Satrangi Sasural 20th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Satrangi Sasural 20th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Arushi and vihaan’s residence
Arushi smiles as vihaan says that he paid the bill, and soon the electricity shall come. He asks for some food, while she says that she shall cook something nice. But he says that he shall eat what everyone else in the family shall. Kasturi is overwhelmed while he insists, and she complies, amd pays out the food.

As the entire table is spread out for the grand feast, they all wait anxiously for vihaan to come back, thinking that it doesnt take this long at the temple. geeta tries to take some, but they all refuse to her, saying that its only for vihaan. they start getting impatient and call him. Vihaan receives it. mini asks where is he and when will he return. He says that they shall take some time. He says that they came to arushi’s place, and shall leave after having food here. They are all furious and tensed. Mini cancels the call. Vihaan gets back to eating. The mothers are furious as to how vihaan can do this, and arushi be so extra smart. they start venting out their frustration that arushi distanced them from vihaan and how granny’s descision is wrong. geeta is shocked to know arushi’s part of the deal, and thinks that she isnt selfish, and wonders which girl shall make this promise. Nilima starts venting out her frustration. geeta asks how would she know about this feast, and that they indeed are being selfish. priyanka taunts that arushi shall break this promise too. Geeta says that she doesnt think so. they bet on it.

Finally, they return back late in the night. he asks her to go inside, while he just comes in, having done an important phone call. She agrees, asking him to call, while she waits. But he pesters and then asks if she is doubting him, by being a typical wife. she asks him sternly to call. He calls manohar, and he comes with a packet. She tries to see it, while he doesnt let her see it. She pesters, while he snatches and leaves inside. she too rushes. Manohar wonders whats in the packet. they rush inside, while arushi collides into priyanka, who is super furioous on her, for having spilled water on her expensive saree. Vihaan asks her not to exaggerate. Arushi stands for priyanka, saying that she was just scolding her for being more cautious. She asks her to go and change while she picks the glass shards. Priyanka leaves angrily. He smiles at arushi and her maturity. He leaves. When he coems back, arushi is still cleaning. he asks the ladies that the food is on the table, and they didnt eat. they express why they are sad. Mini says that he isnt at fault, as arushi is to be blamed, as she doesnt want everyone to be happy together. vihaan is frustrated as they continue withtheir taunts. She intervenes and says that vihaan didnt eat, as only she ate there. She says that manohar had told vihaan about the surprise and hence he didnt eat. they both understand and play along. vihaan is tensed thinking that he would have to eat again. All the ladies are boggled. Arushi tells them that vihaan is extremely hungry. All the mothers get to attending to him. Arushi apologises by signals, while vihaan says that he came here for food, but they didnt let him speak. They continue to feed him, lovingly. he too plays along and overstuffs himself happily. Arushi thanks the lord for such an understanding husband. vihaan rushes out saying that he shall get the other mothers so that they all can eat together. he passes by arushi, and taunts her for making him eat double servings. he smilesand naughty and says that he would be okay in sometime, and has made all arrangements for the night. she gets tensed and leaves. the ladies are satisfied. Granny tells her that she saw behind their lies, as she knows vihaan inside out, and what goes on in his mind. she says that she doesnt understand her, and how she would fulfill her promise in front of vihaan. arushi is tensed too, wondering that there’s vihaan on one side, and on the other, there’s granny’s promise, and hopes that all is okay.

Later, as manohar comes out with a basket of rose petals, mini and priyanka are shocked as they realise what it means. geeta comes and they bring it to her notice. geeta hopes that arushi is able to keep her promise, as if she doesnt, she would have to leave vihaan and this house forever. She wonders how would she be able to deny vihaan’s rights as a husband, who is fully prepared to consummate their love. they find arushi going towards a room, and are boggled. they all rush to granny, saying that they trusted the wrong girl, and reminds her of arushi’s promise, and tries to instigate her. granny stays silent. She asks them to stay shut, and be quiet. she says that she has placed her trust on arushi’s words, and she leaves it all on the lord now. they are frustrated when she doesnt respond. priyanka says that they shall have to do something.

Meanwhile, Arushi enters to find the room, completely decorated with a romantic theme and ambience, to celebrate the consummation of their marriage and their love, on their wedding night. she walks in a daze, overwhelmed by vihaan’s gesture. She finds herself being showered by rose petals from above and enjoys them thoroughly. Then a shiver runs down her spine, as vihaan cups her waist from behind, while she tingles with the physical intimacy due to their new found romance. As he brings his mouth right beside her earlobe and kisses her around the nape pf her neck, she revels and shivers in excitement and nervousness at the same time, while he slowly, playfully teases her with overexuberant display of romance. While she enjoys the rmance, he is lost in her love and their proximity. He takes her hand, and feels her arms, while she tingles in his touch. She turns around to face him, as he takes her in his arms. he cups her face, and then touches her lip sensually, while she shyly lowers her eyes in embarasasment. He nudges his cheeks against her, painfully slow with every touch. he finally takes her to waltz in their music of love, as they dance together and intimately. He lifts her face, and leans in closer, when she remembers her promise given to granny, and is taken aback. She jerks herself away from him, while he is boggled. The screen freezes on her tensed face.

Precap: Arushi turns away asking him to understand. he asks what does he have to understand, as long as she doesnt say anything, and asks her to speak it out. She doesnt respond, and seeing no option, he makes her swear on him. she is shocked.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Arushi should speak out the promise that she had made moreover Vihaan is her husband so he will surely understand her true intentions.

  2. good episode I find the mothers to be toooooooooo harsh on arushi and Vihaan they need to loosen up

    1. Gloria, do you like ANY of the soaps?

  3. Arushi you have embarked on a difficult promise I do hope you can fulfill it.But what will you tell you husband why you do not want to have s*x with him.If you explain this to him and he understands then you will be able to make it and win this battle.You are are young woman and this will make him question your motives.So I say to you I want to see how this ends and good luck.The card is in your hand play it well.

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