Satrangi Sasural 9th December 2014 Written Episode Update

Satrangi Sasural 9th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Vihaan tries to cheer the mood, of his mothers, who are upset at the rejected relation. Vihaan asks how can that girl be the bahu, who came and upset them. He says that he dodged the bullet, as he is better off as a bachelor, than marry someone who says anything against his mothers. he starts cheering them up, that his wife shall always cater to everyone’s need. Vihaan says that he would find them a bahu like this, when they all agree that they want a bahu like this. Then vihaan starts getting an oil massage from all of them. Granny finds vihaan being overpampered by the ladies, and is tensed, thinking something.

Later, Vihaan starts dreaming of arushi, as he eyes the moon, thinking that he has fallen in love at first sight, if this is love.

The next morning, the search for the girl continues, and they start affirming at the different girls. nirmala serves them breakfast. the ladies agree on showing vihaan’s kundali to the priest, and she resignedly doesnt respond. they are tensed.

Vihaan reads the favourite column next day, and finds it about yesterday’s incident, of the stray dog, and wonders how did the columnist also experienced the same that he did. He calls up the editor of the newspaper. the journalist tells that the columnist sends the article from post, and hence they cant trace her. Vihaan is tensed wondering who is she.

While he is getting dressed for office, Vihaan finds arushi’s handkerchief, and starts hallucinating arushi standing behind him, waving at him and smiling. She tells him that he is imagining her, and hence he shouldnt stress himself. She asks about the extravagant room given his salary of a driver. He distracts her, by asking what about her marital relation. she says that she cant say as, he is imagining her, and she isnt real. He agrees. she asks him why is he thinking about her so much. He hears his mother’s holler, and gets distracted and turns to find the hallucination gone. He smiles at his foolishness.

Vihaan goes to priyanka’s room, and asks her to help him wear a tie, and she hastily slids the magazine that she was reading, on astrology and performing arts. He says that she cant hide the dreams, of her eyes, and nor can she hide the ghunghroo kept in the almirah. she resignedly says that they are destined to be there only. She asks him to hurry for office, and sends him off. she gets tensed, after he is gone, as she is taken back to her days of dancing, and closes the almirah back again.

Scene 2:
Location: Arushi’s residence
While massaging arushi’s dadaji’s head, she tries to keep a brave face. She says that rejection doesnt affect her anymore. he tries to blame her father, while she refuses to believe it. he asks her to select a boy for herself, as her father wont let her get married. she says that her father isnt as bad as he portrays him to be, and that she would marry the girl of their choice only. He blesses her to be happy always.

The next morning, while arushi is busy in the kitchen with another girl, girish comes with an evil idea. He starts pretending to talk on the phone, adding that he doesnt care that his year goes waste, but he cant make the project right now, due to insufficient funds. hearing this, arushi gets tensed. Arushi rushes to girish, and then he makes a sob story that he needs money. she hands him her safe money, and he hungrily eyes it. Her mother asks why is she giving this money as she is saving this money for diploma. He gets angry at him, while arushi reminds him that this is his mother. Arushi reprimands him, and he refuses to accept her as his mother. Arushi says that if this lady isnt his mother, then she too isnt his sister, and asks him to return the money. he immediately apologises. the girl comes and tries to say that girish was pretending to be on the phone. Girish gets angry at the girl. Arushi silences the girl too. She is tensed to see her mother upset, and composes her. She says that she isnt hurt at what girish said, but that she lost the money that she saved for the diploma. arushi asks her not to worry. Outside, girish is asked by his father, how much he managed. Girish says that he got 300 out from his sister, just like he told him. His father counts the money, and finds 600, and takes the entire money and after much insistence gives him a 100. dadaji finds both the father and the son, who get tensed. dadaji smiles and comes to them, and taunts them, and they both leave hastily. He wonders that children shouldnt be like this, and wonders if all men are this mean, shallow and selfish, and then thinks that there’s definitely someone for arushi, who would keep her happy always.

Scene 3:
Location: On the road
Vihaan is tensed at what happened with priyanka, as sarthi drives the car. He again comes by the tea stall, near which arushi saved the dog yesterday. he asks him to stop the car and gets down hastily. sarthi is surprised. Vihaan comes to the accident spot, and remembers the column, and that he met arushi yesterday, and the column is about the conversation they had, and thinks that, there’s definitely some connection between Arushi and the columnist and he would find it out. the screen freezes on his face.

Precap: The priest comes and tells them, that one particular girl keeps meeting him again and again. they are all pleasntly surprised and happy too. Meanwhile, Arushi tells him that at times, she doesnt feel that he is a driver, by his talks. Vihaan asks what if he was the owner of Vatsala group. Arushi gets tensed.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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