Sasural Simar Ka 6th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 6th December 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 6th December 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
Jhanvi says to Shaureya that i never thought in my dream that someone will celebrate my birthday like this. Shaureya says save these happiness whole night is left. Shaureya says look I have made your favorite dishes. They both sit and eat the dinner. Shaureya asks her how are the dishes she says its so tasty won’t you eat ? She makes him eat a bite. Shaureya says let me take the cake from car. He goes out and and calls jhanvi. She receives the phone shaureya says won’t you wanna know where have i brought the only daughter of bharadwaj family ? Roli says i am not interested in it. Shaureya says someone has to pay for what you both did today. And i said already that i will make it her death day. Simar says stop it shaureay. He says okay i will do what i want. I

make sure you will take me serious onwards. Its 11 and her birthday will start at 12 and this time her age will stop. I am gonna call you on exact 12. Shaureya says i don’t have a camera otherwise i would have show you live telecast of this. I will keep my phone so at least you can hear me. If you reach here by 12 she will be safe. Simar says its not good. He says i am keeping my phone on handset mode and i won’t listen just you guys have to. Simar says we have to tell the family. Roli says we don’t have time to tell the family. Lets go we have to find her ourself. Jhanvi comes to Shaureya and asks where were you went He says i ws thinking how to make it more special. Lets go in. He takes the cake. Jhanvi says but its an hour left in 12. Shaureya says its the whole night ours. Shaureya opens the champagne and jhanvi screams roli and simar think he’s hurting her. Shaureya gifts her a ring bowing down on his knees. He makes her wear it. Jhanvi says diamond ring this is so beautiful. Shaureya says i some saving for it. she says i have never seen this much happiness in my life. He says the real surprise you’ll get after 12 when your birthday really starts.
Simar’s phone is off. They are both so worried. Simar says let us go and check in all the restaurants.

Scene 2
Prem comes and asks Sid has he seen simar? Sid says oh my doubt is right. Roli is not home too they must be together. I am calling roli her phone is busy. Prem says i am calling simar too her phone is off too. They both leave.

Scene 3
Roli and Simar hear Jhanvi saying that i feel like we have left the city behind. I am loving this moment at this high peak we can see whole city from here. Simar says we have to look for such a place.
Simar asks a passer by if he knows a place which is far from city and the whole city can be seen from there. He says no. Another passer by tells him the way. But when they move to the directed place there are two ways further. Roli says just 20 minutes are left.

Scene 4
Shaureya is happy about his plan going well. Jhanvi asks him where are we ? Whats the name of this place ? Roli and Simar are listening to this hopefully.

Precap- Shaureay is dancing with jahnvi. Simar are roli are stopped by the cops. They are begging to let them go.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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