Sasural Simar Ka 7th May 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sasural simar ka
Jhanvi was quiet on stage. The host asks her to start the budget. They all points her, Jhanvi starts singing. Everyone is shocked to hear her song. Everyone claps aloud as she finishes her song. The host announces that Jhanvi got the loudest clapping and is the winner. It is the second regular time that she is winning. He says the lady who got eliminated today is Mrs Sweety Sabarwal. The show ends.
Mausi ji congratulate Jhanvi and Bhagti for the victory. Maa ji appreciates Pari and Uma and says that she was afraid Jhanvi won’t be able to sing a bhajan. She says all credit goes to Simar bhabi who recalled her bhajan. Everyone leaves their place by greeting them.
Roli thinks Bua ji that she had got God’s blessings and will prove that she is your Bahu no 1. Pari and Uma were happily going out for shopping discussing they will get into the final round. They ask a hawker the rates; he says these are not for you and leaves. Pari says they shall ask someone else. The shopkeeper also denies them to sell anything. They come home and tell the situation to others. Roli says how is it possible, everyone knows them so well. Mata ji says it is because of Juwala. Simar agrees. Roli says the Siddhant also had to go to another city now. Mata ji tells Uma to check how much Rashan is left in the store room. Maa ji comes and announces there is no water in the taps. The all get worried. Prem says Juwala must have got it disconnected too. Uma comes and says the store room has been looted and there is no rashan in the store room now. Mata ji asks how this is possible. Mausi ji says she has proved herself to be a politician. Simar says how someone can get into the store room when they were all home. Uma says it is proved now that they are not safe in their own house. Roli says they must think about a way to stop her. Maa ji says but first they have to arrange for food and water. Roli says they can get the rashan from some other market. Everyone agree. Papa tells Prem to go and buy all the rashan from whole sale market.
Someone tells Juwala’s man that Prem is buying rashan from market. Juwala shouts that nothing should get to their home. She says that hungry and thirsty they won’t have courage to fight her. Prem was driving the car, he gets a call and tells Simar he got the rashan. The tyre gets flat. Sheru goes to bring the mechanic. Some goons beat him in the way, with rods of wood. They loot all their shopping and run away. Two passerbies come and help them into the car. Simar gets a call and is informed about the incident. She gets worried and asks is Shrewala alright? Everyone asks what happened to him. She hang on the phone and tells them what happened. Pari cries. Mata ji is angry that Juwala did it all wrong. All were worried that police didn’t help even. Simar says they must ask Mrs. Varma for somethings today. Mrs. Varma sees Roli on her door and apologizes that she is busy today saying she is busy. Roli comes disappointed and tells that not only Mrs. Varme but the whole neighbourhood denied helping them.
Prem gets Sheru home, everyone runs to him. Mata ji says they should not lose themselves in anger, but they will decide how Juwala will pay for it. Mausi ji is worried that children are also hungry. Simar orders the food. They keep on waiting for food. Pari says they should also pay some goons to disconnect Juwala’s water. Mata ji says what difference will remain between them. The bell rings, delivery man says that some men snatched food from him and told him to take payment from them.

PRECAP: Mata ji was shouting outside the home that they always helped everyone always, but today they all backed up to help them in their difficult time.

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