My Savior My Love – Savitri Devi -epi 6

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Sanchi wakes up in morning
She sees a book a yellow rose kept n a small note
Good morning
n title of book says
Sanchi smiles
She takes aroma of rose
Sanchi’s pov-Thanks Dr Veer

Just then pragya enters
Pragya-Hello Sanchi, Hum tumhari dr aur tumhari yaar aur Dr Veer ki sister Dr Pragya Kapoor hain
Sanchi smiles
Sanchi-Hello Dr Pragya
Pragya-Sanchi tumhare liye hum sirf Pragya hain humko yeh doc boctor matbolo thik hain

Sanchi nods
Pragya-Good aur batoo how r u

she checks sanchi

Pragya notices book

Pragya-Abhe yaar Sanchi tumko andhere se daar lagta hain

Sanchi nods innocently

Pragya-Humko toh kisisebhi daar nai lagta tumko pta hain Pragya kapoor ko dekhar daar bhi daar jata hain hahaha

Sanchi laughs-Aap bahut funny hain

Kabir is looking at them He smiles

Kabir is making Sanchi drink soup

Kabir-Sanchi I know u dnt want to talk about Vikrant or ur in laws but what about chacha chachi
Do u feel like going to Delhi at our home

Soup falls from sanchi’s mouth
Sanchi breaths heavy
Kabir panics-Sanchi Sanchi Sanchi r u ok? Sanchi

He makes her lie on bed
He wipes her face with tissue
Tears r welled up in Sanchi’s eyes

Pragya comes
Pragya-Abhee yaar Sanchi yeh tumko kya hua I will give u injection Sanchi relax kuch nai hum hain na relax

Kabir is hurt
He notices Pragya making Sanchi rest
He leaves room

Kabir sits on chair outside
Kabir’s pov-What kind of brother Am I? ? I couldn’t save Sanchi? now i dnt even know how I shd reduce her pain infact am troubling her more

Tears drop from his eyes
He notices hand on his shoulder
Pragya-Kabir tumhari mistake nai hain.Something is making Sanchi depressed we cannot talk directly on this
Kabir u need to be strong
She will be fine just be patient

Kabir nods

Pragya n Sanchi r talking
pragya-Hum tumko hamari family dekhate hain

Pragya takes out tablet n starts showing her photos

veer is checking other patients in ward

Pragya-Aur yeh hamari s*xy dadi bahut cool hain hamari dadi
bhai toh unhe gf bolte hain

Sanchi smiles veer feels awkward

pragya-I will show u bhai’s childhood pic

Veer runs n snatches tablet pragya runs behind him
Sanchi smiles
Veer goes n shows her she laughs
she shows photo to child on nxt bed

veer’s face turns pink
but he smiles
He leaves pragya goes behind him
Pragya-wahh bhai tumne apna mazak khud hi bna diya
Veer-Atleast I cd make her smile I cd make somebody smile

Pragya notices tears in his eyes
Pragya-Bhai I know u r thinking about isha
Veer-I wish I cd make her smile like this

Pragya hugs him
Pragya-Bhai aapki koi fault nahi thi

(so isha veer now whats this reveal karungi in few epi)

Pragya gives dress to Sanchi
Pragya-Sanchi get ready jaldi lawn mein Krishna Janamastmi ki arti hain
Sanchi-sorry Pragya maan nai hain
Pragya-Abhe yaar ur mood will get good
Sanchi-Actually I dnt believe in god n all he only gives problems

Veer overhears them
Veer-But nobody can tolerate problems without strength n he only gives that anyways like ppl god too deserves second chance maybe he broke ur faith once trust him once again

Anyways pragya u come dnt force
Sanchi trust me u will feel good

All r doing Krishna’s arti
Sanchi comes n stands nxt to Kabir he smiles
veer smiles to Sanchi she smiles back
Veer prays-Krishna please dnt do injustice with Sanchi please solve her problems she reminds me of isha n I want her to win over this not quit like isha please help me please
Sanchi prays-I just want strength n please fulfill dr veer’s wishes he has helped me alot also let my kabir bhai always smile

In background flute is heard

Precap -Veer gives diary to Sanchi
veer-u dnt want to share wd us ok but u can atleast write n lock this diary nobody will read give key only to one u trust most

  1. superb your ff made my morning lovely thanks

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    Rushi I always commented on ur ff it’s just that I couldn’t do that last time as u might know I was out os state from last 1 or two days for some urgent official work …but as I was back yesterday night so got the time to comment now …altough I prefer kanchi still ur ff always made me fall in love wd sanveer …that was just awesome sweetie and really sorry for not being able to cmmnt in last pet ; indeed I wasn’t able to read that too …continue soon dear

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    Rushi this was amazing..although I prefer Kanchi but this was amazing as well..i like Kabir as a brother..he is really caring towards his sister…keep up the good work.. waiting for your next part

  5. Rushi dear first of all thnx for posting such a beautiful update??….luv each & every character of this story..whether sanchi..kabir..veer..pragya..just love them…kya isha veer ki sister hai????might be her condition would be like sanchi but she couldn’t tolerate this & did suicide ??its just my perception…btw u r simply amazing ??

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