Bigg Boss 8 30th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Bigg Boss 8 30th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 99 (continued)
Ajaz stick Halla Bol poster. Puneet says to Upen that we don’t know that he is wild card entry or not, lets be positive, we don’t know is he contestant or not, Upen says how can he be contestant, he was contestant last year.
Gautam says that Ali was saying Ajaz is his friend, now you will know Ali, they Laughs, Ali sys I am afraid, Dimpy says I think Ajaz have task that he cant speak, Ajaz tries to explain with his action, Pritham reads his actions and says Ajaz is saying that all fights were done by Ali, Ali says fine perfect, Ajaz points to Sonali that Ali speak ill about her on her back, Dimpy says I was telling sonali this before, Ajaz in actions says that Ali first become friend on front and then say bad things about you on your back, Gautam says Ali is tortured today as he is exposed today, he ask Ajaz if ali and Dimpy are one? Ajaz nods no and say in action that Dimpy don’t bicker with him, because you are on different level outside.

Upen says to Karishma that what is happening between us, its affecting me, Karishma says I also have a heart, I am feeling same, Upen says I am not talking about heart, you are affecting like nobody can, I am not able think of anything, you have effect on me so much, KArishma says that I am most closed to you and I know that, you think I should know something more?
Pritham says to Gautam that Ajaz was brought deliberately in house, Ali said many things about Ajaz like he made Ajaz deliver dialogues, Ajaz is nothing, now Ali’s face is pale as his father has come in house.
Ajaz is with Karishma and Upen, Karishma ask how we are looking outside? Ajaz says people are talking about you both, people are linking you both, Karishma says non sense.
Gautam ask Ali why your speaker is silent now? Ali ask Gautam to go from here, Gautam ask what will you do? Ali says you said many things about me, you said to Ajaz that I said many things about him, now make me talk to Ajaz directly, Gautam asys Dimpy was also saying about you, ali says Dimpy has no value, Gatuam says this is not they way to talk about girl that she has value or not, Ali says my mood is not good, go away.
Upen says that we support each other, Karishma says why cant we be friends, Upen says it happened with Soni and me too, Karishma says this is stupid, I said many times in camera that I have Bf outside, I wouldn’t like if I am getting linked up.
Ajaz comes to Ali, Ali says now you will get good films Ajaz, from C-grader you will become A-grader, Ajaz points that if you touch me then you will go out, all laughs, Ajaz beat Ali’s bald head, they laugh, Ajaz says to Ali that say sorry to him otherwise he will make him evicted, Ajaz points Ali to swear on mother, all laughs, Ajaz points that beat me Ali and go out, Ajaz points something, Pritham reads that Ali is not same in house as he is out, Ali ask Pritham to not speak muct else he will break his nose, be in limits, Pritham says I ma not saying anything, I am just trying to dctate him, Ali says why you are coming between me and Ajaz, Ali says you are showing your real colors, Pritham says all know your real colors, Ajaz slaps Ali on his bald head, Ali ask him to touch once more, Ajaz pushes him and slap him on his face, Ali says Ajaz is getting over now, what is this pattern of game I am not understanding, Dimpy says Ali is exposed now.

Dimpy is lying in bed with Upen, she says you and Karishma got close so fast, you have made her your family but for her, its not same like you, she is also keeping a game in her game but you have made game separate from her, she is has become centre of your life, you are trying to keep her and game different, you are disturbed I know, she caresses his head, she says it has hit you, Upen says I don’t have much friends, Dimpy says I feel like her bf is very dominating, Upen says she talked me that he is possessive and she is sacred, Dimpy says Ali and I were linked but we laugh it off unlike her.

Gautam ask Ali why you are so afraid, Ali says I am not, its your work to just concentrate on everyone, the one who has to go out will go, Puneet says its audience who will take us out of game, we are supporting you, we will entertain, you will not get complain from us, Ali says alright.

Day 100
song Ruk jaa oo dil dewane plays, inmates wake up and dance.

Karishma ask Dimpy what you talked to Upen, his head is crazy, Dimpy says I told him that after Diandra’s eviction, he has become snappy that why all good people are getting evicted, he tries to be real but in friendship, he is forgetting game, this is not right, Karishma says he said to me that if he has problem with someone then he wont talk to him, I said no, you have to move on, Dimpy says I told him that you are his central point but if you talk to someone else then you are in your game, Karishma says I try to talk to him but he shows ego, Dimpy says just give him time.

some body guards comes in house and special food has come for Ajaz, chef has also come to prepare food for Ajaz, Gautam says wow can I sit with you Ajaz, Ajaz says no, Gautam says full dictatorship, Karishma says I will go to make breakfast, Sonali says it is p=occupied already, Karishma says what non sense, its not entertaining, Gautam says let it go like its going.

Upen takes frying pan from karishma, Karishma ask Upen to give back to her, she smile and ask him to give it back, she run around him to take it, he smile, she bites on his hand and says my paratha is burning, she takes pan from him, Upen says I will not eat food prepared by you, I will mine, Karisham says I will make it for you and if you want then throw it like you did yesterday, Upen says friends are from heart not for only making food, Karishma says ok I am not your friend, I am a gamer, only you know how to be friend, Upen says I wish you to win game, Upen says you want to win game and I want to win hearts, Karishma says I don’t know how to be friends, I just want to win game, right, Upen says I will not eat food, Karisham says Upen stop it, enough of your stupid behavior, there is not ego in friendship, Upen says you are telling me about friendship, Karisham says I came to many times to clear things, Upen says I am losing concentration because of you, Karishma says first tell me what have I done, I am talking about whole, Upen says I said sorry before too.

Karisham reads luxury task, name is “freeze release”, bigg boss will order to frreze, you all will have freeze on order and when you are ordered to release then you can continue your work, when you are freeze, you will have to forget everything around, Ajaz is not allowed to talk but he will take part in task, all inmates will be frozen and Ajaz will try to break their freeze postion.

bigg boss ask all to freeze, all stand straight, Ajaz come to Ali and laugh on his face, he takes of his bandana from his head and make him wear bag from dustbin, he laugh. he tie a thread on Pritham’s hand and make his hand raised in air by tying thread other’s end around pot, he comes to Dimpy and tease her, Bigg boss says release, Ali comes in washroom and says what luck this Ajaz have, we have to be conscious now.

Pritham ask what if bigg boss ask inmate to freeze when he is in washroom, Karishma says Gautam is in washroom, bigg boss will order only when he come out, bigg boss ask Karishma to freeze, she stand straight, Ajaz comes there, Karisha close her eyes, Ajaz put shaving foam on her face, she smiles, Ajaz brings Ali’s socks and make her smell it, Karishma doesn’t react, Bigg boss says Karishma says release, Karishma says to Ajaz Saale, she runs behind him, Karishma says thank you bigg boss.

Ajaz is in confession room, he says Salam alikum bigg boss, big boss says wlaekum salam, how are you? Ajaz says 1st class, bigg boss welcome him in house, bigg boss says you are allowed to talk now, your first task is starting, you will be tourist guide, tourists are coming, you have to show them house.
bigg boss ask inmates to freeze, they become statue, Ajaz brings tourists in house, he says this is Karishma tanna, tourist click her picture, Ajaz says that Puneet is super hero, Ajaz ask Puneet to smile for tourists, he doesn’t smile, he says that Pritham have created problem for bhabhies, he says to Sonali that you wanted to listen my voice, you behind devil and devil behind you, when sonali walk, whole india breath, he whispers all this in her ear, he says now Dimpy, you know why her name is Dimpy? because her dimples are very nice, he ask her to eat a little, she doesn’t open her mouth, he says she is very stubborn, Ajaz looks at Ali’s bald head and says to foreigners that he is India vin diesel, who put black ink on his head, he laughs, he says he doesn’t have hairs, Ajaz make fun of Ali’s bald head and says his tongue runs like knife. Ajaz comes to Gautam and ask why your head Is down? india want you to walk with high head like before, one tourist says hangover before 31st, Ajaz says it feels like you are being adopted, all want to know where is one man army Gautam, where is Gautam lost? comeback brother.
Ajaz shows tourists that this is our garden where I flirted many times, where are you Khan sahib(Gauhar Khan), tourists leave house, bigg boss says release, Pritham says wow Talking now, Ajaz says now it will be fun, Gautam hugs Ajaz.
Puneet says to Ali to play with love, stand for right, Ajaz says that now I will take on this bald one, he says to Ali that this is start only, Ajaz says spread love, Ajaz says you sow pricks and want love in back, ali says prick have love too, prime minister of bigg boss has come.

bigg boss says Ali freeze, all laughs, Gautam sing around Ali. Ajaz brings things there, Gautam says to Ali listen how to make songs now. Ajaz put shaving foam on Ali’s head, face, Upen says Ali going good, this is only fun, this is task, take it lightly, Bigg boss says Ali release, Ajaz says now Ali will take bath just caseu of me, Ali comes in washroom to take bath but bigg boss ask Ali to freeze, he stand straight, Ajaz comes there and rolls tissue around his whole face, Dimpy says this was his expression will not be shown, bigg boss says Ali release, Ali throws his umbrella on Ajaz, Ali says my breath was stopped, bigg boss enough, Ajaz says you were looking cute, Ali comes in washroom and about to close door but bigg boss Ali freeze, Gautam comes there and laughs, he says come and watch show, Ajaz comes there and put cream on Ali’s face, bigg boss says Ali release, Ali says bigg boss give 2 minutes, all laughs.

Gautam comes to dimpy, she ask how are you? he says hot, he says should I say one thing? she says yes, he says when you came in house, you were classy, straight, mannered, I didn’t react on what you said infront of Salman but why you are so fake? why you say things about me, dimpy says because you sue people, Gautam ask who? she says me, Diandra, even Sonali, Gautam says I didn’t talk about game to Sonali and Diandra, what will you get? Dimpy sys I am just showing you mirror, if you go wrong then you wont get support, Gautam says very nice,why you talk like this, I like you but why talk like this, Dimpy says I am not classy, Gautam says you said fake to me, Dimpy says because I feel like, Gautam says I talk to you nicely, I am always nice with you then why you such things about me? Dimpy says when someone respect you then he want respect in return, I respected you but you never respected, I didn’t want your friendship, Gautam says you will not get respect or friendship because your way of talking is not nice, first work on that, Dimpy says oh my God Gautam Gulati talked to me.

Puneet’s wife come in house but bigg boss ask inmates to be in freeze state, she hugs Puneet, he cries, Gautam has tears in his eyes too, wife says that how are you, my God you have lost so much weight, I am seeing you after 100 days, you are playing very well, we are proud of you, play like this only, kids miss you a lot, you are living here with so much problems, you are already winner in my eyes, kids have said that our male cat rocks, she hugs him, cries and says when you will come back, I will make your favorite dishes, she cpreomes to Ali and says you make me laugh, you are perfect entertainer, you put smile on my face, keep it up, she comes to Gautam and says that other than Puneet, you are my favorite contestant, your and Puneet’s relation will always be there after show too, you are going good, I wish you all the best, Ajaz give tissues to her, she wipes Puneet’s tears, hug him and says I love you Puneet, bigg boss says Puneet release, Puneet hugs her back and cries, Upen Ali get emotional too, he ask her are you fine, she says yes, he ask about kids, she says they have gone to Goa, Bigg boss says Puneet freeze, he stand straight.
Puneet’s wife comes to Karishma in washroom area and says I wanna hug you, she hugs her, Karishma smiles, she says you are playing very nice, play like this only, she hugs Sonali too and leaves from there. she hugs Puneet last time, he cries, she says bye, she sys play with heart, kids miss you a lot, she leaves the house. bigg boss says release, ali and Upen come to Puneet and hugs him, then Pritham hugs, then Gautam comes and hug him, Ajaz hug him too, Puneet runs in garden. Puneet comes to gate and shouts I love you a lot., tell Sandy and Sid that I miss then a lot, I love thme a lot, I am fine here, thank you bigg boss. he wipes his tears. Karishma comes and hugs Puneet, she says your wife met me, she came in bathroom area, she said I wanna hug you, she hugged me tightly, I am glad that you have mended your relation with Puneet, she is really beautiful, wow.
Upen says to Karishma I have never seen that sight, he is very strong person, Puneet was frozen, she was hugging him, crying, talking to him and Puneet’s head was down, Karisham says I am getting goose bumps.

Diandra comes in house, all say oh my God, Gautam is stunned to see her, Upen comes to hug her but bigg boss says freeze. she hugs Upen, Karisham says oh my God.

PRECAP- Diandra says hi Gautam, I miss you, Gautam hugs her, she says I wanna say something to you, come, I am not taking you in washroom, Gautam laughs. she brings him in garden and says I had many special moments in this house, she gets emotional, I actually feel for you, she gives him red rose, he takes it. later Gautam’s brother mohit comes in house, Gautam says oh shit, he hugs him and says my brother, Bigg boss says freeze, Mohit ask Gautam to be fun, he comes to Upen and says this is entertainment show why talk about killing and beating? Mohit says Karishma you are my favorite, but this doesn’t look at all that you say Gautam many people are waiting for you to come outside, my bf is waiting for you, you will love to go on Gautam’s funeral, nobody say like to enemies even, this your family will not like nor will we like. later, Gautam sys to dimpy I was trying to say you are lawyer’s daughter, the way you talk doesn’t suite you, Dimpy says why you bringing your father in, am I talking about your mother father, Gautam ask why you are angry, Dimpy says this is personal comment, do I say from where you come from, who are you to say all this.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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