Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 25th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 25th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Deepika hurriedly comes to kitchen and asks Soniya to come with her soon. Soniya asks what is the issue. Deepika sees driver and asks why did not he go with Ratna aunty. He says madam said she will drive car alone. Deepika and Soniya start following Ratna’s car in an auto. Soniya again asks what is the issue. Deepika tells her how Ratna got tensed seeing letter and tensely walked out with money packet and says we are a family and will have to sort out Ratna’s problem.

Ratna gets down at a park where Suhasi is already sitting in santa claus costume. She SMSes her to drop money bag in dustbin and then wishes her merry christmas. Ratna gets irked, sees dustbin in a corner, drops money packet in it and leaves silently. Deepika asks Soniya why did she drop money packet in dustbin. Soniya says someone is blackmailing her. Suhasi SMSes Ratna to leave from there and she leaves in her car. Deepika says we have to wait until the blackmailer comes and picks money packet. She switches on video recording in her mobile. Just when Suhasi picks money bag, a car stands in between and video recording stops. They both run to check money packet, but don’t find it. Deepika says we should search blackmailer. Suhasi sees Soniya there and starts distributing gifts to children like a santa claus. Soniya does not suspect her and leaves from there.

Ratna comes home and sees Suhasi and Soniya missing. She thinks either one of them is a blackmailer, she has to find out. She gets into Suhasi’s room, but Suhasi gets into room via window and acts as sleeping. Ratna thinks she is not blackmailer. Once she leaves, Suhasi takes out money from packet and gets happy. Ratna thinks if Suhasi is not blackmailer, then Soniya and Deepika aer blackmailers.

Deepika comes home with Soniya and tells that they have to inform police about it or at least Raghav. Ratna comes there and asks what were they talking about her. Soniya says Raghav wants to prepare special dish for you. Raghav comes there and apologizes Ratna for his misbehavior in the morning. She says he does not have to as she had to remember that Abhiman and her relationships are professional and not personal. He thanks her and says being a son and being like a son are different.

Sisters get vanity magazine and get sad seeing only Ratna and Raghav’s pics, but then see their pic in next page and get happy. Once everyone leaves, Ratna asks if she did it. Soniya says she is her bahu and will have to look after her dignity, she will not let her happen anything. Ratna thinks that means she is unnecessarily doubting Soniya.

Abhiman reminisces Raghav kicking her out and writes resignation letter. Deepika calls her and asks what is he doing. He says he is resigning from job. She asks why is he overreacting for such a silly issue. He says she is talking like Raghav and says his self-respect is not so cheap that Roy can ruin it easily. Anjali says Deepika that she should go and calm down Abhiman.

Deepika reaches Abhiman’s house and sees him getting afraid of cockroach. She laughs that girls are usually afraid of cockroach, but being a man he is afraid. He says he is not afraid of anything, but cockroaches are very creepy. She picks cocroach and says it is very cute. He asks her to keep away from him. She says if he leaves job, she will drop cockroach on him. He throws water on him and runs from room. She asks what did he do. He says it is easy to laugh on someone and asks her to drry herself with towel. He comes in and picks laptop. She asks what is he doing. He says he is writing resignation letter. She asks if he will stay for him. He says his dignity is important for him and asks her to give office file to Ratna.

Deepika comes to Ratna’s room and finds a letter in file. She reads it and is shocked to read that Abhiman is Ratna’s son.

Precap: Deepika shows letter to Soniya and sisters. Soniya asks them not to tell about it to Raghav. Raghav comes and picks letter.

Update Credit to: MA

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