Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 12th September 2013 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 12th September 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 12th September 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with the surya namaskara and Gayatri mantra after the leap of 7 years. The introduction scene starts with Ram writing the invitation cards and speech, and says my daughter wedding is there. He says my name is going to remove from her name and someone else name will be added to her’s. He says daughter’s makes someone’s life. It seems he is writing the speech for Vikram. Ram asks Vikram to learn the speech which he had written for Vikram. Vikram cries and says Riddima is going with the guy after her marriage. Neha comes and consoles Vikram. She says you have to give the speech as she is your daughter, She asks him to learn the speech infront of guests tomorrow. Vikram again cries and says his daughter will be going tomorrow. Neha says it’s ok naa. Vikram says but she is going, leaving him alone with her. Neha says what do you mean and says she is taking care of him all his life. Ram says you both are looking good while fighting light. Neha asks Ram to cancel his meetings and have to be there tomorrow. She tells Ram that he is not less than Vikram to Riddhima as he is a father figure. Vikram cries badly, Neha says she have so much work and asks him to take care of himself. Vikram wipes his tears with tissue papers.

Scene shifts to Kapoor Mansion:

Ram comes home and says so many years passed by but I know someone is waiting for me. He imagines talking with Priya. Juhi comes and asks him to have dinner. She asks him whether he was talking to Priya as usual and says she was waiting for him. Ram asks her why she waits for him? Juhi says she promised Priya that she will take care of him. Ram says he will change his clothes and then have dinner. Juhi remembers thanking Priya for giving her a job. Priya says she will spend time with Pihu as so much happened with her and asks Juhi to be at office so she can take care of Ram. Priya says only she can say Mr. Kapoor to Ram. Juhi and Priya laughs. Juhi promises her that she will be always there for them.

Scene shifts to Vikram’s house:

Neha greets the guests and is busy in the arrangements. Meanwhile Vikram is seen shedding tears again as his daughter is leaving their house. Neha asks him about Sammy, Vikram says he will come soon after his graduation. Neha asks him to blink to let go off the tears ( cute scene). Vikram blinks his eyes. Neha asks Juhi to check on Riddhima.

Scene shifts to Kapoor Industries:

Ram is talking to the servant’s and giving instructions about his daughter’s meals. He asks them to tell Pihu to call him. his employees looks on. Ram asks the servant to get the pink outfit ready for Pihu. His employees asks Ram, how you know so much about your daughter’s likes and dislikes. Ram remembers Priya words that he don’t know anything about his daughters and is always immersed in work. Ram says he knows his childrens like their Mom does.

Scene shifts to Vikram house:

Rahul and Cady dances on the tune of Oh la laa Oh la laa. Neha captures them while all the guests glued to their dances. Pari and Maira is introduced on the next scene. Grown up Pihu is shown dancing on the song Radha teri chunari….. with Pari, Maira and Sammy.

Pari and Maira are talking about the dance, Pihu comes and asks them to get her dupatta straight, as she is feeling uncomfortable. She asks Maira to help. Neha shows video to Juhi and says she can’t believe that girls have grown up. She says Juhi that it is her effect, Ram would not have give good upbringing to his daughters. It is because of you. She says Ram missed this, Juhi says you know naa where Ram might be now. Rahul is announcing next performance, Sammy comes and says he will perform solo. He starts with the SRK act, of ek ladki thi anjaani si…. Mohabbatein song. Ram is shown coming to the hospital to meet Priya. Sammy greets the couple. Ram comes to Priya and says Darling, while BALH sad version plays in the BG. Priya is shown lying on the bed unconscious.

Ram says 7 years have passed and asks how much she will sleep? If you are testing my patience, then forget, I will never lose.I can go on as long as you like.

Update Credit to: Amena

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