. Afternoon hogya yeh ladka bhi na. Whole Sunday he just sleep don’t know what he does at night Twinkle puttar didn’t he sleep at night.

Twinkle:haa Bebe he calls me sleeping beauty now he become.

Manohar:let him Bebe whole week he does work only one day he got to rest.

Bebe: aaj kal toh kunj room se bhar hi nahi nikal ta hai. Kya karta hai rab hi jaane?. Twinkle become red she just went in kitchen and make coffee for kunj.And went in their room she entered in room and see kunj his back was facing to ceiling.

Twinkle:see this Sadu how peacefully he sleeps. She kept the coffee in side and sit beside him. Rubbing Kunj hairs this disturbing his sleep. Kunj wake up.

Kunj:why twinkle go and let me sleep.

Twinkle:no baba wake up it’s too late.She pulled the blanket.Kunj giving twinkle annoying looks.

Kunj:you are so bad Twinkle.

Twinkle:I know pati dev.Kunj get up and taking yawns.Go and take bath fast. Kunj went in washroom and while twinkle arranged the bed.She takes out kunj clothes.Just than Kunj come back in towel.
Twinkle give him his clothes. She went to dressing table set her lipstick again. Kunj wear his clothes. He about to throw wet towel on bed but twinkle looking at him through mirror Kunj stop and keep in side.

Twinkle:GOOD.. Kunj went near dressing table.

Kunj:chal side me let me get ready.

Twinkle:huhu I m already very beautiful. Kunj get ready.Twinkle fixed his collar while Kunj playing with her earrings. Than Usha entered in room twinkle and Kunj see her and immediately separated.


Usha:yes I told you na about money.

Kunj:hmm sorry I forgot seriously.

Usha: okay she went from there.

Twinkle give kunj coffee mug.

Twinkle: which money kunj.

Kunj:Arey that monthly I give to MAA.

Twinkle:hoo. He went to wardrobe take out money.. Kunj you never give me in kidding way….

Kunj: Arey Meri MAA mera sab tera hi toh hai tumhare beach me koi teesra nahi hai.
He pulled twinkle cheeks and kissed too.

After all sit for lunch kunj come and take his seats.

Bebe: Arey kunj puttar finally your sleep is over.

Kunj: na Bebe ??.

Bebe:sharm kar kitna soye ga.Twinkle and Mahi served everyone food. They all sit together and have their food while laughing. After lunch Kunj give money to usha. Kunj playing cricket with ishaan having fun they both get tired playing more still.While all others doing rest in their respective rooms.. after kunj went in his room and see twinkle who sleeping. He drenched in sweat. He locks the door and lay beside twinkle. Twinkle feel kunj she open her eyes and see kunj.

Twinkle: finally you come back.

Kunj: hmm what are you doing..

Twinkle: I’m so tired kunj I wake up early and whole house work now let me do rest please.

Kunj: what is this twinkle at night you want to sleep yaar apne pati se baath kar kuch.

Twinkle:acha. You complete your sleep and play as well now come wanna talk to me.She locked her hands around kunj neck. And wiped his sweat with her duppta. What’s the need of playing in this hot..

Kunj:ba tu toh kuch kar nahi hai.So ishaan is better.

Twinkle:hehe very funny. Kunj come all hover on twinkle and she just look at him. Kunj remove twinkle earrings and keep on bed and kissed on her earlobe’sThan he started removing twinkle all bangles kissed on her hands.

Kunj:now it’s your punishment.

Twinkle:acha ji.

Kunj:yes. He pulled the blanket and covers themselves make Love twinkle moaning Kunj name.

Twinkle:you are so bad kunj.. haa.After they both lay Down.Just than twinkle started thinking something. She wears kunj shirt and went in washroom and get freshen up. I don’t know what happened to me now.she come back and sit beside kunj.

Kunj: what happened twinkle.

Twinkle:Kunj I’m thinking something.

Kunj:what you think tell me too.

Twinkle:woh Kunj they aren’t come..

Kunj:what who didn’t come.

Twinkle:understand na kunj..

Kunj:kya samju. Twinkle tell in his ear. Ho so what they’ll come why you so worry for this.

Twinkle:I have to because of you only. Who didn’t leave me.I shocked now how you control till confession.

Kunj: Acha.

Twinkle: you go and get pregnancy test kit for me.

Kunj: pregnancy why,.

Twinkle: I have to check it whether I’m pregnant or not.we didn’t take precautions.I told you so many times you. But you never just greedy for your pleasure.

Kunj:you take it if not me I toh bring pills for you.

Twinkle:now don’t argue with me.What I told you do this. After sometimes later kunj went to pharmacy and bring pregnancy test kit for twinkle without anyone knows it.. twinkle went in washroom and did pregnancy test and leave it she come and Niki take her downstair. They all have their dinner at night twinkle went in washroom see it’s positive tears falls down from her eyes. She can’t believe on her eyes she going to become maa her and Kunj love symbol in her warm now. She keep her hand on her belly.

Twinkle:my baby..I’ll tell kunj about this not sure if he wanted baby or not at this time. Still I’ll. She went in room and Kunj who entered in room and see twinkle.

Kunj: what happened.

Twinkle: nothing they change their clothes and lay down. Kunj I wanted to tell you something.

Kunj: haa bol.. she went near his ears. And take his hand and place on her belly.

Twinkle: Kunj I’m pregnant and test is positive.

Kunj: what. Really he look her and then on twinkle belly his hand on her belly.

Twinkle:yes kunj.You are going to become Papa. Kunj hug her tightly. They break the hug. Kunj are you happy na I wanted this baby.

Kunj: why I’ll not happy.

Twinkle: I’m mean you wanted baby at this time.

Kunj:why not it’s god blessing. My baby is coming why I’ll have problem with this.

Twinkle: someone will come between us.

Kunj: so he and she will be not someone but it’s our part and our love symbol twinkle. I can’t describe this time siyappa you did best siyappa and great you check.

Twinkle:hmm I’m feeling like this vomiting. What about others.

Kunj: we’ll tell them at morning.

Twinkle: no first let’s sure fully

Kunj: okay Meri we’ll go to hospital now you should stop work and rest.

Twinkle:first did you let me do rest.

Kunj:ab I’ll ??for my baby. He kissed on her forehead and belly as well. They sleep and next day after breakfast Twinkle and Kunj went to doctor.Doctor check and tell twinkle is 2 weeks pregnant. They are really happy kunj take sweet box. In car. Twinkle you are 2 week pregnant you didn’t know.

Twinkle: how I know.

Kunj: Meri pyaari Twinkle. Soon they reached Sarna Mansion they went inside kunj went to Bebe and put sweet in her mouth. And did same with Usha too.

Bebe: What happened kunj.

Kunj: Arey Bebe you will shock what I’m going to tell you now.

Usha: what kunj.

Kunj:MAA and Bebe twinkle is pregnant we are going to become mamma and Papa. Bebe and Usha get so happy after Listen this. Bebe caress twinkle face Usha just give smile inside she is so happy after everyone knows they all happy. Leela and Rt bring so many things for baby twinkle and Kunj laugh still many Months is left for baby arrival. After twinkle pregnancy news all take care of her fulfilling her all wished. Her mood swings tired kunj so time, but he never deny to her. Like a small baby he take care of her.time went so fast. Everyone did twinkle babyshower in grand way. Now twinkle is 9 months pregnant. She has huge baby bump can’t walk properly. Everyone went to some relative wedding only Usha and twinkle is at home. Twinkle walking in her room feeling so restless.

Twinkle:baby stop kicking me.First your papa tease me now you. When this kunj will come. Twinkle sit on couch. She feel pain in her tummy. Just than the pain is increase twinkle started crying and screaming in pain loudly aaahhaa kunjj. Usha listen and rushed towards her and see twinkle.

Usha:Twinkle what happened.

Twinkle:mummy ji aaa bhut dard ho raha hai.

Usha: usha see twinkle water bag fissure and water coming out now.

Twinkle: mummy ji please do something I can’t bear this.

Usha: Twinkle puttar calm down now your Labour pain started. I’ll call kunj Usha call kunj but his call coming out of the range. She went and see no car and driver at home she was all helpless now if something happened to Twinkle and her grand kid. She went back to twinkle and see her condition getting worse she breathe heavily. And all drenched in sweat.

Twinkle:Meri bacha please save us.Usha place twinkle with help of servant girl.

Usha:now what I’ll do.. bhar itni bharish ho rahi hai. I’ll call Doctor she was out of the town..

Girl:aap kuch ki jiya na bhabhi ki
haalat. Usha think from long back I leave this for twinkle and Kunj baby I have to do this babji please help me.

Usha: you bring this. All things which I tell you. Usha tell her she bring each and everything.

Twinkle:mummy ji please do it na don’t think:

Usha: if something wrong happened twinkle.

Twinkle:you do it she scream at her. Usha closed her eyes and started. She tell twinkle to push the baby. At other side everyone come at home and heard twinkle voice all went towards door and that is locked. Meena standing there only.

Kunj: where is twinkle she narrated each and everything to them all get shocked. Kunj get hell worried twinkle scream sound making everyone worried about her.

Twinkle: mummy ji I can’t now.

Usha: no twinkle last please just for your baby. Twinkle clutch the bedsheet tightly she push hard and last scream kunj name.

Twinkle:kunjjjjjjjjjjjj????.. Usha give her smile baby come out. Twinkle rest her head on pillow she is so tired now. Usha clean the baby and wrapped him in white clothes. She open the door she was standing with baby in her hand all get shocked to see and happy kunj run towards her Usha come didn’t let anyone went inside.

Kunj: MAA.

Usha: don’t worry twinkle is fine tera bacha kunj.

Kunj: mera hi bacha hai Kya MAA aap ka nahi.

Usha:haa Meri bhi hai. Now I have two pote. Please bring Doctor. Yuvi already left to bring docter they arrived doctor see twinkle and did whatever she needed. Kunj take the baby and kissed on his forehead he was sleeping. He open his eyes and started crying kunj cuddles him. One by one everyone see baby.

Doctor: you did good usha if any second went twinkle and baby both will die really great. Kunj went inside with baby she twinkle lay down. He went near her.

Kunj: how’s you twinkle.

Twinkle: good.

Kunj: see our baby boy. Kunj show her twinkle smile and kissed on his cheeks than Kunj on twinkle forehead and again baby started crying. Kunj place her near twinkle he immediately stop.

Twinkle:Kunj If mummy ji not here she is really angel for our baby.

Kunj:yes twinkle. After kunj and twinkle thanks to usha. She too sorry to twinkle for everything.

Kunj: no MAA please now forget everything. You bring me in this world now today my baby too.

Twinkle: yes if you aren’t here..

Usha: no need of this. After coming new baby everyone was hell happy didn’t leave him.

Twinkle: he is my life.kunj come from back
And hugged her.

Kunj: you both my life..

Some times that Same person only who snatch the reson from us to live but At point of life they might be become the reason who give us the reason to live again.
God only makes happy endings. If it’s not happy then it’s not the ending but it is happy ending. Scene freeze on twinkle and Kunj or baby smiling face.

the end.,..


hope you all enjoyed this small story. Not very good. Leave it.. happy ending is best.starts bring. Some tears And pain from end should be bring happiness on our lips.. bye love you. Hell busy still try to post my story.

One more thing.. I know you all wanted to see strong twinkle in ippknd I’ll give but it’s take time before only I told you all it’s e saga you have to wait no more.. all point I’ll show after no issues only. .. please comment guys…

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