Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 8th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 8th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gunjan leaves after slapping Mayank.

At home everyone is shocked to hear this from Mayank. Mayank says she met him like strangers, filled in anger and she left. Shayl doesn’t believe this. Golu also tells them that he saw Gunjan. Mayank says that he is responsible for her anger. Seema fears had Gunjan thought about something else.

Mayank comes to the room, and thinks about Gunjan. He comes to the wall with their pics, and asks why she is doing so to him; why is she leaving the love for which they fought the world. He takes a frame off, and says that she should fight with him for what he did wrong.

Gunjan says that what he thinks of her, he came with his crying innocent face; doesn’t she know such people.

Mayank says he will get her anyway.

Gunjan says she shouldn’t have slapped him. Akaash comes and asks who is she talking about. She thinks he will be worried for no reason. Akaash gets Mayank’s call, he disconnects it. Mayank calls again but he still doesn’t attend. Gunjan asks whose call is it. He says nothing, and they must begin the food. Akaash is lost.

Mayank thinks he has switched the phone off. Shayl comes and says he will call Akaash. Mayank says he will look after it. Shayl says she just fears what if Gunjan has moved forward. Mayank holds her hand, and says that Gunjan will never stop loving him. He says it is his mistake, she was always right. He will now bring Gunjan back. Shayl says she trusts him, and he must sleep now. Outside the phone bell rings, Shayl comes to attend it but no one answers. She thinks it might be Rachna, and says Hello. The phone disconnects. Shayl goes crying, to the temple and says that God is the one to bring the solution. She prays for Gunjan, Mayank and Rachna.

In the hospital, the doctor calls Rachna telling her that her husband isn’t well.
Rachna is worried and runs inside. In the treatment room, she comes near Bittu who was being treated. The doctor tells her that he is not sure he will ever get better or not, they must take him to the surgeon tomorrow. Bittu asks fairy to take him from here. They all leave, while Rachna sits beside him and say that she won’t let anything happen to him. She says she won’t let her struggle ruin. She remembers, KT has asked anything from her for the first time. Dayal had said that KT was a cheat. Rachna said that she will look after Bittu, and make him well. Shayl asked was this her final decision. She said this is final. Dayal said she must do what she thinks as right, but no one in the family will not meet KT or any of his family members else that person must leave Dayal’s house. Shayl argued, but Dayal said that she will have no relation to them; if Rachna wants to go, she might. Rachna took Bittu’s hand and left.

Shayl attended Rachna’s call, she cries. Shayl asks her if everything is alright. Rachna tells her Bittu isn’t well, and she is in Bittu. Shayl tells her that everything will be alright as her daughter is a brave girl. Rachna asks about Bauji, and asks is he angry with her. Shayl says he always asks about Rachna. She says she knows about his anger. Rachna asks about Gunjan. She tells her that Mayank has gone to bring her home. Shayl says her blessing are with her, and she must keep informing her about everything.

At home, Akaash asks for two tickets, from travel agent, on call. Gunjan asks where are they going. Akaash says that they are going back to Australia. She argues that she has just joined the course. Akaash tells her that they give distance learning too. Gunjan leaves, while Akaash gets Mayank’s call but disconnects.

Mayank wonders why isn’t he attending the call, and thinks he must find out Gunjan’s address himself. He watches Gunjan in a market, and comes down to look at her. She ate Pani Puri, he hides himself and follows her to home. Gunjan comes to her room, he peeks at her. She looks at a sorry card on a shelf nearby with a red rose, and matches it with a previous card. Mayank was hiding beneath the bed, and asks her to forgive him. She gets afraid, and brings a stick. He switches the light off, and catches her from running. He takes her to moonlight, she recognizes him.


PRECAP: Akaash tells Mayank that Gunjan had an accident and has lost her memory. Gunjan calls papa, from behind.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. I don’t know why they take my good shows and make it stupid!!!!! The direction that this show took….crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You mean in 6 months Rachna/Bittu/KT eh find out about KT’s mother plot!?!?!?! Gunjan get in an accident and her father eh think to even inform her husband!?!?!?! Idiot show!!!!

  2. Rabirian Fans

    Miss u kt

  3. This show is confusing now.No woman will forget their husband”s touch in six months period.How Kt can be so foolish by not observing something is wrong somewhere.If not he does not know what is true love.This show has become crappy now.Please raise the standard again.

  4. Well for what its worth, I am glad Mayank realized his mistake. Poor Rachna have become Bittu’s care taker, what a shame. After all all the journey her and KT went through to convey their love to each other.

  5. divya rampaul

    hope this show ends soon. gunjan was portrayed as being so smart till she got stupid. and not to mention rachna stupid stupid stupid. if a woman is in love will she marry another man because the love of her life asked her to? then he could have sold her as a pr*stitute because she would have done anything he asked. STUPID SHOW HOPE IT REALLY ENDS SOON

  6. Thus was a good show until this twist it’s all crap now

  7. i hate this show now this is worst than ema

  8. This show had been my best show until this crap begin,am so disappointed in this show because I thought this show would always be the sapne suhane ladakpan ke I used to bad. quiting is the best to do.a very good piece of don’t waste money in producing this opera.

  9. Dhanna Sarjoo

    Such things only happen in Indian series. OMG!!!!!!!!

    1. Ha ha ha Agree lol……

  10. Pls must everyone lost his or her memory in indian soap?

  11. Pls why did url make Gunjan lose her memory. Gunjan still remembers Mayank but can’t get his picture in her head. When will Rachna come back. So obvious Gunjan never see Dolu.

  12. Don’t take this film out as yet url don’t know what’s going to happen.

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