Saraswatichandra 6th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 6th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Saraswati being stunned seeing Kusum sing her lullaby. She says its mine, I sing it for my Chandra. Saras smiles. Saraswati claps. Kabir says but Saraswati’s happiness got bad sighted, and it was Ghuman. Anushka dresses like Ghuman. Saraswati ,looks at her and feels scared. Everyone look at her. Kabir says Ghuman saw Laxminandan’s richness and she ruined Saraswati’s happy life. Saraswati did not knew it, she was focused on Chandra and her husband Laxminandan. He says Chandra was growing and another good news came about her second pregnancy. Danny and Kusum enact the happy family picture. Kabir says Laxminandan was very happy, but Ghuman was shocked.

Anushka says no, Laxminandan will come to me, when Saraswati and her child get away from him. Kabir says Ghuman filled poison in Laxminandan’s heart. Saras has shiny tears in his eyes. Kabir says Laxminandan’s thinking changed and they started fighting. Kabir says the baby was born, and Ghuman changed him with a dead baby. Anushka changes the baby toys. Danny (Laxminandan ) and little Chandra come to see the baby and he is shocked its dead. He questions Saraswati about it and is angry. Kabir says only Saraswati knew how she has bear this pain. Kumud hugs the toy and cries.

Saraswati cries. Kabir says Ghuman’s poison showed its affect, Laxminandan held Saraswati responsible for the baby’s death. Saraswati says no. Danny leaves in anger on the stage. Anushka laughs. Kabir says Saraswati left her wish to live and then she went far from Chandra, while he asked her to sstop. Saras and Saraswati cry. Saraswati says no, stop her, I don’t want to see this story. How can Lord do this with any mother? Badimaa says listen to me, you know this story. Saraswati says no. Badimaa says you know this woman. Vidyachatur says yes, recollect. Saraswati asks who is Ghuman.

Kabir says I will say who is Ghuman and pushes her on the ground. Everyone is shocked to see Ghuman. Aarti is tensed. Saraswati looks at her. She says Ghuman. Kumud smiles. Saraswati points to her and says she is Ghuman. She says she is my friend. Everyone is shocked. She says she is my good friend in hospital, She is not Ghuman. Ghuman is relieved. Everyone get upset as their plan flopped. Ghuman starts laughing. Saraswati asks how are you sister. Ghuman smiles. Danny cries seeing her. Saraswati says I told Aarti to call you in marriage. Ghuman says I came, your friend came without invitation. She says she had to come as its very big day today, a happy day for you.

Saraswati says its my Chandra’s marriage today. Saras looks at her angrily. Ghuman says this is your Chandra. Saraswati says yes and asks Chandra to come. Saras looks at Kumud. She signs yes. Saras goes to them. Saraswati says he is my Chandra. She hugs him and says she is my friend, touch her feet. Everyone is shocked.

Saras calls out Maa and asks Badimaa where is Maa and Kumud. He asks Kabir and Yash to find out. He tells Ghuman if anything happens to his mum and wife, he will not leave her.

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