Saraswatichandra 4th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 4th November 2013 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 4th November 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kumud acting in a shock given by Pramad and Saras pacifying her fears. He asks her to come with him as he wants to show her something. He shows a smiley shaped diyas. Kumud looks at it and cries. She says enough, don’t say anything now. She says I heard what you said last night, this cannot happen. He says so you were going away from me. She says yes, we can’t return, our lives have gone far. He says we are the same, we love each other more than we love ourselves. He says who wants to go back, we have to move ahead. She says look at me Saras, I m not that Kumud whom you loved, that Kumud and her soul had burnt and her family is dwelling with her, if you hold my hanbd, even you will be troubled. She says the kite has cut from the string and it still wants the kite to fly, so don’t turn back. Saras says see Kumud.. Kumud leaves.

Saraswatichandra… title plays…. Saras is thinking about Kumud. Badimaa hears and sees this scene and is moved. Kumud is in her room seeing the fire crackers. Badimaa comes to her. Kumud says you did not sleep till now? Badimaa says I wasn’t feeling sleepy. Kumud says is this the same saree which Dadimaa has given you. Badimaa says yes, its very old, I m thinking to sell it. Kumud says never, we can polish the zari work and it will be new again, Badimaa explains her that life is also the same, we can’t stop living, we can adapt to new changes. She says I know this decision is difficult. I did not get the second chance as I had Kumari, but you are not helpless. She says the wounds should not be left open, it should be treated with medicines, do this for me Kumud, I will think the Lord has give my happiness to you, I won’t have any complaints with the Lord then. Kumud understands and is quiet.

Guniyal is seeing her daughter’s photo and Badimaa comes to her and sees her in thoughts. Badimaa says why did you give Kumud to me, if she was not with me, she would have been happy. Guniyal tells her about Kusum. She says Kusum is sad. Badimaa says about what, about the proposal Yash’s mum’s brought. She says Kusum has a bright future, she will get a good husband. Guniyal wishes the same. She says its late now, lets go to sleep. Badimaa thinks what is Guniyal hiding from her.

Yash’s mum is talking to Yash. He says he found a girl and he wants to get married to her soon. Yash’s mum is angry and says come to see my choice. Everyone hears this. Yash’s mum says if you don’t marry a girl of my choice, you will see me dead. Yash says listen to me but she cuts the call. Kusum and Kusum are working in the kitchen. Kumud asks are you going somewhere. Kusum says nowhere. Kusum comes to Saras with a tiffin and Kumud too. Kusum sees Kumud and stops. She gets upset and leaves. Kumud wishes Saras a happy new year and says I want to talk to you. They sit somewhere to talk. Kumud says work today also? He says yes, mum used to say if you work on the first day of the year, you will get more successful. Kumud asks Saras to show his hand. She applies the balm to his hand. Mann ke dor… plays…. Saras and Kumud have an eyelock. Saras smiles.

Kumud and Saras think about their previous moments. Kumud says that time also I have hurt you and today too. Saras says that time you have cared for my wound and today too. She says I have moved ahead but I won’t be able to walk on the way which you are showing me. Saras is hurt. Kumud says I have to walk alone, being that Kumud who is the eldest daughter, a sister, who has Saras only in her dreams. She says Saras, move ahead in life, don’t wait for me.
Kumud starts leaving. Saras says Danny will drop you. She says I will go myself. He says only you have to right to care for me, don’t I? He asks Danny to drop Kumud home. He says when I get Mukti. Rahe na Kuch bhi Darmiyaan….. plays… Saras cries and thinks how he denied the marriage. He thinks of the people taunting Kumud and gets angry. He says you said it very easily Kumud that I should move ahead in life but you are my life Kumud, how should I explain you.

Yash’s mum asks Vidyachatur to explain Yash to marry a girl of our choice. He says its not good to force children, Kumud comes and says Yash has to spend his life, if he is happy with that girl, he won’t be happy with anyone else, its hard for a marriage to love that does not have love and respect. Kumud takes Yash’s side. Everyone looks on. Badimaa asks Saras to come and have food. Guniyal asks where is Kusum. Kumari says she is in her room and is upset. Kusum is thinking why did she feel bad seeing Kumud and Saras.

Danny comes to her and says I brought water for you, take it. Vidyachatur asks Saras how is the work going on at high school area. Danny gives her some chocolates and tells Kusum I don’t share my chocolates, she says go from here. He takes the chocolates and leaves. Kusum laughs. Vidyachatur offers help to Saras and leaves for the Karkhana.

Saras and Kumud are on the terrace. The song Zidd thi ke ye… plays…. He says why can’t we get another chance, why are you afraid, that I will leave you again. She says no. He says why can’t you make the decision what you made for Yash. He says you were right, I always did the opposite what you said, I didn’t listen to you ever. He says the saree might be old, but the zari will show its price. He stops her and says I m not adamant, the fate is adamant, it always says this relation is unbreakable, the kite and the string has to join again as they have to walk together. Kumud looks on.
. Precap:
Kusum returns the kamarbandh to Kumud but Kumud asks Kusum to keep it forever.

Update Credit to:Amena Hasan

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