Warrior High 5th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Utkarsh and Niti hear Siali’s shout. Kamini also run out of the staff room, she fell on the floor in corridor and looks at Parth standing there, she thinks now he will only hold her up but the peon comes to hold her. Rishab comes from behind and holds Kamini in his arms. She thinks about dadi’s words and a good guy will enter her life.
The girls ran in the corridor while the boys also run around. Niti meets Utkarsh and tells him Siali went to mess to drink water. Parth comes and holds Dadi in arms out, he says he will bring Vibha as well. He makes Dadi sit on the bench, Dadi asks him to bring Vibha as she is in there. He says he will bring her as well.
Rishab puts Kamini down, he asks if she is hurt. Kamini smiles that he saved her. Rishab goes inside to bring other students as well.
Niti comes calling Siali. Siali asks Sid to leave her, he was holding her to a classroom. He poses her to be extremely heavy. She says she isn’t, and she didn’t ask him to hold her. He goes to shout at everyone to open the door. Siali tries to keep her foot down and shouts. Sid makes her sit back and tells her to sit back and move only after getting sprayed from medical house. He wonders why he is worried about her, then goes to shout out to open the door. He looks at Siali and says she looks beautiful even when angry, what is happening to him. Siali asks what, he says nothing. Niti walks around the corridor calling Siali, she finds Charlie hidden beneath a bed; he says at the time of earth quake one must hide under the bed. Niti asks if he is crazy, he must come out. He says his shirt is stuck, Niti asks him to open his buttons and sits to open them herself. Charlie stares at her, she backs up and he fells over her.
Utkarsh comes to library looking for Siali. A rack of books fell down. Ayaz holds Utkarsh and asks him what he is doing here. Utkarsh says Siali is missing, he can’t leave her as she is her bestie. Ayaz says one must only save anyone when he himself is safe. They hug, when the jerk comes again. They run out.
Parth comes to Vibha and says they must go out, it isn’t safe inside. He says he took dadi out safely. He asks her hand to go out, she holds it and steps out of the bed. Parth helps her out.
Kamini announces that they are all safe out, Rishab tells Kaminis till a few students are missing. The lights go off immediately. Charlie holds Niti out, Ayaz and Utkarsh gets under a table while Siali hides in Sid’s shoulder with another jerk. She moves away immediately. Rishab says he must go inside, as students are stuck. Urmilla arrives there and asks Kamini is everyone alright. Kamini says they are all fine, Urmilla asks about Siddhardh and Utkarsh. Kamini says Rishab is in there to bring her. Urmilla runs inside. Rishab comes to where Sid was shouting, Rishab says doors have jammed. Sid asks Siali to hold him, she would need his help. Siali takes his hand. Sid helps her walk out.
Charlie runs with Niti into the ground. A teacher gives him his neck cloth to cover himself.
Urmilla comes inside calling Utkarsh. Sid watches her running only for Utkarsh. Parth helps Vibha walk in the corridor who was very weak at the time. Ayaz and Utkarsh held hands tightly, Utkarsh leaves his hand and says he thinks they must leave now. Ayaz says let’s go, and they come out. Urmilla comes asking Utkarsh if he is alright and caresse for him. Utkarsh says he is alright, Urmilla asks what about her brother. They are shocked.

PRECAP: Urmilla says to Sid that she is his mother why won’t she care for him, Sid says it seems she doesn’t. Niti cries that right now there is no one to help only for the three of them, no one bothers if they are alive or not.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Guys I have started watching warrior high currently, can anyone tell me wat is da relationship between urmila and utkarsh?

  2. Utkarsh is her son

  3. i guess urmila left her nd siali in the market
    m confused siali nd urmila mein kya relation hai???

  4. what the hell is happening

  5. aneesa Iqbal

    Si ali is not related to urmila just when she dropped utkarsh she was with him since childhood

  6. Tnx sona….

  7. “She looks beautiful even when angry.”…
    So lovely Expression by sid…like that

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