Mahabharat 7th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Mahabharat 7th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,duryodhan says only kavravas will rule n not the pandavas n i will kill them in war field . panchal raj n shikhandini arrive in virat , draupadi is happy to see her family draupadi asks panchal raj where are her five children , all wait at the entrance to see the five rajkumars draupadi proceeds towards entrance n on seeing her five children her eyes fills with tears all introduce themselves prativindya is yudishtirs son ,Suksum bheems son, Sutkarma arjuns son Shatankta nakuls son, suthsena sahadevs son all give blessings to the rajkumars . abhimanyu asks draupadi to bless him with the power to protect his five brothers .

Queen of virat says im happy that utara is marrying abhimanyu bcoz wen uttaras son will be king of indraprasta he will be guided by his five uncles, draupdi gets confused maharani says this is true krishna has told me this fact. draupadi goes behind Krishna , Krishna sees that n takes draupadi near an old abandoned tree draupadi asks Krishna wat is gonna happen on war field Krishna says adharmi will be punished dharma will win bheem n arjun will complete their oath draupadi asks who all will die in this war Krishna says no one knows the result draupadi says but u know tell me y did my bracelet break how will abhimanyu be king n y not yudishtirs son prativindya wii not be king give me n answer govind Krishna says don’t try to learn abt future ur present will be devastated in tat case let everything come as it is supposed to be draupadi says this means abhimanyu will die then wat abt my five kids will they die as well …..

Leaving ur five husbands all of maharaj shantanus vansh will be destroyed….

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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