Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 3rd January 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 3rd January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Akshara asking Karishma to plan the new year party, as she managed events at hotel. Yash asks Mohit to take him to mall. Mohit says I can’t leave Nandini again. Nandini asks him to go, and she will have food and sleep on time. He takes Yash and asks her to take care. They leave. She smiles for baby kick. She starts getting pain. Naksh reminds everyone about having tea in mud pots. Bua ji says yes, how can I forget that. Karishma says she planned everything. Naksh says share with us, we will approve of we like it. Karishma says I decided everything. Naksh says me too. Devyaanji says yes, rules are same for all. Bhabhimaa says lets hear her. Akshara says first we will hear others, and then Karishma.

Everyone give suggestions. Karishma says an idea to go out all day and Akshara and Naitik disagree. Karishma says we can leave Chitti with Dadda ji at home. Bhabhimaa says I will stay at home, you all go. Nandini gets pain and cries. Akshara says Karishma that elders get emotional so we have to be careful. Muskaan says everyone can get annoyed by it. Karishma says roaming out will be best. Akshara says its not possible, we have to plan something indoors. Karishma says but we should experience something new. Naitik says no, we won’t go out. Karishma asks why, can’t we enjoy alone, I agree we are joint family and we should do by our wish.

Akshara says yes, but such moments does not come always and try to spend time with elders. Karishma says fine, we will see movie and sleep, and then do havan in morning. Nandini calls Mohit and can’t connect. Everyone put chits and decide what to do. Devyaani says Akshara did this to make everyone happy. Muskaan reads its big party tomorrow. Naitik says we thought to make everyone’s wish true. Akshara says we are all together, and when Dadda ji gave us new keys, and asked us to go anywhere and anytime, we have done the same now.

Devyaani says yes, its right, but new year is coming, it would be good if we celebrate together. Akshara says no, all fingers work apart and stay together. Bhabhimaa says yes, we elders should think everyone should do as per their wish. Karishma says yes, and we should also understand elders. Nandini cries and gets Rukmani’s call. She says I know you call me at this time, Mohit is not at home, and I m getting pain, don’t know why. Rukmani asks but its 8th month.

Nandini says yes, I m feeling scared, come soon. Akshara gets a call from Rukmani and is shocked knowing about Nandini’s labor pain. She tells it to everyone, and they get tensed and say its 8th month, how can it happen soon. Akshara says Rukmani took her to hospital. Devyaani says sometimes, it can happen, we should go there first. Naitik and Akshara take Bhabhimaa and leave. Naksh gets tensed and hugs Devyaani, asking is Nandini fine. She says yes, and they pray for her.

Omi says all arrangements are done, when are the children coming. Its their website but I want them to launch it. Ananya says lets play thankyou game. Kaki says for whom should we thank. Dadi says the year was good and we got happiness, and seeing new year, we should be thankful. Ananya says we make a wish and thank Lord. Karishma, Muskaan and Naman does not like the party. Muskaan says we could have done party at home. Naman says now what, shall we go somewhere. Muskaan says we won’t get entry, we should go home. Karishma says fine. Muskaan says we will surprise and they will be happy. Bhabhimaa is tensed and they meet Rukmani. They both cry and hug.

Rukmani says Nandini is not well. Akshara says she will be fine. Rukmani says my strength has increased seeing you. Naitik gives them water. Mohit comes and asks about Nandini. He sees Rukmani crying and hugs her. Naksh and Yash have a talk about Nandini. Bau ji asks Devyaani is there anything to worry. She says everything will be fine. . Karishma, Muskaan and Naman come home and ask why are they worried, did the party cancel. Naksh says they went to hospital, as Nandini is bringing baby. Muskaan says we go bored in party and came home to saw film. Naman and Karishma smile. Muskaan says we will do grand party. Naaksh and Yash argue that little baby is theirs.

Akshara talks to Nandini and pacifies her. Nandini cries and is afraid. Akshara says Lord will favor us, don’t worry, everything will be fine. They all wait outside and pray for Nandini. The doctor asks Mohit to sign consent form, sometimes its like choosing any one life, mother or baby. They get shocked.

Karishma says we should decorate the house. Nandini goes for operation, and everyone pray for her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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