Hamari Sister Didi 10th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Hamari Sister Didi 10th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Karan asks Amrita if she would need any help with the chemotherapy patient. A lady talks on phont, shouting on the call. Karan calls to take her attention, Amrita goes to her. The lady is shocked to see Amrita, who shows her the signal about mobile prohibition. Karan blames, but Amrita says she must not have seen the board and leaves. A nurse comes to get the file signed by him.

Khushi comes to Kabir’s room, Dimple drags her out and asks if she has come to steal again. What is in the box. Amrita comes there too. Dimple says when one gets used to things, he never loses it. Amrita says Dimple is even habitual of scolding and blaming other. Dimple says her theft had been proven. Amrita says her children never return her any answer. Khushi stops them and opens the box, there was an idol for luck in it. Dimple is quiet, and tells Khushi to come during visiting hours as she doesn’t want a drama again. She leaves, Amrita and Khushi laugh and go to Kabir. Khushi says Hi to him, he asks what this is for. Khushi gifts him the idol, for good luck. She tells Kabir, not to take Dimple serious as she is like that. Karan comes to stand beside Amrita and asks is this for goodluck, she says yes. He says she would need it too, for breaking hospital rules. She says he would need it too, but he says he makes his luck himself. She asks what is there, in his luck. He looks at her, then says whatever it is, it’s good. The nurse tells them about the patient’s arrival, Amrita asks Khushi to tell someone drop her to hospital. Khushi was worried and asks Malika to give a letter to Amrita.
The doctor informs Amrita about the chemotherapy. The patient calls from behind that she is there, she was the same lady who was talking on mobile. The doctor asks Amrita to get her admitted in hospital. The lady says she no longer wants the treatment. Amrita goes behind her, and asks what is her name. She says Neha. Amrita asks why she doesn’t want the treatment. She says she can’t get it done. Amrita says the cancer will eat her up, will finish her courage, her will power and everything. Neha leaves saying it is her body.

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Karan comes to his office, he looks down suddenly under the table to find Khushi there. She asks her what. She asks him not to tell mama, anything. She requests. He asks her to relax and comes under the table, sitting beside her. He says he is confused, what not to tell mama. She says she didn’t go to school, how can she go there, everyone will blame her about the theft. Everyone must have read in newpaper, minister said a lot and Kabir’s friends will also blame her. Karan says she doesn’t want to go to school, he won’t tell her mama. He says she must stay here, under the table, eat here, and sleep here. She asks how can she live here. He asks she doesn’t want to go out and face anyone and the problem. He says he had a friend, a crazy one; he used to say if life throughs a googly at you… Khushi complete ‘Get up and face it’. Karan asks her to repeat, she repeats. He asks her to get up. She gets ready, and says she is still afraid. He says he has an idea, and asks for her hand. She keeps hers on his hand, he heads to leave. She asks where they are going. He says they are going to solve her problems. Dimple comes there, and asks where they are going. Karan says there are an hour in his round, he is going for some personal work. She asks about files, but he tells Dimple to watch them herself. Karan and Khushi leave.Dimple is worried why is Karan changing.
Amrita was in corridor, when Malika gives Khushi’s letter to Amrita. Amrita asks Malika to take care of the work, as she has to go to Khushi’s principle.
Karan brings Khushi to school, the children stare at Khushi and points at her in disgust. They take pity on Kabir. Karan keeps hand on Khushi’s shoulder and takes her inside. He asks her to wait, until her returns. The kids pass her, calling her a thief. Khushi runs out, when Karan holds her arm asking where she is going. She says she can’t do it, how will she speak in front of everyone, they are calling her a thief. He says they have come here, to solve it. She can’t run away from her fears, she needs to face them and asks what her papa said. He takes her by hand and brings her to the mikes. She looks at him, he says she has to speak, for her maa, her papa and for herself. Khushi says Hello friends. Everyone hears this. Khushi says I am Khushi Kapoor, standard 8 student, she is the same girl who stole medicine from hospital for Kabir. Everyone listens to him intently.

PRECAP: The principle says to Amrita that it is good, she is no longer alone. She has someone to care for her. She looks at Karan, hugging Khushi.

Update Credit to: Sona

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