Balika Vadhu 9th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Balika Vadhu 9th September 2013 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 9th September 2013 Written Update

Anandi was dusting, standing on a stool. Her pallu was slipping. She lost balance but shiv saved her from falling. Both had an eye lock. At that time dadu put a rose between them n both broke apart n were very embarrassed. Anandi put her pallu on her head again. Dadu teased shiv n asked him to give the rose to anandi. Anandi was fighting with her pallu. Dadu asked her not to put that. Ira n menu came there. Dadu said ira n meenu never had pallu. He knew pallu on her head means to show respect to elders but she has all respect in her heart for them, so she doesn’t need pallu. Anandi said its her habit since childhood. Dadu asked to change the habit as he is not yet old as him. All laugh. Meenu asked her there is no need of her to put the pallu on her head like that now one. Shiv in

a naughty mood pulled down her pallu in front of all. Anandi stunned. Shiv said sorry n repeated dadu’s lines. Anandi hesitated but said she will try, but inside the house only, she will keep pallu outside. All smile. Then dadu ordered shiv to put the rose on anandi’s hair. Shiv hesitantly put that on her head. Both shy. Rest were smiling.

Jagiya was busy in hospital. At that time saanchi called him. While talking jagiya advised her to do job, in fact he suggested she shud continue her job after marriage too. Saanchi said she already planned to join his hospital as chief admin. Officer. Jagiya stunned n thought saanchi doesn’t have the love n care in her heart which needed to take care of patience here n he thought of to give job to ganga in hospital too. Saanchi snapped him out of his thought. After their convo saanchi kissed her J tattu n said to herself she will never let jagiya to run away from her. On the other hand jagiya got the fb where he said sumi that ganga will work in hospital n anandi’s word to keep distance from ganga. He later decided ganga wont do the job here but he will do his level best to get her a nice job. He decided to take help from his frd umesh.

Balachndran came to ganga’s home n asked her about her leaving to rajasthan n offered her a job in the hospital he is working. But Ganga said its not needed as she was just waiting her course to complete so that she can go back to her place. Balachandran left. Ghanshyam was happy seeing ganag is getting job. Ganaga replied that she just wants to return to jetsar n the staff quarter behind the hospital which will be her world now on. At that time jagiya called n asked her to mail him, her certificates n documents. Ganga thought he was teasing her even if he is giving the job in his hospital, she replied that did he want her photo n application too. Jagiya replied its not need as it’s the hospital of his close frd umesh at which she will work. Ganaga stunned n collapsed on the chair. But she managed to control herself. Still in tears she replied that she got a job already here. Jagiya stunned n asked how she will work so far. Did she make up her mind properly n how she got the job so soon. Ganag said she topped the class n got the job in campus interview. Jagiay cut the call saying he will talk later.

Ganga cried n got angry on herself thinking how she cud even dream to go back to jetsar. Being away from doctor saab she cudnt distance herself from him. Mannu came n wiped her tears. Ganga said sorry to mannu that she cant take him to jetsar anymore. Doctor saab still care for them but she broke the link n its better for all. She promised mannu that she will raise him up like nice person like doctor saab.

Jagiya was sad , thought time n distance change the person. Now ganag too didn’t need him anymore.

Precap- sumi gets the call from ira that marriage date was suggested on 27th n time they have is less than one month. She tells ds that no date after this one for next 6 months. And 6 months will be a long time to wait. Ganga comes to the hospital of balachnadran n asks him about the job. He replies she is bit late, there was an interview of a nurse n most probably she will get the job!

Update Credit to: khushi

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