Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 22nd March 2013 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 22nd March 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 22nd March 2013 Written Update

Ganesh feels disheartened to find his own mother forgetting him.
Shiva observes Ganesh sobbing and walking aimlessly..
Ganesha then goes to his fav place near the water fall and rests on a rock.
Ganesha’s grief affects the nature and the rivers starts to dry up. The land brakes apart..

Vishnuji amd Brhmadev talks abt Ganesh who had great hope that his mother would recognize him atleast among all.
And also that Ganesh has to be made merry again as its cause him the world got Shubta and now if he is sad its going to be perilous for the whole world.

A sobbing Ganesha utters a loud cry calling his father “Pitaji”

Mahadev appear there and Ganesha runs and hugs him.
After tightly hugging and crying out his sorrow Ganesh parts away and tells his sob story that ” mother has not recognized me, she didn’t even hug me.. how could she forget me father. I tried to remind her.. I also said that she herself has fixed this head on me.. father you have to do something ” (Aww my Golu Ganpati is crying..just wanted to hug this little one for cute – adorable acting )

Ganesha holding Mahadev’s hands in his chubby ones persuades to do something and its only he (Shiva) who could get back his mother’s memory.

He again starts to say his grievance of missing his mother and this time when she comes back he’d be a good kid.. also he’d listen everything his parents would say.

Vishnu dev and Brhma dev appear there and say that its only possible;e for him to win back Parvati.

A women (dressed like Sindbad-barbie kind mermaid cloths with lots of make-up to make it even worse)wakes up hearing wails of a baby..
As she turns back a man with long beard (who is Samudr dev)holds the baby…He says that this time she’d have the pleasure of raising a child and the child waits for the warmth of a mother’s touch.
Brham dev appears and tells them that they have to bring up the child. Since the child is rescued by Samudr dev he will be called ‘Jalandhar’

Back at Himvan’s palace.. Parvati devi tells her mother Mena that she wants to go to Vishnu temple on the mark of Ekadasi.

As Parvati devi walks she finds her shadow isn’t her’s .. it was some man’s shadow instead of her’s.. but when she turns around she never finds anyone.

Again when she sees her shadow it in front of her turns into her’s..she moves on.. Again at one point she finds a man with a trident’s shadow instead of her.

Then again she turns around and ask who is it? Just come forth!
A thin air fills the ares and there appears Parvati-hriday-vallebha – Devon Ke Dev Mahadev

As Parvati devi turns back she sees Mahadev…
Brhmdev- Sarswati ma, Naradji along with Gannu bhayya watches what will happen next!

Parvati ma says “Sadhu why so you stand hindering my path? ”
Shiva replies “No one can ever stop anyone’s path devi, we ourselves become a hindrance to our own journey!”

Parvati ma couldn’t comprehend of what he has said and asks what he wants!
When she couldn’t make him reply..she asks a little firmly!
He now says what could she give?
Parvati devi says, What could she give him..its upon him, what he/she is worth of.
Shva replies that it depends on the giver… and thus he cannot take anything from her!
Parvati devi asks for briefing
Shiva says, the one who doesn’t even know there own worth and even the present how can one measure his worth.
She isn’t worth giving him anything..says he
Parvati devi is fuming hearing to his say…as to who is he to decide.

Ganesh wonders what his father is doing!
Parvati devi then says that anyone can give alms, its just that the intention has to be selfless!
By Narayan’s grace she has everything and she can give anything to him… as her intention is to help all but not selfishness.
She accepts the indirect challenge which he has thrown at her.
Who is he…she asks.
Shiva counters with the same quest.. she replies that she wont answer to any of his quests.

As she leaves.. Mahadev tells “Is doesn’t remember who she is!”

She says that she is princess Parvati, Maharaj Himavan and Menavati’s daughter.. and the land on which he stands is her father’s
Shiva then tells that it is not who she is..

Parvati devi says what does he mean… a person is identified by his/her family, native place etc.. like he is Jatadhari and Naga…
As she says that Shiva stops her and tells that its not the answer for his quest!
Apart from her appearance, family who is she?
Apparently she hasn’t gone deep into her self.. can she find her truth by closing her eyes!
She says that she doesn’t want to reply any of his quests.

Mahadev says may be doing it she’d find the reason n respire from her aggression and anxiety.

As she turns back Shiva tells.. if she is gonna run from herself how can she find herself?
She turns back and looks at him.. Mahadev says she needs to look into herself and not him!

She closes her eyes to find out who she is … no sooner she does that.. she finds all these stars and galaxies..which makes her worry.
she opens her eyes as she couldn’t bear it.
Mahadev inquires if she has got some answer.

(Nice idea hah… the typical idea if there is no twist just make the leads suffer *Subjective* memory loss)

“I am that which isn’t there.. and which isn’t there is me! Whatever is speech is me..and what isn’t is me” says Shiva
Indr is worried abt Jalandhar’s powers.
Voice over: Shiva imparts the knowledge of Shiva tatv.
How will jalandhar become Mahadev’s stanch enemy.

Update Credit to: Killer Shark

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