Sasural Simar Ka 8th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 8th April 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 8th April 2013 Written Update

Sujata is mad at simar but then holds her lovingly n says i understand ur pain but like this running an ad..a dead person wont come back. cause of u sid is also not believing that she is dead. just like u lost ur sister…sid has lost a life partner…a wife. and the sooner he realizes that it is better for him. u understand?? simar says i will not let sid break. and sujata says u need to face the truth too. roli is running..but finds herself in a jungle and thinks i dont know where i m and i dont know where police station is…what should i do? there is no one here. just then she sees someone…she goes to him and helps him with something. and then asks where is police station…and he gives her direction. and she runs.

sid is having flashbacks of roli. his dad rajendar comes there and consoles him. n sid says i know roli is alive and i have hope and if this hope breaks then i will break..i will get shattered. his dad says i m sure roli would want u to move ahead in life. roli always wanted u to be happy. life life..roli is gone. and sid hugs his dad.

roli is running and then sees a busstop n then she goes ahead and sees a poilce station. and roli says i will get to know everything now. and she smiales. as she is walking towards it..veeru comes there and pulls her and says what is wrong with u. What do u want. why dont u understand ur family and police are together. roli says where there is love there are no lies. u said we were married 2 weeks ago but i was married a yr ago. u lied to me. u r a liar. i doubted u from day one. and now i know. tell me the truth. i want to know the thruth. r we even married…tell me. u wont tell me…ok.. i know what i need to do. all these ?s will be asked by police and u will have to answer then. veeeu says listen .. what i didnt do for u. so much pain for u. and i was doing it til today. i will tell u. yes she was telling the truth. u were married a yr ago. but not to someone else. we loved each other before u got married to someone else…but ur family got u married to someonelse. that family endured pain on u…and u divorced the guy and married me. and roli says this cant be. u r making up stories. and veeru says why would i lie to u. did i ever force myself on u. NO…they can go to any level//and roli thinking. and veeru says fine.. u dont believe me…i will take u to ur parents and inlaws. and u can see for urself. but it is dangerous for us. they want to punish u. just remember me…if we go there anything can happen. if u want to go to police then go. and roli says come lets go home. and veeru smiles.

BW family…prem consoling simar about sujata’s anger. they hug and prem’s phone rings. the guy on the other line says i have found weird things about naina … come to my office and we will talk. and prem says ok.

precap – some goona attack veeru and roli and it looks like veeru hired those goons to make roli believe his story

Update Credit to: kasrana

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