Sasural Simar Ka 6th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 6th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
simar says to roli that if prem want to have any relation with me then he has to come here and ask forgiveness from me, roli says you cant do that, sanju comes there and says she is hungry, simar says she have to give her daughter food, you get lost from here, roli is shocked oblivious that its sunaina speaking who is possessing simar’s body.
sid is waiting for roli, roli comes back home and is in shocked state, sid ask why you are worried, where were you, roli says I went to simar to talk to her, when I went there, simar started accusing me, she tells sid everything that happened there, sid says I cant believe this, how can simar talk to like this, roli says simar never talked to me or prem in such a rude manner, there is some reason behind all this, sid says she maybe bugged with us, roli says when prem slapped her, she stayed on our gate, she was saying sorry to us, she was not angry but what happened in one night that she is forcing prem to say sorry, she cant be my simar didi, sid says if she is not simar then who is she, roli says sunaina, roli says maybe sunaina’s soul didn’t go from world and maybe sunaina is possessing simar’s body, mayba what simar was saying was actually sunaina saying it, sid says why would she do it? you used to say that sunaina is is good soul, she got justice and she must have went from world, roli says no, when prem went to amhedabad, simar talked to him rudely and said that she is sunaina even then sunaina’ sould was in simar’s body, sid says what should we do now? roli says I don’t know but we have to do something quickly as simar’s life and identity is in danger.

Scene 2
simar is making sanju eat the food, sunaina in her body thinks that I have got the chance to make my daughter eat with my hands after dying, vikrant comes there, simar acts like his wife and says you came, I will make dinner for you, vikrant is confused, vikrant comes to dining table after freshen up, vikrant sees food on table and says its all my favorite food, simar says yes, sunaina told me this, you have helped at time when all left me alone so think it as thanking gesture from me, vikrant is little skeptical but eats, he is shocked eating the food and says to simar that this food is same like sunaina used to make, simar gets happy and says if you liked then eat more, eat more, she starts giving him more food, sanju says I am feeling sleepy, vikrant says go to your room, she goes, vikrant says to simar that don’t do this again, don’t make favorite food and I told sanju that you are not her mother, one day you will return to your family and I don’t want that after you leave from here, my kid doesn’t accept it, we have to mentally prepare her, he ask her to have dinner while he goes to look after sanju, he leaves, sunaina in simar’s body says that simar, this name is stopping me from coming close to sanju and vikrant.

Scene 3
sid and roli comes to Vikrant’s house, sid messages vikrant which says that they are outside of house, please come out to meet us without telling simar, vikrant goes out of house and meet them, he ask what happened. roli says to vikran we doubt sunnaina is not gone. I mean she has not got the peace. She is here between us. roli tells him how rude was simar with prem and her, roli says voice is of simar’s but words are of sunaina, vikrant says why will sunaina stay in this world when she got justice, roli says I know my siamar, she cant talk like this with prem ever and one wish of sunaina is still remaining, she wanted to live with her family and she is getting this chance by entering simar’s body, didn’t you find any change in simar from last day, vikrant recalls how simar made the food for him, virkan says yeah I guess you are right. How will we figure out that simar has sunnaina’s soul. Roli says there is a way…

Scene 4
vikrant brings roli and sid in house, they look around, simar comes there, they are shocked to see her, simar comes to roli and ask what was so important that you had to come here at this hour of night, vikrant says they had some work with me, roli says I think that your and prem’s distance will decrease with passage of time only, he will accept and realize his mistake but till then its not good if you stay here with vikrant alone, don’t take me wrong, all falmiy member will not feel good that you are staying here with vikrant, sid says yes, we have decided that you should shift to guest house, roli says that I bear what famliy did with you but I would not be able to bear it if they question your chahrater so just come with us, vikrant says to simar that be ready to leave the house, suania thinks that why they are behind me, why they don’t let me live with my family, simar says I don’t have any problem to live with vikrant, now I don’t car about family, what they think and what they do, she ask sid and roli to not be worried for me, roli thinks that plan is working, vikrant says roli is right simar, if prem thinks our relation wrongly then I wont be able to forgive myself, its good if you go from here, roli says what are you thinking simar? simar says you guys are right, I should leave this house.

PRECAP- simar says to roli that you are right roli, I am not simar but I am sunaina, her soul come out of simar’s body, simar falls unconscious on bed while sunaina evilly looks at roli, roli is shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  2. Sunnaina is really getting to me, I never really trusted her in the first place

  3. oh no suinana this so bad of u.if u have daughter and even simar has a daughter.plz roli jaldi kuch karo aur apa ka didi ko get justice yaar.even prem should regret for his doings.thank for update.

  4. bore please change the story different way

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