Sasural Simar Ka 8th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 8th April 2014 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 8th April 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Roli says was this he only day. I will go with her. Khushi says no you have to stay here. KAruna says go and get ready for the wedding.Khushi wonders how will I do what I had to. Roli says there is something wrong with her.

Scene 2
Anurag gets ready bua ji and bhagti come in. Bhagti says you look so good.Bua ji says God bless you son.Anurag says I wanna tell you something bua ji. Shanti says lets go anurag. He says no I have to tell her. Anurag says we are doing registered wedding instead of traditional one.
Khushi says on phone I can’t come yet. Please give me a little time and please don’t come her. He disconnects the call.

Scene 3
Baraat is about to come and everyone awaits for them. Baraat comes along with everyone. Prem and Sid get

groom out of the car. He meets everyone. Maat ji says where is his bua ji. Mata ji asks shanti where is bua ji ?Shanti says she got angry with the idea of registered wedding and said she won’t be part of this wedding. Shanti says she will consent don’t worry. Sujata says I was scared becasue of it how will the wedding go on without prayers of elders. Bua ji comes and says elders will pray for sure. She says anurag you were going to wed without me. If you are happy then I am too. He hugs her. Roli says hold his nose and get him in. Bhagti says I have to click a photo of this. Pari says he can’t wait for jhanvi to come. Simar come along with jhanvi. Bua ji says you both look perfect together. Bua ji says come on now start that legal wedding. Prem and sid bring the lwayer and anurag signs the papers so does jhanvi. Everyone claps for them. Bua ji says it looks like a deal just required signatures. They make each other wear the garland. Someone comes there and khushi says leave please. If someone sees you they will kill me. Roli sees khushi going outside. Khushi says why you don’t understand. She is in her room with that man. Khushi says please leave. He says I am going. Khushi says someone is coming. Roli opens the door. The man has already hidden. Roli says why you came here ? Khushi says I wasn’t feeling well.

Scene 4
Bua ji says he has to put sindur in her hairline. Mata ji says yes this should be done. Khushi says how can I accomplish my task. SHe sees bua ji alone and goes to her. She says I feel bit tired. Even if it was a simple wedding but still. Everyone takes care of me I am worried for you and jhanvi. In this condition everyone get tired. Bua ji asks is she okay ? Khushi says no I didn’t mean anything. Bua ji says swear on your kid tell whats wrong ? Khushi says promise me you won’t tell anyone that I told you this. Jhanvi is pregnant. Bua ji is shocked. Khushi says yes this child is from her previous wedding.

Precap-Bua ji says your daughter is pregnant, Please forgive us but keep this girl with you.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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