Uttaran 8th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Uttaran 8th April 2013 Written Episode, Uttaran 8th April 2013 Written Update

Everyone is sitting at the dining table to have food. Gmoti gets up to let Meethi sit first and have food. Mama asks her is she is feeling relieved after speaking to her mother.
Meethi declines saying that she is instead feeling very restless. Don’t know even though I spoke to her but I couldn’t hear her properly. There were so many disturbances in the phone.
Maiyya signals Akash to convince her. He says I had told you we are in a village so the network is never stable here. You were lucky enough to get connected right ma?
Maiyya smiles in agreement. Meethi still feels something amiss.
Maiyya says all this must be due to the long walk she had to take to reach the booth. She would never have walked so much in her life. She must be tired. Go and rest dear.
She is about to go when mama ji asks her to sit with him for sometime too.
She sits back reluctantly and Kajri starts her serving food. Meethi excuses herself as she isn’t feeling hungry. All watch her going.
Maiyya appreciates Pavitra for her acting but then reprimands her for her antics as well.

Jogi comes out holding Nani while the rest follow. Veer stops outside and looks back at the morgue. He is crying non-stop. Divya asks him to come as they have to take care of Damini as well. They all stop seeing Damini there.

Divya goes and hugs her. Damini asks why she is crying. She tells everyone that Iccha will be back soon. She had told her not to go too far. She has gone to temple only. You know na Veer whenever she is upset she goes to the temple and sits by the steps till she feels at peace. The girl inside is not Iccha right…she cant be Iccha. Mata ji you cant make a mistake in recognizing her.
Nani replies how she wishes she wasn’t Iccha. Damini continues to convince everyone that there is not just one saree in the market. Mukta hugs Nani.
Jogi shakes her and shouts at her to stop it.

Tappu is breathing normally now. Doctor Murthy looks at her and is waiting for her to open her eyes.
Outside, Jogi says she left us for forever. She has gone very far from us. Our daughter who had got her fate inscribed in her hands…….she is gone now Damini.
Damini recalls small Iccha who had come after getting her hand tattooed. She had said that she has got her destiny inscribed in her hands. Damini says no.

Doctor Murthy comes out to inform them that Tappu’s operation has been successful. She is out of danger now. He finds them crying and asks for the reason. They should be happy now for her daughter is out of danger now. It was God’s wish only that that lady’s gift dint go to waste.
Jogi begins to cry harder and tells him that the one who dies was her daughter.
Dr. Murthy is taken aback. Jogi repeats his words and Divya goes and hugs him.
Jogi continues she was Iccha. It was her wish to give her sister her life.

Flashback of Damini telling Iccha that hers and baby ji’s friendship is precious. She must keep her happy always. A small Iccha promises her she will. Flashback ends and Damini looks at everyone. Jogi cries calling Iccha. Damini looks at the morgue direction.

Meethi is standing by the window. She rewinds the conversation she had earlier in the day. She remembers meeting Iccha in Satara Jail for the first time. She wonders why her mother said so. She feels someone and calls out Ma.
Akash comes and asks her if she is alright. He hands her the milk but she doesn’t take it from him.
She asks Akash….you were there na, do you remember when I told ma about where we met for the first time. You know what she replied….in a temple. How can it be Vishnu? I met ma for the first time in Satara Jail. Akash is alarmed. Why she said so Vishnu? I don’t understand anything.
Akash dismisses it as a small thing. There was so much disturbance in the phone. Plus, when you speak you don’t let the other person utter a single word in your excitement. He hugs her and tells her not to think too much. She thinks she cant be wrong. I clearly remember she mentioned temple only. She wonders what is happening with her. Akash’s evil music is playing in the background.


Rathore checks with the hotel where Meehti & Vishnu Kashyap had been booked for in Switzerland. He is told that they haven’t check-in there. He thinks that they e-mailed that they have reached there and the flight confirmed their boarding status then where have they gone.
Jogi sees him standing lost in thought and says that he wants Meethi to come here for Iccha’s last rites. Rathore shares that he called up to check but they are not there. Jogi is worried / shocked.


Jogi checks with the booking agent. He asks for their status. The agent tells them that he would have known if there would have been any cancellation. But nothing as such happened.
Jogi wonders how this could be. He himself had booked their tickets. He tells Rathore that they have not reached there. Where would they be?
Rathore assures him that he will find out. He will tell him by tomorrow morning about their whereabouts. Jogi says that he wants them to be back before the last rites of Iccha. He wants Meethi to see her mother one last time before she leaves us. That is all that he wants. The episode ends on Rathore’s determined face.

Precap: Damini is sitting in her house. Everyone has come to pay their condolences to the family. Nani (the chawl one – sorry forgot her name) comes and pats her shoulder. Damini tells her that Iccha has gone to temple. She is waiting for her return only. I had told her not to go too far but she hasn’t come back still. Is she angry with me nani?

Update Credit to: Pooja

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