Ek Mutthi Aasman 6th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Ek Mutthi Aasman 6th December 2013 Written Episode, Ek Mutthi Aasman 6th December 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
Vitthal is in temple saying why does my princess has to go through so much ? You do everything please take care of her. Kamla comes and says yes God never let any misery come near my daughter. Kamla asks Vitthal are you angry with me ? Vitthal says why would I be you are greater than God. Kamla says why are you saying this. Vitthal says don’t you take side you the girl who did this to our daughter. Kamla says nothing’s her mistake. Kamla tells him the whole story. Then she says she is not like her family. She’d never do anything wrong to anyone. My upbringing can never be wrong. Vitthal says I have said already that you are great and so is your paki. Kamla says i understand what you wanna say but declaring someone’s fault on your own. I couldn’t stop Paki

but I’ll try to stop Kalpi. Kamla says there are two tyes of work one for money other for relationships. I started working there for just money but then it was an obligation due to love. I always considered her my daughter. Vitthal says and what about kalpi ? Kamla says she’s my blood. I can’t confess kalpi how much i love her but still my hopes for her are high and i know she will fulfill our dreams. Vitthal says but I am telling you kamla if my daughter suffers due to the family of Kapoor i won’t leave anyone. Kamla wishes in front of her God to calm Kalpi an Vitthal down.

Scene 2
Prem remembers Gupta telling him that Raghav has bought all his building’s falts. He will buy the same flats on higher rates. He remembers Raghav’s friend saying that his prudence starts from where your ends. He is drinking. Nettu comes and asks him to stop. She says why are you behaving like a loser ? My muffin you are my winner you are my prince. I am with you talk to me.
Prem says he snatched my room from me in the childhood and now my career. Nettu says he’s just jealous from us., Forget what happened. Plan your next project. Prem says he’ll compensate for this loss. I won’t leave him. Nettu says doing this you will fulfill your dad’s dream. He says yes mom yes i surely will just wait and watch.

Scene 3
Next morning Kalpi is packing her bag for college. Vitthal says to kamla that its her right to be a little angry she will be normal by evening. Kamla says i don’t like this Vitthal. Vitthal says i don’t like it either, its her birthday tomorrow i will ask her to forget everything i will take you to shop to buy her a gift. Kamla says all right. i have to leave now.

Scene 4
Nettu is shouting in the lounge for servants. Kamla gets in she says so you have come. then she remembers what happened last day. Nettu says first get the house cleaned and send poki to school. Kamla says i am here after tomorrow just for paki. Remember that when Paki will get married that will be the last day of mine in this house. You must have done some good deeds that’s why you have a daughter like this. She took the blame of her brother on her and she did this not for you but for a maid who works here whom she calls her mom.
Kamla goes to Paki and wakes her up. Paki says good morning kamla maa. Kamla says get up you have to go to college. Paki I doesn’t matter i don’t have to go college from tomorrow. Kamla says God will save you. Paki says it doesn’t matter i just want you to be close to me. I was so scared I thought you won’t come but thank you. I am telling you that i will make you mine forever. You will spend a lot of time with me tomorrow. Nettu is overhearing all this. Kamla says get ready for college now.
Nettu calls her friends inviting them over for a party in their farm house.
Kamla says its Paki’s birthday tomorrow i wanna make her favorite cake. Nettu says we don’t need that we are going to our farm house tomorrow =. Please don’t come like her tail. She doesn’t know about her standard. Nettu says I am telling you. You have to make an excuse for not coming tomorrow but stay away from my daughter for one day please. Kamla says okay madam.
Nettu sits on the couch and says feeding my daughter doesn’t mean that you will keep her away from me. Not in a shot but slowly slowly i will send you away from her and it will start from tomorrow.

Precap- Outside a party venue a helicopter is comin g down. Prem asks who is this mom? Nettu says i don’t know. A guy is coming out of the heli.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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