Satrangi Sasural 30th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Satrangi Sasural 30th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: In the hospital
The receptionist tells arushi, a particular room number, when she enquires about someone. she starts walking towards the corridor, searching for the room. meanwhile vihaan comes waiting for the elevator, and is shocked to find areushi in the hospital, and thinks that if she sees his seven mothers, she would reject his love, even before he gets a chance to profess it to her. He reaches to her, and asks whats she doing here. She says that his phone was unrerachable, and hence she came to check on his mother. He takes the flowers, and says that she cant meet as she is sleeping. when she says that she shall wait, then he tells that she is not going to be able to meet anyone, as she is going to be discharged tomorrow. He apologises for her effort gone in vain. She asks him not to bother. He thanks her for this gesture. she smiels and says goodbye and leaves. He apologises that till he doesnt propose, and gets a yes, till then, he cant make her meet her seven mothers, and he awaits the moment, when she becomes his wife, and bahu to his seven mothers.

Scene 2:
Location: Jogging Park
Vihaan and mini are jogging in the park, where girish too is with his friend, leeringly looking at girls, and finally spots mini. They are trying to take obscene pics, and try to capture mini too in the frame, while she is exercising, and think that they shall get double the money. Just as they are about to click, a hand comes on his shoulder, and vihaan gives a tight slap to girish, as he turns around. mini comes and asks whats happened. vihaan takes the cell, and says that he was teaching this guy a lesson. when mini sees the pic, she is enraged, and turns around girish, and identifies the guy, while vihaan asks who is he. She says that he is an eveteaser. as girish tries to speak, vihaan grabs him by the collar, saying that he is lucky, they arent calling the police. They both apologise, and say that they would delete the pics, and his friend demands and begs to be given one more chance. Mini asks them to learn a lesson, and start respecting women, atleast his won mother. girish is angry but doesnt say anything. vihaan and mini leave. Girish takes vihaan’s pic and thinks that this slap would cost him dearly.

Scene 3:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
As he comes out, he is surprised to find that there arent any articles, in the newspaper, by the Dilwali Kudi. Mini comes with breakfast, while all the ladies ask her to go and fresh up. she complies. But when she comes back, Mini is angry to find that harpreet mixed up the juice and breakfast with other items, with calorie, but which look identical, and replaces fat free food that mini serves. all have a good laugh, as the mothers fight amongst themselves. Granny and vihaan too join them.

Scene 4:
Location: Arushi’s residence
Arushi tries hard to cheer up her mother, asking her not to bother over what happened last night. Meanwhile, prahlad asks girish to try and get some money from arushi. Girish gets angry asking how long can he make excuses, and whats the use, when there isnt any money in her account. Prahlad says that gattu has assured that they shall win the next time. Girish tells what happened in the morning. they both are tensed. Dadaji finds them talking. Prahlad tells girish that daughter maybe broke, but the mother still has some jewellery to sell. thy both laugh evilly, while dadaji is angry. He goes to arushi, saying that he has asked her several times, but she never told, and today he wants to ask her, if she knows, and is going to say or not. Arushi is tensed. he asks if her father spent the entire money or not. he starts venting out his anger at prahlad, while arushi asks him to calm down, and that he made a mistake, but it was unintentional. Her mother asks whats the matter. she tells what prahlad told her, and asks her to let bygones be bygones, and hence they should move on. She requests them both, and leaves. He says that she is repeatedly doing this mistake. Arushi’s mother hopes that asap, arushi should get married to a nice person, so that she isnt trapped, in her father and her brother’s lecherous trap. They are hopeful of a grand marriage for arushi. Vihaan calls arushi and first talks to mili. When arushi tkaes over, they chitchat, and then vihaan tries to fix a date with her. Arushi asks where shall they meet. He fixes a date, with a time and venue with her. She agrees. he smiles. But is shocked, when he finds that a confused harpreet stands in the doorway. When she asks what she came here for, vihaan is relieved that she didnt hear much, or of relevance. she leaves. He wonders whether she heard, or is enacting, and if narmada gets to know, there would be unnecessary trouble.

Scene 5:
Location: Coffee Shop
As vihaan and arushi, meet in the coffe shop, he discusses about the professor and his wife, and if dilwali kudi, got to know this, she would have spread the news. He says that he didnt do it for publicity, and empathises for the parents, who give so much love and concern, and are neglected when they need it. He says that he is tensed, that the column isnt coming, and she suggests that maybe she too is going through a personal crisis. He says that she solves all problems. He starts expressing as to how, he would call up the editor to know about the identity of dilwali kudi, and also why hasnt she updated over the past couple of days. As he dials the number, arushi stands tensed, thinking that her secret might be out now. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: While vihaan is practising his proposal with the pillow, his bengali mother hears from outside, and is super happy, and goes out to tell it to others. The ladies are all shocked to know that he is in love. granny is super tensed.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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