Sasural Simar Ka 4th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 4th November 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 4th November 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
Meghna says to roli that we came here to tell you that sahureya has decided to marry. Roli says that i am running out of time. I actually have to go to temple. We can arrange this meeting tomorrow at coffee shop. Meghna says you can go and come back we will wait for you here no problem.

Scene 2
Achna says to pari that i am so proud of you today. Why are you so angry. Sahlu comes and says what was that Pari ? Why you did that. Pari says do you also think that i can’t handle business. Shalu says no its not like that. Pari says loudly that i will get what my right is. shalu says this will never be possible.

Scene 3
Meghan and shaureya er looking around the house. roli fears that if they see the picture of real soniya then they won’t be able teach shaureya. She takes a picture down. she again says to meghna that she has to go mandir. They can meet up later on. Meghna says that i also came here after cancelling my important deal. Meghna says that it’d be better if you talk to shuareya about yourself. Its the matter of life. Shaureya says that i am a playboy and i don’t want any interference in my life. I hope you understand.

Scene 4
There everyone is discussing the behavior of pari. Mausi ji says that she is doing this on behalf of her mom. Prem says this breach the trust of our family. simar says that she has all rights of doing what she wants if she wants to work then she can. She is mom after all.
Roli says that i want a partner that can understand my status and standard. Meghna says then you have a perfect boy in shaureya. Roli says still i have to go there at least to say no. Meghna says that we have your answer now. they are about to leave when the butler comes back. Roli is startled. she says these are my guests bring them some coffee. He is looking at her with bewilderment. she says go, coffee please. The butler goes.
Mata ji calls pari in the living room. She says all that happened wsa not good. It should never happen again. I just want to tell you that we own aarav as much as you. You can go to the shop however.
Roli’s thinks that she made a mistake by asking them to stop. sid calls her and asks is he there at soniya’s house? Roli says yes. He says stay there we are coming in a few moments. Roli is worried how to ask shaureya and Meghna to go from there.
Roli says that i am sorry that i have to go. Meghna says we just want to hear from you ? Roli says yes i am ready to marry him. Meghna says this is all i wanted to hear. thank you so much.
There Soniya says that you should not be worried sid my staff must be taking care of your wife.
Meghna says lets decide the other things as well. Roli says tina and that family must be waiting for me. Meghna says okay i can understand. We should go now they are leaving. She sees them off and real soniya;s car is stopped by a truck. Meghna sits in the car and they leave. Roli is so happy that she is safe.

Scene 5
Prem remembers how Pari insulted him and mata ji allows her to be the shop incharge. Simar says to him that he should not sad about what mata ji said. We should appreciate pari. Prem says i am never again working of women but this is just about stubbornness. I worry that the shop will fail beacuse of the behavior of Pari. Simar says its not like that she won’t do anything that hurts this family. Prem says i hope this is all wrong. Roli tries to get back to her original style. She sees soniya and id coming to them. Sid asks roli why is she out ? roli says i have to go home. sid introduces her to soniya. soniya says i am so sorry to keep you waiting. Soniya says that now i know your secret of success. Sid says this is beauty with brain. Sid says whatever i say i less fro her she’s amazing. Soniya says i am impressed. You have to come in with me and hav a coffee. Roli says i can’t i have something important to do. sid says yes next time she will.

. Precap- Meghna calls roli and says her that i am planning to do roka at your house tomorrow.

Update Credit to:Atiba

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