Sasural Simar Ka 3rd January 2015 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 3rd January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

scene 1
Leela said to vashnavi simar and her family is stuck in some problem. She had ben hypnotized. Simar came and hit her with a rod. Daksha said leela run, simar said no on can save you both from me and simar ran after them. Vashanvi says after two hours I regained my consciousness and I was in jail. The car you came in was stolen and your driver is missing. I didn’t tell cops anything. I kept an eye on you and got to know that you are pious. Prem says its that women with green eyes behind it. Vashnavi says who green eyed woman?

Sujata asks shalu where is simar? Shalu says she got the bail but they had t go somewhere. Mausi ji says they shouldn’t have gone without telling us. Sujata says it must be important. roli comes and says a woman called me and said she wants to tell me about the woman with scary eyes. She said she will tell me in person because she is scared for her life. Mata ji says you cant meet her its not safe. sid says its safe because she isn’t going anywhere that woman is coming home. roli says yeah but if she finds other people in house she will be scared. Sid says yeah you are right. I will call cops and they will stay around house in civil clothes. sId calls inspector and tells him everything. Sid says in heart someone is there and he knows something about the woman with green eyes.

simar and prem come downstairs. Simar is in tears. Prem says we cant conclude anything till we know the truth. Vashnavi says he is right. She says daksha and leela ran in that forest to run away from simar. Lets go there and find out. They reach the jungle. Vashnavi says we need to find them alone and we have to find a proof before evening. Prem says I cant leave simar alone. siamr says don’t worry for me I will take care if myself. I will call you if I fear something. Simar goes in the jungle. She finds a anklet. She says its leela’s. She says they must be near. Simar suddenly slips. She grasps something. When she controls herself and looks what she is holding. its a human hand. siamr is dazed. Prem comes and says simar give me your hand. Simar is frightened. Prem hauls her up. Simar sees that its daksha’s corpse. SHe is bewildered.Sima screams daksha baa, he corpse rolls down the mountain.

Prem takes simar to the car. simar says I have killed daksha baa. prem says no. simar says there is blood on my hands. prem says there is no blood. simar says simar there no such thing you have not done anything. You have not killed her. simar says vashnavi said I ran after them with rod. This means I killed daksha baa and where is leela? Have I killed her too? prem says control yourself. We don’t know who has killed her. We need to find the woman with green eyes. I will prove you innocent till then don’t tell anyone. simar says I cant conceal. Whenever I see my hands I will see blood.

Simar and prem come home. Sujata says whats wrong with you? simar is sobbing. Mata ji says please simar tell us what has happened. Simar says I have killed daksha baa. Everyone is dazed.

Precap-roli says its not your mistake didi. Its that woman’s who used you and killed daksha. I promise I will find that woman in one day.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Bring back true roli

  2. yeh real roli nehi hay.agar hay vi to story chng kr k vi avika(real roli) ko le ana chahiye.can’t accept sara as roli

  3. Roli please come. Otherwise its boring. Simar is so cute

  4. दोस्तोँ इस साजिश के पिछे मनोरंजन जी का हाथ हैँ यानि माताजी कि छोटी बहिन का हाथ हैँ। अब जल्दी इस राज का पर्दाफाश होने वाला हैँ। दोस्तोँ एक बार फिर इस धारावाहिक ने अच्छे करेक्टर को बुरा दिखा दिया हैँ

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