AVNEIL FF: LOVE chapter 8

chapter 8
At the Khanna mansion Ali entered. Neil who was downstairs talking to his dad saw Ali. He got up to welcome him.

Ali went to take blessing from Prakash

Prakash: Ali u r like my son and sons always hug their father he said. Ali smiled and hugged Prakash .

Ali: how r u uncle

Prakash: I’m good what about u and how is your cafe going

Ali: chamko cafe is doing really well uncle but I’m wondering when r u going to come there.

Neil: yes dad u should defo go there the food over there is awesome and I’m not saying that because Ali is my friend but I have tasted it and it’s yummy.

Prakash: then I will definitely come one day

Ali : promise

Prakash: promise.

Neil: come Ali let’s go To my room

Prakash: go ahead and enjoy.

Bebe came down after speaking To her daughter maddy on the phone

Bebe: sunny where is shweta

Prakash: Bebe she is getting everything ready.

Bebe: ok I will go and check on her

When she entered the kitchen she saw Shweta preparing all the food by herself

Bebe: wow someone is working hard today’

Shweta: of course Bebe we should never disappoint our guest

Bebe: glad u said something sensible. Now don’t do anything silly ok she said hinting about Avni and Neil

Shweta: ji Bebe

Meanwhile in Neil’s room. Ali was relaxing on Neil bed while neil got him a drink from his mini fridge in the room

Ali: so how comes this dinner thing was organised all of a sudden

Neil: yesterday at the Mandir we met Neela aunty so while talking Bebe and mom invited them by the way who is this gift for

Ali: this is for aman I couldn’t go and meet him today so thought I will give it to him over here.

Neil: aman as In neela aunty son

Ali: yep. But how did u know I never told u about aman.

Neil: heard his name from neela aunty mouth yesterday anyway is this aman also like his sister.

Ali: wow already want to know about aman or u want to know about Avni

Neil: shut up I was only asking about aman he said throwing a pillow at Ali

Ali: aman is different from Avni a very fun loving guy in fact u will get along with him well.

Suddenly they heard Bebe shout Neil’s name

Neil: come let’s go

downstairs everyone had come dayawanti and Fatima hugged Bebe

While shweta hugged Neela. Diksha and hetal. Ketan and Prakash hugged and started talking

Dayawanti: Harlleen ji since u invited us for dinner next time it’s your turn to come to our place.

Nanno: Exactly. You have two places to attend one is the metha house and then my daughter Neela house

Bebe: of course ji we will definitely come . Riya and avni took blessing of Bebe while they went to hug Prakash and shweta.

Neela: harleen aunty this is my son aman she said introducing aman to Bebe

Till then Neil and Ali were walking down

Aman Took blessing of Bebe. And shweta and Prakash hugged him

Shweta: I hopes u missed your shweta aunty

Aman: of course I did

Riya saw Ali and went to hug Him Avni also followed her and hugged Ali while giving Neil an annoying look. Ali came and took blessing of dayawanti and nanno. While ketan hugged him.

Neil excused himself as dd had called him.

Bebe: please come and sit dinner will be ready soon.

Avni: aunty where is the washroom

Shweta: come I will take u… Avni nodded and shweta took Avni while avni was in the washroom shweta spoke from outside

Shweta: Avni beta I’m going down. Is that ok

Avni: jee aunty. Shweta left… after few mins Avni came out of the washroom but by accident she bumped into Neil who finished his call and was heading that way to go downstairs

Avni: ouch! Y do u always come in my way she said rubbing her nose as she hit Neil’s chest and gave Neil an angry look
Neil smirked at avni and started to move towards her Avni who saw this started taking steps backwards

Avni: what r u doing? She asked getting nervous but tried to act brave suddenly she felt her back hitting the wall and before she can move Neil caged her both looking at each other seriously

Avni: move

Neil: y? I mean I’m just doing what u said

Avni: what? She asked getting confused

Neil: yh u think I come in your way right? That’s what I’m doing then. Avni rolled her eyes.

Avni: move!

Neil: what if I don’t he said moving closer

Avni pushed him away

Avni: stay away from Me question mark

Neil: even I don’t want to stay near someone who doesn’t say sorry or thank u he said seriously…both glared at each other.
Neil walked away followed by Avni after few mins

Avni sat down next to Riya

Shweta bought water and Neil took this as an opportunity to make Avni say thank u he helped shweta pass water to everyone and then gave a glass to avni. Avni looked at him annoyingly

Neil: I think a thank u would do just like how everyone else said he spoke quietly that only Avni could hear

Avni: thank u. .. she looked at Neil who was smirking but that smirk disappeared when she spoke again. Shweta aunty…it was now her turn to smirk

Shweta: kuddi (girl) y r u thankings me

Avni: for this lovely cold water she said showing her glass while Neil got up giving Avni a look. However Bebe didn’t miss this whole scene that went on.

Prakash: ketan come till dinner is ready let go to the study room

Ketan: sure

Shweta : aman beta this is my son Neil.

Aman: hey Neil.
He said shaking hands

Neil: hi aman.

Aman: I heard u r an police officer

Neil : yep an honest police officer. He said looking at avni who just rolled her eyes.

Bebe: y don’t we go and sit in the garden while the kids could stay here

Shweta: good ideas come she said to hetal Neela and diksha. While Bebe Fatima and dayawanti walked ahead.

Neil went to avni.

Neil: so miss ajooba instead of saying thank you to me u r saying thank u to my mom. But don’t worry I will get an sorry and thank u out from u

Avni: oh really. Let me tell u nobody can force me to say anything. And I am not going to say any of these two words to u

Neil: let’s see

Aman: y r they arguing

Ali: that’s what they have been doing ever since they have met.

Aman:. Y… Ali narrated everything to him

Riya: they r like cat and mouth

Aman: that we know …but Others would thing they r married Ali and Riya laughed.

Neil and avni were glaring at each other. Aman looked at both of them

Aman:. Guys enough of this staring and if u both want to continue looking into each other’s eyes then let us know we will go from here Neil looked away from Avni

Avni: aman stop speaking nonsense

Aman: what aman stop speaking nonsense u don’t believe me ok then u both start staring at each other and I will take a picture and show it to u.

Ali: aman forget it here this is for u he said handing him the gift as he saw how awkward both his friends were getting.

All sat down.

Neil: so aman tell me something about yourself.

Aman: well I’m doing my last year at college. I actually sing for a small band. I am learning music at college and busy composing small sound track and all

Neil: that’s is interesting. Avni saw how aman and Neil were getting on well and unknowingly a smile came on to her face. Neil for some reason looked at avni and saw her smilingly warmly at aman and this was the first time he felt her smiling from heart

Soon the ladies came back in as the maid had gone to tell shweta that dinner was ready.

Shweta: u all go and sits on the table I will go and call Prakash ji and ketan.

Bebe: please come this way… all followed Bebe. On one side Ali Riya aman diksha hetal and Neela sat while on the other side ketan Prakash shweta Avni Neil and Nano sat while Bebe sat on the head of the family seat and dayawanti on the opposite. Avni had no option other than to sit next to Neil. She gritted her teeth… Neela saw her making a face and gestured her as to what happened. She gave a smile and shook her head slightly as if to say nothing

Shweta went in her aww land seen Neil and avni sitting together. She looked at Bebe who glared at her to behave normally.

The maid started serving food to everyone. And then left as shweta said they will take it themselves if needed.

Nanno: hmmm food is actually delicious

Bebe: Fatima ji i realised during the party day that u have a good sense about food and the things added to that

Neela: actually aunty maa loves cooking so whenever she is free she would try something new and if everyone likes it she would give the idea to Ali and avni.

Neil: hmm I thought it was your hard work but guess all the credit goes to your nanno he said leaning towards Avni talking quietly so only she could here. Avni was getting really annoyed with Neil so without thinking she stepped on his feet which made him shout out loudly

Prakash: what happened Neil

Neil: nothing dad I just remembered some heavy thing had hurt my feet in the afternoon. He said looking at Prakash and then giving Avni a look and saw her mouth half open and glaring at Neil

Shweta: Avni beta u r not eating much here have some of this paneer. Avni looked at shweta and before she could say no shweta already started filling up her plate

Ali: aunty don’t feed her too much otherwise she will become Moti (fat) Ali said teasingly

Avni: I am not Moti (fat) she said glaring at Ali. And u use to be fat when u were small but I didn’t say eat less

Neil: Ali u should never say to a girl she is Moti because they will never admit it … Avni was about to step on Neil’s feet but Neil been aware already moved his feet away smirking at avni who was trying to control her anger

Aman: that’s the problem with girls when r fit they moan saying oh I need to lose weight and be on diet and here when u tell a girl she is fat they moan saying no Im not fat im perfectly fit.

Riya: oh really well then u guys make a girl feel like that so what can a poor girl do… The elders were watching the kids as they started to argue.

Ali: really please explain how does a guy make a girl think this way he said turning toward Riya looking at her.

Riya: forget it no point of explaining

Aman: this is your girls problem never say anything clearly.

Dayawanti: kids y r u all but she couldn’t continue as Riya interrupted

Riya: dadi u stay out of this. My sweet little brother. We always say everything clearly but u guys don’t understand or u try not to understand.

Avni: this is all because of u she said looking at Neil

Neil: oh Madam what do u mean because of me. What did I do?

Avni: what did u do? U r the one who started of saying Ali don’t say to a girl she is motti as they would never admit it.

All the elders held the head while looking at the youngster’s shweta got up and went to the kitchen while the youngsters forgot their surroundings

Shweta came back with a plate and spoon and started banging it making the kids stop.

Shweta: enoughs now silently eats your food all of you. NOWS she said a bit loudly. The youngsters looked at each other and then looked down at the plate as if something interesting is on that. Everyone smiled silently seen the behaving like small kids.

Avni was about to take the salad bowl that was in front of her but she stiffened when she felt someone hand slightly touch hers. she turned to looked at neil from the corner of her eyes

Neil was about to take the salad he was talking to Ali from across the table and without looking reached out to take the salad bowl when he felt someone already holding the bowl

Avneil looked at each other Avni hands were still holding the salad bowl while Neil hand on top of her… both looked at Each other when they heard Ali coughing Neil moved his hand away and continued talking pretending as if doesn’t understand Ali naughty smile while avni placed the bowl down and concentrated on her food

Once dinner was done all sat down in the living room. While shweta went to get desert and Neela went to help her. They both came back with halwa and started serving it to everyone

Avni in her mind: mr question mark was trying to make me say sorry and thank you. But couldn’t succeed.

Soon everyone decided to leave as they had stuff to do next day

Bebe: it feel really good to have u all over…time went by so quickly that I didn’t realise she said holding dayawanti and Fatima hand

Dayawanti: same here but next time it would be your turn to come over for dinner

Prakash: that’s a promise dayawanti ji

Avni secretly went towards Neil and stood by him.

Avni: so sad someone was trying their best to make me say sorry and thank u but couldn’t succeed. Neil looked at avni. While avni looked at Neil with a smirk. Everyone started to walk out while talking. The youngsters had already got in the car while their elders were talking

Avni: oh shit I forgot my phone inside.

Riya: go and get it babes. Avni got out to get it Neil who was talking to Ali while leaning on Ali’s bike saw Avni going in and followed her.

Avni started to look for her phone when she saw it on a couch. She picked it up and turned around to leave and bamn she bumped into someone. Avni closed her eyes in fear thinking her head will hit the ground but when It didn’t she realised she was holding onto someone while that person hands were around her waist.

Avni slowly opened her eyes and found neil in front of her. They both were looking into each other eyes forgetting about everything. Adhm tune playing in the background.

Meanwhile outside.

Neela: what is taking Avni so long

Shweta: u donts worry I will go and checks on her. Neela nodded while shweta went in. She was about
To call out to avni when she stopped Midway with her mouth wide open.

Shweta: oh gods. They look so cute together… seen the way avneil were staring at each other still in the same position shweta didn’t miss the opportunity and took their picture. She was already seen them like a married couple. She came out of her Lala land when she felt a tap on her shoulder. Shweta turned around to see Neela

Neela: what happened to u y r u standing her all alone. Neela hasn’t seen avneil yet

Shweta: looks over there she said pointing where avneil were. Neela was confused but when she looked where shweta was pointing at she saw Avnis hand on Neil’s shirt collar while Neil hands around Avins waist still in the same position when Neil stopped Avni from falling. But what caught her attention more was when they were staring into each other’s eyes without blinking. Shweta was watching Neela expression all this while.

Neela: shweta how long do u think they have been in the same position like this for

Shweta: for few mins I guess but for thems it’s must feel like for years

Neela actually had a smile on her face. This was the first time she had seen Avni looking at a guy like this.

Shweta: *ahem ahem* she said bit loudly but no answer so this time she spoke a bit more loudly … OYE TILLU. Avneil both came back to reality and turned towards shweta to see her giving a big smile while Neela was giving a naughty smile to avni. Neil pulled Avni up and both moved away. Avni went and stood next to neela

Shweta: sorrys for spoiling your romantic moment. But u see Avni has to go Homes.

Neil: so when did I stop her in fact she was just about to say thank u when I saved her from falling and u both came.. plus there was no romantic Moment between us he said and looked at avni.

Neela: so Avni if your said thank u shall we go

Avni: yeh I di.. but she couldn’t complete as Neil interrupted.

Neil: no Neela aunty like i said she was about to say thank u so u both came.

Shweta : oh ho Neil u r acting like if Avni doesn’t say thank u now then it will be a crime

Neela: bacha say thank u to Neil. Avni gave a no look to neela who gestured her to say thank u.

Avni: thank u she said looking at shweta then at Neil who smirked at her

Neil: come again I didn’t hear u properly

Shweta: Tillu! Enoughs now

Neil: no I actually couldn’t hear her properly.

Avni: I said thank u to aunty. Shweta looked at avni surprisingly

Shweta: beta y r u thanking me again?

Avni: for the lovely dinner

Neela: and u won’t say thank u to Neil she said looking at avni curiously even she thought Avni was saying thank u to Neil.

Avni: for what?

Neela: bacha neil just said u were about to say thank u to him as he saved u from falling

Avni: oh that I already said thank u him he was only joking now let’s go bye aunty she said dragging Neela with her while Neil stood there with his hands on his hips.

Neil: u r very stubborn miss anions but don’t worry one day for sure I will get a thank u and a sorry out from your mouth.

Neela , nanno aman and avni had reached home. Everyone had retired to their own room feeling tired. However Sleep was far from Avni she kept on turning on her bed but Neil’s face was keep on coming in front of her whenever she closed her eyes.

Getting irritated she sat up on the bed

Avni: this question mark is not even letting me sleep properly ergh what shall I do.. yeah let me try and read a book hopefully I will be able to sleep peacefully then

Avni got out a book from one of her chairs and laid flat on her stomach while reading the first page. She had read about 10 pages so far but sleep was still far away. And her mind kept diverting to all the time when she met Neil

Avni: relax Avni relax u have seen that question everyday so he has gotten in your mind. Stay away from him and U will be back to normal.. she got off the bed and walked to neela room… she slowly opened the door to see her mama sleeping peacefully. Avni slowly tip toed and quietly got on to the bed covering the blanket over her and Neela properly. She moved toward Neela and placed a hand on her stomach in a hugging position. And closed her eyes… she felt peaceful hearing Neela breathing she didn’t realise when Sleep took over her.

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