Savitri 16th September 2013 Written Episode Update

Savitri 16th September 2013 Written Episode, Savitri 16th September 2013 Written Update

King orders to hang Chandal Singh and he is taken away. CS shouts it as anyay to hang him even after asking forgiveness while all gives a dumb hear. King thanks nakshatra and veer for their service to the country. Veer replies that he need not any reward as he just did his duty. He prays to upheld king’s faith on him. Damyanti gets emotional and leaves the place.

Damyanti rushes to room where uttara is scolding priyamvadha. Uttara scolds priyamvadha that she must have atleast informed her and nakshatra befor going out with chnadrapan like that as it would have been a unrepairable situvation if chandrapan got to know about the truth. Priyamvadha says she did all those of damu’s order and that she was cautious on not to get caught. Uttara is about to say more but damyanti comes and defends priyamvadha. She says that she needed to meet Veer and say the truth of her identity bur then she couldn’t succeed heaing veer’s mind.

Nakshatra comes in and announces that how truth is out then and Veer seeing damyanti’s face. Damyanti all worried says that how she never wanted truth to came out so showing her as a cheater. She says how he would have forgiven if she confronted him directly but now its all spoiled as he is seeing her as a cheater. She cryingly says how veer will never forgive.

Veer is walking through woods all sad and dejected. He remembers all words of savitri trying to show off her as princess. He whispers ” Savitri how you can do this to me”

Damyanti says to her friends how she never intended to cheat him but instead went to veer as savitri only to bring out truth of senapati and that she never realized when started loving him. She weeps of being wrong from very first as she dounted senapati and naki both and says to hate hersel for her deeds.

King overhears her words and enters damu’s room. Priyamvadha soon leaves. King asks damu not to repend as she is still young and inexperienced to trust people, but he even after being a experienced king doubted senapati and puts the blame on heavy responsibility of entire kingdom. He accepts damu’s love for kingdom and asks her to forget the incident of the ni8 as a nightmare. Further he asks damu’s forgiveness as he doubted her rajnirakshan and put on restrictions on her instead of trying to look on the reason. Damyanti cries and hugs her. King asks her to control and excuses himself as he needed to meet chandraban and chandrika. Before leaving he says how chandranagar is a powerful kingdom and her alliance with chandraban will ultimately make champanagar more powerful. He asks her to give a thought on the same and leaves. Vishkanya hears it all standing hidden.

Veer reaches his hut and is thinking of damyanti’s lies further getting furious. Vidhu sees veer home and brings water for him. He realises veer’sadness and consoles him saying that he need not be sad over savitri’s anger because he shall go himself to mend her. He adds how he know love is more dear than friendship and now when Veer loves Savitri and she loves him back, its all fine. Veer is all angered then and shouts Vidhu to stop his blunder. He asks him never to bring up Savitri’s name as there is no Savitri.

King is speaking to Chandraban (RK) and chandrapan says sorry for how he couldn’t help king at the time of attack due to his absence from mahal. King says its ok and all this small attack can never shook the kingdom. King bids bye to chandraban saying that next day he shall introduce chandraban to other mahal officials.

Back at room RK asks mahamantri about Chandal singh and he explains who it is and helps RK in memorising his previous encounters with Chandal singh within champanagar. RK is all happy and announce how Chandu will be his new helper.

Damu is all sleepless and worried and she decides on how she must meet Veer and say her truth of not being a cheater. Veer is at his place imagining savitri and damayanti simultaneouly.

RK at prison asking Chandal singh whether he wishes to die ya remain alive. Chandu says he wants his life.

Update Credit to: snowdream

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