My Savior My Love Savitri Devi-epi 15

Good morning lovely readers
Thanks alot dear sanu, anu, rehmat, riya, divya, lahari (felt so good to read ur comment i missed it ), moonlight, dharani

Dear trisha, richa, ayonija, nutts, sana am missing ur beautiful comments alot

Friends mst of u suggested I shd prolong lil so I will make sure to shift focus on sanveer n their scenes

Actually I had thought to discontinue because somehow I felt u ppl r not enjoying it all that much

Recap-Veer is reading about Sanchi’s pst he makes out that Gayathri n Anand had purposely got her married to psycho Vikrant so that they cd trap her to sign property pprs they torture her alot.Servant helps Sanchi n jaya to run from Malhotra mansion
Sanchi gets jaya admitted in govt hospital, some goons follow Sanchi she jumps in river n lands in veer’s hospital

Veer closes diary tears drop from his eyes
Scenes of injured Sanchi appear before him
He remembers how badly Sanchi was bleeding how she got scared n hugged him

He remembera lighting isha’s pyre

Veer’s pov-I never thought life cd be so unfair to someone so good like Sanchi
How cd they do this to her
they deserve punishment
I have to get Sanchi justice at any cost she deserves justice

Veer is shown driving car

Sanchi is strolling in room doorbell rings Sanchi opens Its veer

They have intense eyecontact
Sanchi-veer actually
veer-Sanchi we will talk latter first u come with me to hospital
Sanchi’s pov-y is veer behaving like this did I do any mistake by sharing my diary with him

Veer is driving,car halts due to traffic
veer notices Sanchi crying
He places his hand over her hand
Sanchi looks at him teareyed
Veer’s pov-Sanchi u have cried alot I will make sure u will never have to cry anytime

Veer takes Sanchi to a ward she is shocked to see jaya admitted there
Sanchi hugs her n cries
veer looks on emotionally

veer-Sanchi after reading ur diary first thing I did was I went to Delhi used my Id n shifted aunty here trust me she is completely safe here
Sanchi-Veer thanks thanks thanks

Veer-Sanchi u have trusted me now u just dnt wry this isn’t ur fight its our fight now Am always wd u

Sanchi hugs him
Sanchi-veer u r like an angel for me my savior thanks thanks alot veer

Veer remembers isha hugging him

Sanveer r hugging each other eyes of both r welled up with tears

Hamari Adhoori Kahani plays in bg

Veer, pragya n kabir r sitting in room
veer is telling them something
kabir is fuming wd anger
kabir hits his fists on table-How cd chachi chachu do this

Kabir throws a vase
I will kill them
I will kill Anand Malhotra how cd he touch Sanchi how dare he

veer n pragya make him sit

pragya-abhe ohh kabir this matter cannot be handled with violence we all need to use brains n tere chachu ko toh we will see afterwards firstly we need to find where that Vikrant is n get him admitted to some mental asylum

Precap-Vikrant is lost in pragya’s eyes he is admiring her beauty

  1. Guys today z varun kapoor ? birthday .
    So I wish u a very happy birthday to the most handsome, charming,smart varun

  2. ????Happy birthday varun bhai????nice story yaar.keep it up.kabir or praga ka kuch romantic scene dekha o please????

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    superrrrrrrr thanks for continue happy birthday my cute pieee varun k.?????

  5. Very nice do continue soon

  6. It was osm Rushi…just loved it to the core ?? vikrant beta get ready for ur life changing into ur worst nightmare ???eagerly waiting for ur next update asap ☺☺☺

  7. Happy birthday veer aka varun kapoor… nice story rushi… eagerly waiting for nxt..

  8. Moonlight25

    Rushi too good…it was was mind blowing…loved it to the core…sanveer scenes for awesome..i am a kanchi fan and didn’t like sanveet but now reading your ff making me to love them more and more…so thanks for that…and get ready Vikrant to see your life changing into your Worst nightmare….You are such a talented writer Rushi…plz update your next epi as soon as possible…

  9. U r very talented writer rushi I am kanchi fan then also I love reading ur ff it amazing yaar update soon can’t wait

  10. Hy rushi
    I am sory that i wasnt able to post any comment from so many days due to some probkem
    Coming back to the story it was awesome n mind blowing
    Keep writing and making us all happy
    Cant wait for the next ff

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