Savitri 22nd March 2013 Written Episode Update

Savitri 22nd March 2013 Written Episode, Savitri 22nd March 2013 Written Update

Leena was serving breakfast to her husband, Satya enters talking over ph to guptaji , Leena asks him when he will go to Burdwan? Satya says he won’t go , guptaji will go instead. Leena becomes surprised and says but Guptaji called her and asked when Satya is coming . Satya says he talked with Guptaji right now, it’s a small meeting not that important that he has to be present, he will attend final meeting.

Satya enters into the room talking to Guptaji asking him to manage for today. Savitri comes and thinks she has to tell Satya what happened to her today asks her when he is living for Burdwan , Satya says he is mom is sending him , he is not willing to go , he has made a dinner plan with Savitri. But Savitri asks him to go as work is more important. Dinner can be planned later. She also says that she has planned to cook herself and have dinner with mom and dad. She asks satya which shirt he will wear, Satya asks the one Savitri would prefer. Savitri takes one Satya says it’s his favorite. Satya doesn’t want to go , Savitri asks him to come back quickly. Satya talks to Guptaji again and leaves ,Savitri thinks she will tell everything to him after he comes back.

Rahukaal’s eyes keep following Savitri and the magic book. The cupboard’s doors opened . Savitri thinks she hadclosed the cupboard why its open again? She closed the door. Gulika asks her magic mirror to show the book. Through Rahukaal’s eyes she found the book in cupboard . She smirks satisfactorily .

Savitri senses smeone’s presence and wakes up from sleep and asks who’s there ? but she doesn’t find anyone. She comes to balcony when Satya calls her. Satya was talking while driving , he askd were you sleeping ? Savitri says no. Satya says he missed her whole day , he was planning to spend time with her and he had to run for a piece of land. Savitri says she missed him too. Satya notices and says suddenly the weather became so romantic. Savitri also sensed that and she notices a comet on sky and smiles.

Great Aristnemi and angel stare at the sky and found that positions of stars were changing. He says to her that Mrigshira is coming back to its position. That means time has come. Angel smiles. Great Arishtnemi says this is the right time to read the book but we have to be careful that Gulika can’t create any obstacle for Savitri to read the book.

Savitri asks Satya to come back soon. And Satya agres and disconnects the phone. Savitri suddenly notices the Saraswati temple and goes inside , opens the cupboard and takes the book. She remembers the angel asked her not to say anything to anyone about the book. She brings the book to Saraswati temple and put it on Saraswati’s feet. Gulika as a form of hawk reaches outside the temple and keeps eye on her.

Savitri tells to Goddess Saraswati that she is keeping the book in her shelter , she knows now what is the safst place for the book , so she brought the book to here. She says to protect the book and to give it to her Baba gave his life. The book was written for me and to reach the book to her Baba sacrifices himself. She cries and asks to Goddess why this always happens to her , who ever cares for her leaves her forever , she asks why she senses that because of her Satya can get harmed. While crying a drop of her tear falls on the book and the book opens. She got shocked and wipes her tears.

Great Aristnemi says to angel that the stars got the same position that it was 1000 years back , exactly the time when Damayanti killed Rahukaal. The flashback of Damayanti killing Rahukaal was seen again. The book opens and a globe of light comes from that. Savitri got surprised. Then book’s page turns and Savitri reads the first page.

There was written on the book that its told when sins keep growing then someone comes to end the sins. This story is about a brave princess like this. But the story starts before her birth. There was an evil called Rahukaal. Ant then the picture of Rahukaal was shown. Savitri was stunned and afraid as she recognized the picture as the same painting and the flashbacks of Rahukaal killing Veer , Rahukaal wooing Damayanti by bringing out his heart were seen in front of her eyes. She thinks it’s the same demon whom she alltime sees in her nightmare.

Precap : as Savitri reads the book she comes to know about Damayanti’s birth , Damayanti’s father the king was informed about a powerful princess’s birth , child Damayanti was seen learning sword fighting.

Update Credit to: Kadamvari

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