Everest 9th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Everest 9th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Abhiyankar telling about small aircrafts and its 30mins. Akash says I heard about it, and asks Chand is it safe. Chand says he went 30times. He says it will feel like sitting on mad horse. Arjun says why are you afraid, be a man Akash, its 30mins flight. He sees the aircraft and asks is I that one, shit. Anjali laughs. Akash asks why is he afraid, be a man Arjun. Anjali talks to Akash about Yeti, Abominable Snowman. Chand says he heard about yeti, and no one knows does he really exit. She says then ask Everest. Arjun says lets go to board it. They all board the flight. Arjun gets paranoid as the flight is taking off. Arjun feels suffocated and shows signs of Claustrophobia. Akash looks at Arjun holding the seat. He asks if he fine. Arjun says yes ofcourse I m fine. Akash says you are sweating, your hands are shaking, what happened.

Akash looks at Anjali. Anjali signs what. Akash signs no idea. Akash says I know this feeling, it gets dry throat and rotates mind, I felt the same when I was stuck at climb ball in NIM. Arjun says no, I have problem with closed spaces, since years, I don’t get breath, I feel suffocated. Anjali asks why, did anything happen. Arjun says yes, 4 years ago, I went to Nanda Devi expedition, and I was youngest mountaineer. He says he got stuck in a snowstorm, it was very strong. He recalls that and its shown in FB. Arjun walks his time, and says I was almost blind. He says we called each other’s names and no one heard each other. He says nothing was in our control.

He says I roamed for one hour alone and I got a cave, and went inside to get saved by the storm. He says he did not space to move his body and was freezing. He says he has spent hours like this, waiting for someone to come and save him. Anjali asks then what. Arjun says his body was freezing, he felt like the cave is swallowing him, I was like a statue and air got less, I felt short of breath. He says he spent the night as dead body, and he was helpless. The FB shows frozen Arjun.

Arjun says I feel the cave is infront of me, and my death is calling me. He says he is feeling the same now. Anjali asks then who saved you. Arjun says my name is Arjun, I don’t need anyone’s help. He says I got out in morning, and reached the base camp alive. Akash and Anjali smile. Arjun holds the seat tight while the flight lands. Akash says its good to know that Arjun Sabarwal is afraid of something, afterall you are human, not a superhero. Arjun wears his sunglasses and hides her fearing eyes. They reach Lukla Airport. Ramesh smokes. Abhiyankar tells him the instructions that smoking is not allowed in this expedition.

Abhiyankar says we have to do 10 day trek by mountain way, and oxygen will get less, and smoking lowers the oxygen level in body. Ramesh says I get it, you are scaring more than anti smoking ad. Abhiyankar says they just warn, I m saving life. Ramesh says fine, and keeps the cigarette back. He asks can he have drinks. Abhiyankar says yes, only juices, not alcohol. Abhiyankar says he is lucky to not be his student, else he would have punished him, he is laeding the expedition, and he will not let anyone break rules.

Anjali and Arjun tell the same to Ramesh. Anjali says we have experts with us. They have a laugh. The team joins them. Akash records them. Abhiyankar introduces Arjun, Anjali, Akash and Mr. Roongta. He says this is Siddharth and others. Sid welcomes them to Lukla. Abhiyankar says first Lukla village, we will buy food items here and then leave. Lukla town is shown. The team leaves for road trek.

Akash and Anjali talk in the mountain lodhe. Arjun comes to Anjali’s room and says sorry, I thought its my room. Akash tells Anjali that Arjun can’t be anyone’s friend and no one can become his friend. Arjun hears this and wipes. Abhiyankar sees a signed stone and looks on recalling about Tara.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Thanks,nyc precap

  2. omg feeling bad for arjun. i hope he will get good frnds in form of anjali and aakash after the expedition.

  3. I m so excited 2 see d Everest scenario. I hope it will be shown soon. ☆☆☆☆

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