Savitri 12th September 2013 Written Episode Update

Savitri 12th September 2013 Written Episode, Savitri 12th September 2013 Written Update

At Veer’s Place

Vidu chides Savitri for her princess attire and goes away to cook food. Veer asks Savitri the reason for coming in the clothes of the princess and she replies that she wanted to see if his love would increase or decrease on seeing her changed attire. Veer assures her that his love won’t change even if she changes herself because he loves Savitri who is a bit mad and weak but shows herself to be quite strong. He wipes of her tears.

Vidu comes back and fake coughs to gain their attention. Veer and Savitri step away in embarrassment while he smiles. Savitri asks Veer about his health and he says he is fine now. He tells her that the King had sent him on a task. Vidu tells her that Veer is a very brave man and he caught the fake Senapati. He tells that he is now in the prison. Veer tells her to not tell this to anyone as it would cause danger to the kingdom’s protection. Savitri agrees but is in a dilemma.

In the Palace Grounds

Uttara and Nakshatra are taking Gullika (Princess Chandrika) on a tour of the grounds while Damyanti (Vishkanya) and Rahukaal walk ahead.

Vishkanya feels that she should stay away from Uttara and Nakshatra as an Aiyyar can feel the presence of another.

Nakshatra tells Uttara that Damyanti’s behavior feels odd and she is suspicious about it.

On the other hand Gullika is worried that if Uttara and Nakshatra don’t leave Damyanti alone than Rahukaal won’t be able to impress her.

Rahukaal says something and Damyanti smiles and they talk for a while. Vishkanya says that they should leave for the palace as the prayer is about to begin and they can’t miss it. She feels that if she won’t leave now then she would change into her true form.

At a Random Place

Sughanda does the aarti of Chandal Singh and he is elated. They both weave dreams of being the King and the Queen. He orders a troop of his men to go and tell the rest that they are ready to attack.

They recall all they did.

At Veer’s Place

Vidu goes to cook food.

Savitri asks Veer if he ever liked the princess because even she is a lot like her. Veer denies this. Savitri tries to negotiate with him but he denies everything. He tells her to not compare herself with the princess. Savitri gets agitated and says that does he mean that the princess is not a good Epson but he says that he didn’t mean this instead he tells her that we common people can only be her servants. He says that by acting and dressing like her she cannot be like her and she shouldn’t see big dreams because it would hurt him. She says that if she was the princess than would he love her ? But he says that no he wouldn’t have loved her but would have respected her. Savitri is extremely hurted and leaves the place in a hurry while Veer is unable to stop her.

At Another Place

Nakshatra sees many people running towards the palace. She give the job of looking after Chandrika to Uttara and runs from there.

Gullika thinks that the more the princess would stay here would be better because Rahukaal won’t be able to go for the prayers.

Precap : The King announces that the very next morning Chandal Singh would be hanged. Nakshatra and Veer are holding Chandal Singh while the Queen is shocked and worried.

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