Satrangi Sasural 24th December 2014 Written Episode Update

Satrangi Sasural 24th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
While all the ladies are enjoying coffee in the courtyard, a group of street performers and ask them to allow them to show their talent, and if they like it, they can give some reward. As priyanka finds them dancing, she is excited and nostalgic remembering the past days of her own dancing. All enjoy the performance, while the head start talking about how reward is deservant of this lady, as he starts advertising her as an available woman. priyanka gets enraged, and then slaps the head, saying that this dance is an art, and not a market performance, that he is selling his own woman. The lady starts saying that she is the one who started a drama, and how dare she slap her husband. The head starts saying that this lady is mad. vihaan asks him to shut up and not say another word. Vihaan asks the lady to think that she wasnt fighting for herself, but for her only. They all leave. The family gets tensed. Later, priyanka remembers her own days of dancing, and wipes her tears, as vihaan comes and tries to compose her. She asks him not to give her sympathy. When he insists, he is asked to go, and let her be alone, for sometime, and that she is fine. he gets upset but leaves nevertheless. She is tensed still. As he comes outside, he is confronted by mini, who tells that priyanka’s wounds are fresh again, and hence they should be left alone, and asks him to cheer up, and go to sleep. He smiles and leaves. After he is gone, mini is tensed.

The next morning, all discuss about priyanka who joins them finally for breakfast. they wait for her reaction. Vihaan comes and wishes them all a good morning. As he comes to sit, he finds a grand feast spread out. harpreet asks how could someone else make breakfast for him, as itys her day. He says that he was hungry, and let it be. He says that they can transfer today to priyanka, and she can take the next day thats priyanka’s, who is surprised. As harpreet goes, priyanka asks how can he give away her day to someone else. A happy family banter follows, as harpreet remembers that its her day and she only made the food. They all laugh. Vihaan reads the column of arushi, which focusses on food.

Later, while granny discusses business with one of the ladies, the other ladies get excited about video chatting with one of their distant cousins, living abroad. Granny and the lady goes inside, whil they all excitedly chat, to find that she can speak hindi.

Scene 2:
Location: Arushi’s residence
Arushi is busy preparing food for vihaan, along with his mother. she is happy with the smell.

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Scene 3:
Location: Vihaan’s and arushi’s office
Vihaan gets arushi’s message, saying that she hopes he likes it, as she has sent the parcel with Sarthi. She asks him to stop smiling, and eat, as she waits for his reaction. He smiles and begins to lay the food. he gets another hallucination, of arushi standing beside him, as his wife, and feeding him. he smiles at his own madness. he calls and thanks her profusely, for the wonderful food, that he has eaten it for the first time. He starts quoting her own column to her. Arushi is happy. Her friend teases her, while arushi says that she is strictly friends with him. he again keeps hallucinating arushi, thinking that now he waits to meet her in person, and confess his love, and then involve the families to talk of marriage. Arushi finds a message from the bank. She is shocked as to how the entire money, 25000 is debited from her account, whereas her father only needed 12000. Her friend asks whats the matter, but she leaves hastily. she is highly tensed as she travels in the auto. Vihaan meanwhile, is tensed that he sent two messges, but there’s no reply. Arushi keeps dialling a number, but is distracted to see a father overpampering his daughter, and gets emotional.

Scene 3:
Location: Arushi’s residence
Arushi comes home tensedly, and asks girish if his father is here. But he says that he isnt and asks her why she looks so tensed. she doesnt respond and goes inside. Girish smiles at her plight. He thinks that she neednt be so tensed, as her father is spending away all her money, with much ease. She asks about him from her mother too. Her mother says that he is not responding to her calls too. she finds arushi tensed, and asks, but arushi doesnt respond. She asks if her father said anything. Her mother talks about a prospective groom’s meeting assuring her that this time everything would go well. But seeing arushi still in shock, she asks again, but arushi leaves without saying a word. Her mother is tensed.

Scene 4:
Location: In the car
Vihaan vents out his frustration as to how arushi is so busy that she dosnt even have time to respond to his messages. sarthi tries to say that all girls are like this. vihaan gets mad at him too, asking if he has so much experience with girls. He wonders why is she not replying. He is frustrated, and asks sarthi to stop the car. Sarthi complies. Vihaan comes out, near the Masala Tea Stall and asks for 2 teas. The shopowner complies. Vihaan says that he feels here, that she is somewhere near, and wants to wait here and meet her.

Precap: As the ladies banter about vihaan’s prospective bride, granny comes out angrily saying that they have had enough nonsense about his marriage, and that there shall not be a marriage in this house. all are shocked, as granny tells that vihaan wont get married. As vihaan enters the house, he too is shocked to hear granny’s angry words.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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