Saraswatichandra 8th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 8th April 2014 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 8th April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Sunanda coming to Kumud saying you have broke my patience, now don’t regret. Kusum says she was wearing this. Sunanda says was she? Sunanda says how did she agree to wear it, good, now see you will be famous in every corner of Gujarat. She says I will call the tailor, he will do the alteration. She calls the tailor and asks him to come. She says fine, do the work soon. She asks the girls to take Kumud to the tailor. Sunanda stops Kusum and sends Kajol with Kumud. She asks Kajol to keep an eye on her, as last time she ran away from the window. Kumud leaves. Badimaa comes back from temple. Guniyal says Saras called and said that Kumud…………

Vidyachatur comes and says Danny called and said Saras went somewhere, my mind is not working. Guniyal says he might have went to find Kumud, maybe outside Ratnagiri, don’t worry. He says he was so scared that he was unable to speak, don’t know where he went. Guniyal thinks Saras asked not to tell anyone, but how to stop him. She stops him and says Saras called in the morning. Danny and Kusum come. Danny says Kabir does not know anything. Guniyal says Saras said he will come back only with Kumud. Vidyachatur says now I worry about both of them.

Kabir comes to meet Ghuman. He says there are many things going in your mind, what is it. Ghuman says the right time has come, Saras and Kumud are not here, no one else can change Danny’s mind, it should be done what I want. He asks what. She says my dream is infront of me. He asks what is it. She looks at him and smiles. Saras and Majnu come in Chandni Bazaar. Majnu says I will make a copy of Kumud’s photo and keep it to show people. Saras gives him the photo and says keep it safe. Saras says we will meet at this point, make a copy till then I will find her. Kumud passes by Saras and he turns to see. He misses to see her but senses something.

Kumud also senses him and becomes restless. Music plays…………….. Saraswatichandra title plays…………….. Saras looks at the car but someone comes infront of Kumud and he misses her. Majnu gives him the original photo and says I made a copy. Kajol brings Kumud to the tailor. She says Kumud is special for Sunanda and make good fitting clothes for her. Kumud says I won’t give the measurements. Kajol says be quiet, ekse I will call Sunanda. Kumud sees a phone there. The tailor takes her measurements. Samru looks ok. The clothes get altered. Kumud takes the phone with the clothes.

The tailor asks Kumud to go to the trail room and try the clothes. Kajol stops Kumud. Kumud thinks did she see the phone. Kajol asks are you thinking something, I will also come with you. Kumud asks Kajol to stop outside. Kajol checks thee room and says hurry up. Kumud tries calling Saras happily, but there is not balance. She thinks what to do now. Vidyachatur asks Danny to try calling Saras. Kabir calls Vidyachatur saying come to factory soon, there is problem in machines. Vidyachatur says fine, you see all that, I won’t be able to come. Danny says I will go there. Kabir says fine, send Danny soon. Kabir smiles and calls Ghuman. He says Danny left home and is coming. Ghuman says thanks.

Kabir tells Danny that the factory problem got saved. Kabir says I went to police station, there is no news, lets go home now. Danny says fine. Kumud looks around in the room and finds light coming through. She says this is the chance to ran away. Kajol asks Kumud to hurry up. Kumud says 2 minutes. Kumud shifts the cupboard and sees the door. She opens the door and escapes. Saras is looking out for Kumud. Kumud smiles seeing outside. Kajol does not get Kumud’s reply and gets worried. She asks Samru to check. Samru breaks the door and they find the other door from which Kumud ran away.

Kumud runs in the market area. Ghuman comes to Vidyachatur’s house looking for Danny and Kusum. Kusum tells her that Danny went to factory. Ghuman scolds her and taunts the elders. Badimaa answers her. Ghuman says your daughter is missing since one week, both of the girls did not change. Ghuman says she always goes missing, don’t know what she is doing. She calls Kumud shameless and says if Kusum runs away like her, what will I do. Vidyachatur says who said Kumud ran away. Ghuman says there is no news of her. Maybe she does not want to come back, as she has ran away. Kabir and Danny come home. Ghuman says Kumud ran away from Pramad’s house with Saras and maybe now she has left Saras and ran with someone else. Everyone are shocked and get angry. Badimaa says don’t take my Kumud’s name, its your cheap mentality and talks about her past.

Kumud sees Saras and shouts. She is caught again by the goons and is taken in the car. Saras sees her and runs after the car.

Update Credit to: Amena

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