Sasural Simar Ka 9th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 9th September 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 9th September 2013 Written Update

Part 1
The episode starts with roli checking dadi’s room and then she opens her cupboard and finds shakti. She gets shocked then she says to dadi that she knew that shakti is alive and dadi and Shakti are making a plan. Then she blames dadi for saying that her son is dead when he us alive and that to for only property. She says that how could she fall so low for property and she should have asked mataji for the property at least she would have got it. Then dadi gets angry and says that she is doing all this for the property and she doesn’t care to keep her son dead and she says that she is doing all this to get her rights back and she wants the property coz her husband and son shakti have also worked very hard to make this bhardwaj empire so big and making the business

go so high. Then roli says that she should have given a chance to mataji at least she would have given her the property of her half. Then dadi says that this is all coz of mataji and sujata and she has met her son also few months back only. Then roli says that at least now she should have understood that her son is lieing and mataji and sujata can’t kill anyone and the proof is her son is alive and hiding from everyone.

Then roli says that no one would have even thought that she would have fallen so low. She then says that she should have at least thought that what will happen after Prem and janvi come to know about her truth and what they will do to her. Then dadi shouts and roli says that whatever she has done she will have to get punished for her deeds. Then on the other hand in the hospital pari is refusing for her operation to start as she wants her makeup kit to come. Then sujata says to simar to call roli and check where she is as she knows pari very well and she will not let the operation take place till her make up kit doesn’t come. Then on the other hand roli comes out of the room and comes down to the hall and says that she should call simar and tell her everything she calls her and says that she needs to tell her something important she is about to say but shakti snatches her phone and throws it. There simar gets tensed and tells Prem and sid about the same. They then leave to go to the bhardwaj house.

Roli tells shakti to give her phone as she is going to tell the truth to everyone. Then shakti says that for that she needs to be alive. Then shakti drags roli to the kitchen and he catches her hand and dadi closes the window. Then roli is shouting and says that leave her and says that did and simar will not leave them. Then dadi says that for that she needs to be alive and many times she got saved but this time she won’t be saved. Then roli gets shocked and says so it was her who tried to kill her 3 times. Then dadi says yes and tells her the fb. Then dadi says to roli that now she won’t get saved and she will have to die and without roli sonar can’t even reach till the truth. Then dadi leaks the gas.

Dadi is about to put the kerosene on her but Roli kicks her and she falls down and roli takes the knife in her hand. She then tells them to stay away from her or else she will attack them with the knife. Roli runs from there and goes to the hall and takes her phone and is trying to switch it on but in vain and then shakti comes and takes the knife from her and is about to hit her but she huts him and starts running and they play hide and seek. Simar, sid and Prem are on their way home and simar is calling roli’s phone but its switched off. Here roli is chasing from shakti and dadi and is between them she then escapes from them and they both dash each other. Then roli hides and dadi Nd shakti search her. Then dadi finds roli’s shadow and tells her shakti to go and attack her.

Part 3:-
Roli sees him and then he says that where will she go. Again he us about to hit her and she escapes and his head dashes on the wall. She is running looking at him and dadi catches her. Then shakti comes and is about to kill her but hears the car’s horn sound. Then dadi tells him to run away and she would take care of roli. He runs away and simar Prem and sid enter. Roli leaves from dadi’s grip and goes to simar and hugs her and sid. Then simar asks her what has happened and dadi says that suddenly roli is not feeling well. Then simar asks roli and roli says while crying that shakti and dadi were trying to kill her. They get shocked. The screen freezes on simar’s face.

Precap:- Dadi says to Prem not to believe roli as she is lieing. Then roli says that she is saying the truth and they can check the kitchen’s condition. Then they go there and Prem sees the kerosene bottle and tells sid to call the police and arrest dadi.

Update Credit to: Vishwal

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