Sasural Simar Ka 8th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 8th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

scene 1
vikrant says to simar this is the file of tomorrow’s case. Sign it you’ll Win this case. I’m responsible for all this. Let me make an effort to rectify my mistakes. Sanju comes and says mama please eat something. Vikrant says simar you need strength for tomorrow. Please eat it. Sanju makes simar eat. Door bell rings. Vikrant says let me see. Some men come in and hit vikrant on head. He faints. They hit simar too. She takes sanju with her. They are stealing all the precious stuff. Vikrant opens his eyes and hits a robber on his back. He fights with all of them. Vikrant gets a stick and hits them all with it. They run out. Vikrant asks simar are you okay? Simar falls on the floor. Vikrant holds her. He asks are you okay? Vikrant says to sanju go to my room. He tries to open simar’s eyes. He takes simar jo her room. Simar opens her eyes. She asks is everything okay? He says everything is fine. take care of yourself.

Scene 2
jhanvi says to roli i know what mata ji must be going through. The brothers that were my strength are against each other. Roli says we’ve love between us and God is just putting us in test. Mata ji won’t let us apart. Go and take care of nirvan i’m here with mata ji. Mata ji says when kids start taking decisions elders better keep quite. Without telling me people take decisions. I thought my teachings are very strong but i was wrong. I’ve lost. Roli the person whose hope is broken is useless. I’m helpless in front of my kids. Its out of my control. I can’t stop prem from going to court. Roli says who will handle us If you give up. Mata ji says history says when a woman is insulted and humiliated that family or even city destructs. Simar will be in court tomorrow and people will accuse her. Everything will end tomorrow. Sid comes there. Roli says what will happen tomorrow sid.

Scene 3
next morning, the session of court starts. Prem’s lawyer says simar has betrayed prem and his family. That’s why wants to divorce her. She pretended to be dead for two years and was living with an unknown man. I mean with my friend vikrant mehta as his wife. His real wife is dead simar impersonated as sunnaina. When prem got to know simar is alive he went there but simar proved to sunnaina mehta. Them one day she came back to bharadwaj house. She knew that they won’t accept her lies. So she made an unrealistic story. She says sunnaina’s soul captured simar’s body. Why that soul chose simar. Lets assume she is right. Her face or voice never got changed but she got the license to do every wrong thing saying sunnaina made her do this. Simar has tried to play these games hiding behind a soul that no one can see. Vikrant says he’s insulting my client. Prem’s lawyer says he has betrayed prem and he wants divorce. Vikrant says sunnaina’s phantom came and i’ll prove that.

Precap- vikrant says that’s problem with our country. People blame wives easily. Prem has no answer of my questions. Simar says vikrant you can’t insult prem like this. Vikrant says you can’t tell me what to say. Prem says you can’t talk to simar like that.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. vikrant help prem and simar to came togethet

  2. hihi 😀 premji <3 u better back off idiot.. :@ cnt u see hw much simar loves you.. she's ready to do anything then why not you.. you blo*dy foool… i guess in my opinion simar shud thn marry vikrant…it wud be better right? thn prem will come crying… hahah.. eager to watch how he begs simar..:P

  3. Wow now ghost will be proved in court.hahaha:-)

  4. I agree with you shy

  5. I think Vikrant is sing this technique to draw them closer togetherrrr 🙂

  6. i love sasural simar ka so much <3333

  7. vikrants trying to get them together

  8. Simars beta off wivout him hes a beg n i fink roli n simar shuld hve a baby each buh at dah sme tym n dah daughter in laws shuld get copped for dey r greedy for da money buh simar myght get bak wiv him for its called sasural simars kah

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