Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke aise Bhi…The end…OS!!

Hey guys, my heart is breaking to say this but… as You all might have already heard, our legendary show is ending in a few days .. This last OS of mine would be dedicated to the sweet memories that the show gave us and the new friendships we forged!Ill be starting a dedicatory FF soon!
I’m continuing from where the show could stop to make you guys imagine for the continuation of the show…

25 August 2017, 1300 hours.

Dev:Ok keep calm…its fine Sona…keep calm…breathe…
Sonakshi:If it was so easy, why don’t you give birth…
Dev: ok ok…Sona…breathe…..*breathe in*breathe in*breath out*
Soha:Mumma it’s okay calm down..
Sona:Soha mumma cant…AAAAHH
Nurse:Were taking her in Mr Dixit.

25 August 1400 hours
Nurse: congrats!its a baby boy!
Ishwari, Elena and Golu and mama ji with NRN and GKB, jump in happiness as Dev and Soha hold the baby.

Soha:I’ll carry him first papa!
Dev:Okay okay *kisses Soha lightly*
Soha carries him and: Hi chota bhaiya! Thank you for giving me a Brother! I promise I will give you all the happiness
Sonakshi: So Junior Dixit, how do you plan to keep your little bhai happy?
Soha:Mumma what do I call him
Sona: Sahir
Dev: sameer
Ishwari: Sudeep
Suhana: Sahir

Final name kept: Sahir Dixit.
Finally after a few days of rest, The Dixit family return home with Sahir. Sona and Dev bring Sahir to his room.

10 years later.
Suhana: 17(shivangi Joshi)
Sahir: 10 (zoonie’s Son in Fanaa)-rehan
Ishwari: 74
Sona : shock- revealed later
Dev: 42

Soha is seen in the kitchen. She is wearing a skirt, white TOP and scarf. She is cutting fruits and placing it in a lunchbox. She is spreading jam in a roti and rolls it up.

Soha: Sahir! Are you ready? You’re getting late for school already. I also need to reach college!
Sahir comes down ready.
Soha: Sahir what have you done to your hair gosh.
Sahir: tum edkum impossible Didi.
Soha gets emotional: she remembers Dev and Sonakshi having the sweet moments.
Sahir: Di I’m sorry…
Soha: you miss mumma right?
Sahir nods sadly.
Yes, that was the shock. Sonakshi died 7 years ago, after being diagnosed with an illness.
7 years ago flashback:
Devaakshi’s room-
Dev comes back from office and Sonakshi welcomes him back. She suddenly faints and also blood comes out of the side of her mouth. Dev holds her in shock and drives her to the hospital along with Soha, Ishwari and Sahir.
After a few hours…
Doctor: Mr Dixit.
Dev gets nervous and: yes doctor…
Doctor: I’m sorry mr Dixit…we couldn’t save Mrs Sonakshi…
Dev falls on the floor.Suhana and Ishwari run to him.
Soha:Papa what happened? Papa…papa..
Ishwari:Dev…Dev..kya Hua…
Sahir blanks cluelessly.
Soha:Daadi ask the doctor what happened to mumma…
Dev: Sonakshi…Sonakshi chaligayi….*cries*
Soha cries, and Ishwari is shocked.

1 week later…
They burn Sonakshi and her ashes are immersed. Dev is as broken as he was when during the divorce 10 years ago….

Dev is in his office looking at his and Sona’s pic. Sona is doing a piggyback on Dev. He cries .
Dev: I miss you Sona..a lot…
He then sees the picture next to them. It’s Suhana and Sahir and Him. He is carrying Both of them and both of them are kissing him on the cheek. He smiles seeing that.

He packs up and returns home.its 6.30 in the evening and Suhana and Sahir are back home from college and school. Suhana is making dinner when Dev comes home.
Dev:Suha? Champ?
Sahir: papa!*hugs Dev*
Dev:Hey champ!how is my boy doing today? Did you fight with anyone in school today?
Sahir: nope!! And today was awesome papa!!
Dev:really? That’s great. Where is didi?
Sahir: where do u think she can be?
Dev and Sahir: Kitchen. Haiz.. she is just like daadi.
Dev:Suha! Where are you princess?
*she is setting the table*
Dev: Soha…is there anything special today…
Soha: am I missing something?
Dev:Happy birthday meri bacha.*kisses her forehead*and passes her a card and a gift.
Soha:Oh I forgot today is my birthday.
Dev: I knew you would make dinner by the time I fought with traffic, but I still ordered pizza.
Soha:But dinner…..
Dev: I’ll take it for lunch tommorow.
Dev:Okay 3 mini pizzas, 3 mini cokes along with starry munchies.
Soha: thank you so much papa *hugs dev*
Dev: There is no need to say thank you to papa my baby. You’re my little princess and you will always be my little princess however many teeth you lose. *hugs her back*
Sahir: hey I wanna join in too!!
Three of them hug.
Later on… after Dev showers… Suhana, Sahir and Dev sit on the couch after closing the curtains and switching on the aircon. He gets the pizza, cokes, starry munchies, pop corn. He plays the CD version of Jab Harry Met Sejal. Suhana and Sahir shower and gets into their pyjamas.
They all sit and watch the movie happily.
When the movie ends, and the food is done, Dev finds Suhana and Sahir sleeping on his laps.
Dev smiles and kisses their forehead. He carries Sahir and puts Him to bed. He then brings Soha by the shoulder and puts her to bed. He goes to his room and looks at Sonakshi’s picture.

Dev: *looking at her pic* look Sona… our small angel Suhana turned 18 today. Sahir is turning 11 next week… Remember the time we celebrated Soha’s 7 th birthday by baking her a chocolate cake? And then she didn’t like it…. but she still ate it. I miss You Sona…

He then sees Sona(imaginary) standing there.
Sona:*comes close to Dev and cups his face* I know you have been the best dad Dev. No one can be such a good dad. I have hope that our Soha and Sahir will be great achievers with you as their Father Mr Obodro. And listen, I also miss you. I want to hug you really tight and say….*goes near his ears* I love you.
Dev:Say na…keep talking….
Sona hugs him and Dev hugs her back crying.
Suhana comes there: Papa…why are you crying?
Dev realised that he is imagining.
Dev:Soha…come…. I thought u fell asleep?
Suhana:Papa….u were missing mumma right?
Dev:hm…you’ve become so mature Suhana.
Suhana and Dev hug.

A side note to all my readers: the whole point of writing this OS is to just pass this message to all those who have recently someone really dear(which has recently happened to me)..

Life still goes on after you a lose a loved one, and you can’t give up. You need to be strong, and think wherever that person is, that person is happy:)

-the end-

  1. Fenil

    Its simply Osammm OS.
    Nisha or Nishi ,i remembered you in last OS.
    Awwww Shivaangi Joshi as Suhana was super.Dev said how many teeth will you loose i m imagined this.
    Love the sibling bonds.
    Love the kids bond with father.
    DevaKashi part also lovely.
    Totally loved it.

    1. Erica

      Thank you fenil:)

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    Beautiful n emotional

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