Satrangi Sasural 10th December 2014 Written Episode Update

Satrangi Sasural 10th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: On the road
sarthi asks if vihaan is lost in the dog girl and he says that he is searching for the newspaper girl. Vihaan is confused himself, who got him here.

Meanwhile, mini is out to get the priest to vihaan’s house, and girish starts eve teasing him too, and passing lewd comments. She ignores them, but when it gets too much, she stops the scooty, and then slaps them tight wile all others get tensed. Girish gets embarassed, while she beats them all to pump. They run away for life.

Scene 2:
Location: Cafeteria
One of her colleagues tell arushi that she has got the lucky oppurtunity to meet Vihaan vatsal, and tell him about their bank’s deal. She says that she doesnt even know that person, and its very weird. she is asked to grab the oppurtunity, which has gotten her this lucky chance. she says that she saw the pics even, and she would like being with him, and if the deal is cracked, increment is sure too. Arushi makes up her mind to meet him.

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Scene 3:
Location: Hospital
Vihaan comes in the hospital and the doctor assures him that the dog is completely fine, and they shall keep him under observation for another day or two. Vihaan asks about the girl, and the doctor says that she just left. he gets disappointed and rushes out. vihaan doesnt find her, and goes inside to hopefully, get the number from the doctor. He is oblivious that a few steps away from him, arushi, sitting in the rickshaw, comes down, remembering that she forgot her phone inside. vihaan comes inside, to find arushi coming out with her phone. he starts smiling silly looking at her, while she is busy in her phone. she finds him too, and then he indirectly tries to get a conversation started to get a number. she understands it, and shows her the profile pic on her phone, saying that its her phone only. vihaan immediately apologises that she must be misunderstanding him. she starts smiling, asking why cant a driver not be friends, and that a person should be good, to be a friend. He agrees. She takes his phone, and comments that the salary of the driver doesnt match with the expensive model. He gives an excuse, and she feeds him the number. She gives him money, saying that she cant have him overspending his meagre salary as a driver. He thinks that he would wait till the time, he can tell her about his true identity., and hopes that there’s no screw up before that. They both come out. He tries to indirectly signal sarthi to get away, and again offers her to drop her. she asks if he deserted the boss once again. he again makes up a story, trying to get sarthi to understand the implied message of going. she agrees to being dropped by him. sarthi understands and leaves the car. he takes her to the car, and they both drive off. sarthi understands that vihaan is in love.

On the road, vihaan is very happy from the inside, but pretends that he is very sad, that arushi’s relation got broken off, due to dowry, as he still hopes for a chance. when she asks why is he smiling, and he says that he is happy that her whole life got prevented from being ruined. He asks her to celebrate with a cup of tea. she says that she needs a glass of tea, that too Masal chai. She thinks that vihaan is an ardent fan of her column, and wishes to disclose her identity as the columnist, but cant say due to the confidentiality agreement with the newspaper. She smiles.

Scene 4:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
The ladies as usual, keep talking about vihaan’s marriage. When the priest arrives, mini tells them what happened, and they have a good laugh. Mini presents the kundali to priest, and the ladies ask him to inspect it. The priest tells them, that one particular girl keeps meeting him again and again, due to destiny, even though he is surrounded by girls. they are all pleasntly surprised and happy too. he tells them that vihaan shall select a girl before they do. All wonder how can vihaan himself select a girl, before them. they start concocting ideas, and amusing banter amongst them follows, discussing vihaan’s relation. they try to get granny to talk too, but she angrily asks them to do whatever they want. when the punjabi one makes mistake, granny gets furious. Granny asks them to think about something other than marriage, and asks if there’s nothing else left in life to discuss. she leaves, and they all wonder whats bothering her so much.

Nirmala goes inside to get granny milk, while she is tensed. She gives the milk, and then asks granny whats the matter and if she is fine. Granny resignedly says that there are other things that vihaan’s marriage. Nirmala asks her to spill the actual reason of her anger, as there’s something else bugging her. granny says that there’s nothing, and she is just tired of this topic. Nirmala asks her to forgive if anyone’s talks hurt or got her angry. granny smiles. nirmala leaves asking her to drink the milk. granny gets tensed, wondering how to tell them whats the reason of her anger, and tension, and hopes that it never comes out too.

Scene 5:
Location: Roadside tea stall
Arushi and vihaan celebrate with masala chai. He picks up the topic of the columnist, while she shyly smiles, as he goes onto praise her columns, oblivious that he is talking to the columnist himself. she gets lost, and he asks whats the matter. Arushi tells him that at times, she doesnt feel that he is a driver, by his talks. he amuses her that he in fact owns the company. Vihaan amusingly asks what if he was the owner of Vatsala group. Arushi gets tensed, and says that she hates lies, instantly would have sent him to his way, and left him. Arushi tells him about his meeting with Vihaan vatsala tomorrow. he gets tensed. the screen freezes on his tensed face.

Precap: As arushi comes to vihaan’s office, his secretary shows her in, while vihaan’s back is turned towards her. as she wishes him, he turns around hesitantly to wait for her reaction, while she is shocked and hurt too.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

  1. I hope this show doesn’t drag like Jamai Raja….

  2. Hope so too…i like the chemistry between Vihaan and Aarushi but am wondering who is going to be the villain in this show?! i haven’t seen any yet everyone seems nice so far

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