Sasural Simar Ka 3rd April 2014 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 3rd April 2014 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 3rd April 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Anurag’s family is in the bhradwaj house. Bua says it was really nice meeting you all. You all are so good. Uma says lets have another sweet. She says sweet food is not good for health. Then she says okay but it has your love so i will take it. SHe says I have a problem with this sweet. I wanna see anurag’s wedding before I die. Sujata says you have to live longer. The date is so late. I want this wedding to be in next seven days.
Suddenly karuna comes in with Khushi. Everyone is shocked. Bua ji asks whats wrong with your hand how you got this bruise. Mata ji wonders why has she brought khushi here. Khushi says I got a cut while working in the kitchen. It will be fine soon.
Karuna says this is my daughter in law khushi. We are coming from hospital.
Mata ji asks simar to take her in. Khsuhi says thanks to karuna in the room fro bringing her there.Simar says is this the right decision you know what she did to all of us ? Just think once again. The consequence will hurt all of us equally. Khushi says Simar I ahve made a mistake but since I am pregnant I am changed. Simar says I will never trust you. Pari comes there and says mata ji is calling you both downstairs.

Scene 2
Bua ji says so the wedding will be in seven days. Mata ji says we nee to think over that. They leave. Jhanvi goes out to see them off. Bua ji leaves for mandir. Anurag says you are doing the same mistake that I did . You should tell all teh truth to bua ji. Jhanvi says he is right. Shanti says its not easy for me she won’t let you marry if she gets to know the truth. I will tell her everything on the right time. Once you come there you will win her heart i know.

Scene 3
Sankalp comes in with sonia. They are holding hands. Sankalp says mata ji I have talked to sonia. We wanna get married and before that I will divorce Khushi. Suddenly khushi comes downstairs. Sankalp says wha are you doing here ? How dare you to stand her. He says get lost. Karuna says I brought her here. I don’t want my grandson to be born in jail. Khushi says I have made mistakes but I did that all because i can’t see him with anyone. I realize that I can’t live with sankalp and you all. I wanted to be with him. I did nothing wrong to sonia as well. Sankalp says get lost. Karuna says you will see my dead face leave her. Karuna falls on the ground. SHe says its about the life of our grandson. Mata ji says khushi won’t go anywhere. Mausi ji says what are you saying. SHe won’t leave us she will eat us up. I am saying think once agian. Mata ji says I haven’t forgiven her. I have done this just for karuna. Sankalp says you can keep her here not me. Prem says what is this ? Sid syas think once again. Karuna says I am doing this all for you. He is your blood. Khushi says I have made mistakes I repent over that. Please don’t leaves this house. He says lets go sonia. Sonia says no. You should never go against your family. Sankalp says your happiness is with me. Sonia your family has all the rights over you. Sankalp says my decision won’t change.

No precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. karuna….oops….full of nautanki…..don’t you know ur family faced a lot of problems. ..jst because of khusi….y u r repeating same mistake. ..u always took wrong decision….plz let khusi go out of varadwaj house…simar nd roli y r u behaving like statue…y u r not going against khusi….

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