Dil Dosti Dance 16th September 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 16th September 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 16th September 2013 Written Update

Both the teams get ready for the game.VP tells them to start according to their plan of action.As decided gang try to take position according to height .Amar and Nilesh fight with each other saying who is taller.Vicky tells he is the tallest among all.After boys funny actions finally team start the game.They show good coordination and win the game.The opponent team looses due to lack of coordination.Rey calls left and right and gang follows his instruction and wins the game.VP declares gang as the winner of 3rd round and they reach the finals.Gang starts celebrating their victory with each other.They hug each other and jump in excitement.Rey tries to hug Sharon ,she pushes him.Than he tries to hug Swayam,Swayam stops him and gives him a hand shake.

VP compliments the team saying they have great synchronization and coordination.He informs that final will be tomorrow and they can enjoy rest of the day.Gang goes to pool side and start cheering for their victory.Aashi says something and Swayam teases her adding “types “to her sentence.Sharon gets annoyed after seeing Swayam and Aashi laughing together .

Rey says all of them won this game together.Gang gives him an angry look.Rey tries to justify himself that their strength is in their unity.Even if they have differences they can never leave each other alone.Rey says this is observed by VP sir and third person’s observation is always right.Swayam answers him saying Rey always gives importance to third party and not his friends.Rey accepts his mistake of trusting Aditya Khurana more than his friends and he is trying to mend his mistake.He says this mistake has taught him a lesson that his friendship and relationships are more important for him.Swayam laughs at his mention of “Relations” .Gang leaves the place .Swayam leaves next and Sharon also leaves after him.

Rey goes to VP sir and says he wants to discuss something.VP says his idea of getting the team close to each other is working.Rey says gang is together but still they dont want to dance due to AK incident.Rey requests VP to organize Ganpati Puja in college.They will organize dance festival for this occasion and gang won’t be able to stay away from dance after seeing other teams performance.VP agrees to him but keeps a condition that gang has to prove themselves as good team.So that he can give them the responsibility of cultural fest.He asks Rey to get all the finalist teams.

All the finalist teams come to VP.VP makes announcement about Ganpati Puja and the winner team will be the cultural incharge.Swayam and Sharon are not ready to work with each other.Aashi thinks she will get chance to spend time with Swayam.Sharon thinks it impossible for her to work with Swayam.Swayam feels uneasy about the idea of working with Sharon after all the recent events.

VP says whoever will win the game will be responsible for cultural event.So those who are not ready to take responsibility can inform him.Both Swayam and Sharon raise their hand saying they dont want to work.Swayam says he resigned only because he dont work under others and follow orders.Sharon says she dont want to work with irresponsible people.Gang gets confused about their conversation.Vicky asks if they are talking about each other.Simmi changes the topic saying they are talking about Rey as they are angry on him.VP says they have to loose the final round so that they dont have to work.Gang gets upset that after winning so many round they can’t loose .VP and other teams leave the place.Simmi asks about the next step.Swayam and Sharon say they can’t work with each other and end up arguing with each other.Rey thinks if they will be ready to loose the finals to avoid each other.Swayam and Sharon leave the place .Gang tells Rey they don’t want to loose.

In the girls room Simmi,Rini and Aashi are discussing about their injuries.Simmi gives them ice pack.Sharon enters and Simmi asks her about next task.Sharon says she dont care about the finals.She says they can’t be in same team and its better if they loose.Aashi asks her how can she be so selfish.She dont want to be in the team so she wants the team to loose.Team is not about one person,its about all.

Precap:Sharon and Aashi argument.Team is taking positions for next task.

Update Credit to: deep_tanha

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