Begusarai 20th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Begusarai 20th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ghungroo says re you in senses, they will kill us instead fo giving 1 crore, Bindya says okay done it for 25 lacs, our old age will be saved, we got so much money in one dance, will earn 25 lacs in somedays, Ghungroo says that are you sure you will leave after getting 25 lacs? she says sure, she says now sleep, i am going, thakur has called meeting, Ghungroo sys its for family, you cant go, Bindya says Priyom will hold my hand there and will take me in meeting and also i have to keep an eye on everything, she leaves.
Thakur comes in room, all are present there, Poonm and her mother(Bimla) comes there too, Rekha says to Bimla that this is family meeting why you are here? Phulan says Manjeeta’s family is part of our family too, Rekha says come in, Bindya comes there too, she says i am sorry for being late, has meeting started? all are stunned to see her, Badi Amma ask who called you her? Bindya says it was family meeting and i live here to so came her, she ask did i do right Priyom? all looks at Priyom, Priyom comes to Bindya, he angrily looks at her, holds her and throws her out of room and closes the door, Bindya is stunned, Ghungroo laughs on her, she says i spoke alot there, Priyom said he will come at night.
in room, Thakur says that whatever happened today, we all saw it, Manjeeta who is my shadow was in danger too, what if anything had happened to him? nobody can do anything about death but we can do something for our family in life thats wh i have called you people here, i have taken decision that from today, 10% of my profit will go to Manjeeta, all are shocked, then smile, Thakur says that after my death, my assets 10% will go to Manjeeta too, he ask Mitlaish to prepare papers, Badi Amma is not so happy, Thakur says i am happy by doing this work, i hope no one has problem with this decision, you all can go, Badi Amma says bring my food in my room, she sternly looks at Phulan and leaves.

Scene 2
Guddi says to Poonam that you got money, lets go and have shopping, Poonam says that money is for bad times, Priyom comes there and teases Piddi, he says are you dieting for Bindya? Poonam says why you are teasing him, eat food, Lakhan comes there too, Priyom gets a call from Bindya, he gives food to Lakhan, he takes Bindya’s call and says you are calling me so i will come, he leaves.
Phulan ask Badi Amma arent you happy with my decision? Badi Amma says if Manjeeta is your loyal servant then you have done alot for him too, you made his son study in Patna’s college, made his daughter , the daughter in law of this house, it was fine till here but today it was not good decision, only your sons have right on your money.
Rekha says to Bhushan that he gave money to servant not you, Bhushan says Manjeeta is our brother, Rekha ask how much you earn in year, he says 50 lacs, she ask how much Thakur earn in year, he says 11 crore, she says this means Manjeeta will get 60 lacs per year, it is more than you, this is not fair.
Phulan sas 20 years back, we divided property between Bhushan and Phulan but someone else have shed blood for us too and you cant forget that, flashback shows 20 years, some goons were finding Thakur, they kidnap Manjeeta’s parents and ask address of thakur from Manjeeta so save his family, Manjeeta i wont betray Thakur, goons kill Manjeeta’s family, goon is about to kill Manjeeta but Phulan comes and saves him, fb ends, Phulan says to Badi Amma that there are very less people who can shed blood for others, flashback shows how majeeta saved Phulan life’s many a times, Phulan says if we are alive then its because of Manjeeta only, he says once Manjeeta saved me but he didnt let world know about as people would have made fun of me then, people believe in Bhushan and Phulan’s pair but truth is that Bhushan was not able to support me, he was weak, this Phulan thakur who is king is because of loyal Manjeeta, you would say that its is his duty but duty has limits too, Manjeeta havae crossed all limits of loyalty, you still think i took wrong decision? Badi Amma says lets have food together, she says being father and king is not easy, someday you will get burnt of it, Phulan says i never got it and neither i will get it in future.

Scene 3
Poonam is serving food to Lakhan, Reksha sees this and is angry. Piddi goes to meet Bindya.
Bindya is waiting for Priyom, she says when will handsome Priyom come. Otherside Priyom comes to Piddi, he finds gift in his hand, Piddi says i am 18 now, i can meet Bindya now, Priyom says you can marry her after 23 years old, Piddi says i will not stop now, Priyom says i steal money from father and gives it to you but i will stop it now, Piddi says do it, Priyom shows him video in which Piddi is trying to look inside washroom where girl is inside, Priyom says if you go to Binda then i will send this MMS to whole begusarai, Piddi says this is wrong, this is unfair, Priyom says everything fair in love and war, Piddi leaves from there, Priyom laughs and says what i have to do for Bindya. Priyom is going to meet her, Poonam sees him going from her balcony and is not so happy.
Bindya’s door knocks, she opens the door and doesnt look at person, she says i am angry with you, you made me wait alot, she looks at his face and is stunned to see that its Mitlaish not Priyom.

PRECAP- Mitlaish brings out his gun, Bindya says i didnt do anything, i didnt go behind Priyom, he came to me, try and understand, Mitlaish looks at her intensely.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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