Sasural Simar Ka 5th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 5th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Prem takes the riffle and hits aryan with its back, he is concussed and falls on the floor. They pick up sid and maya. Maya says prem sid please pardon me. you all have to face this because of me. Prem says i know you are his slave too, don’t ask for pardon. prem says to sid now you know how evil is he. sid says i should trust you but i don’t remember anything about my past. prem says you will recalls everything we are all with you. Maya says i have to get my maani from him. To release sid we have to get it. once it get it..amar looks backm rajveer has vanished. amar says where is he gone?

Roli says i am so happy didi you and jeju are one once again. The relationships of hearts never break, sid says you are right. there can be misunderstandings but it can’t break. Sid comes in, everyone is shocked. Roli says sid. Mata ji hugs him, simar says we are complete after so many days. mata ji says come in son. Mata ji says i used to pray every day for this moment, the day you reunite with your family. sid says i tried to recall but i can’t remember anything. I don’t recognize any of you. Roli says but we know you. and that is why your presence here matters. we can make new memories. your are bound by heart to this house, she extends her finger and holds his. Sid says i will take time to be life before, mata ji says yes. Maya comes in as well. They are all shocked to see her. Maya says please pardon me, i knw that what i did was unforgivable. Mata ji says not accepting mistakes is a sin, you repent over yours. you don’t have to ask for pardon. Maya hugs her and says pardon me. She says i have to go now. prem says where are you going? maya says i am going to look for rajveer, i have to get my maani back. prem says i know we wanted you to stay away from this house. but things have changed now, i want you to live here in this house. sid’s memory is as imp as maani which can’t be retrieved without your help. Mata ji says prem is right.
mata ji says we will all find him and your maani. maya says its not that easy. she tells them where he has kept it. mata ji says God will show us the way. dont worry, simar says we have same way and destination. you should stay here. Pari says to uma they are keeping that snake here. Roli says uma and pari i understand your fear but dont worry we have no fear of her. she has no power or very less powers. Mata ji says even if she had maani she would have caused us no harm. Maya nods. roli says this means that rajveer shall lose this time. We will find that maani soon.

Roli is sleeping on bed and sid on sofa. she looks at him with love. She recalls their moment together. she caresses his face and hair. her hair strand stuck in his finger.
Prem holds simar and hugs her. Roli says this is sid, and this is roli. I am your roli. Don’t ever feel alone. i am always with you. She goes to bed and sleeps. SSid wakes up after she sleeps, he goes downstairs and comes out of the house, rajveer is there. sid says why are you asking me to do this? rajveer says there are 2 kinds of revenge, one when you kill them and other when you dont let them live, i chose latter for them. sid says why you sent aryan there? Rajveer says maya should be there for the game to began there. Sid says all i remember is that you are my master and i am your slave. Rajveer says yu have to do something tomorrow. He leaves after he is done. rajveer calls simar, he says i have played new game this time. you have 12 hours after that i will win. rajveer says solve the riddle and save your family, after that i will do worst to your family.

Precap- sid calls rajveer and tells him that prem cant go out, he has called them here. rajveer says that doesn’t matter, you have to do what i asked you to. sid says everything is going as planned, don’t worry, roli overhears him,

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. $$ pragna $$

    in these episodes simar looks awesome

  2. super..episode…RoSid..r.together(not completely)but we got RoSid scene……now..Roli Sid ka..bodyguard..loved the RoSid..scene…

    Premar also so happy…

    waiting for RoSid together forever…

    Aviman roke..super…so cute..lovely pair..

  3. Aviman so so cute….waiting for more RoSid scenes…wont RoSid together forever…

  4. He rajver akhir hai kon jald batau

  5. $$ pragna $$

    he is mausi ji’s son

    1. yes he is masuji son….

  6. Nice episode……rosid sence after a long time…..
    is ssk gng to end?????

  7. i to love the scene…Roli hair stuck with Sid’s finger…background song… … love it…

    aviman r awasome…

  8. Wat song yaar??

    1. shahrukh khan and kajol…movie..My name is khan…… e khuda..…

  9. we had a emotional scene today..Roli is missing her Sid…he is in front for her..but..she is hesitating to even touch him…so sad for roli…but still she happy..that he is safe he is in front of her….

  10. But did mausiji have to live these many years with them to take a revenge…that’s so stupid.

  11. The person who Comments to telly written updates pls put like in sasural simar ka desi box tv that is also a written updates of this so pls put likes there

  12. Yeah why there’s no like/unlike option vch ws der b4

  13. Love Rosie scene want normal sid bak

  14. Roli hold Sid little finger with her..but he sad to see roli..but she as belief.that..he will accept..and he get back.his memory back

  15. Hi why now days their is no subtitel the series of colour

  16. Aviman so so cute….we wont more RoSid scenes

  17. may 5th super episode we got RoSid
    RoSid r so so cute…amazing acting…Aviman rocks as RoSid…really loved Roli….today…dialog she is bodyguard for Sid…wow..just amazing..

  18. aur kitne twist aayenge SSK me

  19. What does mani mean eveyone? I have no idea what maya is looking for to take back

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