Main Naa Bhoolungi 3rd April 2014 Written Episode Update

Main Naa Bhoolungi 3rd April 2014 Written Episode, Main Naa Bhoolungi 3rd April 2014 Written Update

Aditya takes Samaira near the swimming and shows her sorry written on the water with flowers. He says sher sorry and says until she forgives him, he will continue to say her sorry. He requests him to forgive and says you are behaving as if you are having an old enmity with me. Shikha/Samaira remembers him pushing her from the cliff. Samaira says when I first met you, I thought you were different, but you doubted me and went 2 steps ahead of my thinking. Aditya requests her to forgive him. Samaira says I believed you, but you did not believe me at all. Aditya says everything will be alright and to believe him, even he will believe her blindly. She tries to go from there, he calls her and requests not to go like that. He says you helped me, but I doubted you. He kneels down and says he is really really sorry and says he didn’t request like this to anyone till now. She goes near him and gives her hands and says he does not look good kneeling like that. Aditya thanks her and says he will bring champagne to celebrate. Samaira says it is his house and if Madhu sees him, she will create a problem. She then goes from there.

Madhu comes to her room and sees it decorated with flowers. He gives her bouquet and says it is for her. Madhu says you have become smart. She asks where were you in the middle of the night. She says I did not find you on bed. He says he was not getting sleep, so he went out on a walk. She says not to worry, from today he won’t be needing to go out to relax and goes from there.

Madhu comes to Samaira’s room. Samaira says her good morning and greets in. She asks Madhu she is looking happy. Madhu says looks like she is getting well and says you took good care of Aditya. She says she has organized a 15-day shoot in Goa from tomorrow and she has to go today itself. Samaira says she is not completely well that she can travel. Madhu says it is promotion of her product and she has to go as she is Jagannath group’s brand ambassador. Madhu reminds Samaira that she told her dad told work first, rest next. She asks servant to pack Samaira’s bags. Samaira gets happy looking Madhu insecure and says she will how will Madhu send her to Goa.

Samaira comes to Aditya’s room. She reads his sorry note to Madhu and says it looks like his time is not well, yesterday he told sorry to her and today to Madhu. She says wrote sorry on water for me, but for Madhu just a note. She says if he is so partial, Madhu would be feeling insecure. She says Madhu does not like me around you and says she is jealous of her. Aditya says yes she is. Samaira says Madhu wants me not to be in this house. She has planned a 15-day shoot in Goa and she has to leave today. She says him not to worry, she will not go anywhere and asks does he like her going from there. He says no.

Mohanto and his family are having breakfast. Samaira comes and greets good morning. Sunaina gives her prasad, she wears veil and accepts prasad. She joins them for breakfast. Aditya also joins. Madhu says for the new product launch, she has planned a 15-day shoot for Samaira. She says it is an apartment ad, so it should be happening in studio. Madhu says if shooting is in studio, then they can do it in Delhi itself, there is no point wasting money in Goa. Aditya backs her and says it will save them a lot of money. Madhu says it is just her suggestion. Madhu says thank you for her suggestion, but she should not be bothered about company’s expenses. Mohanto says Samaira’s is right and asks Madhu to book a studio in Delhi and shoot.

Neeraj and Avinash come to publisher’s office. Avinash thanks publisher and says nobody wanted to publish his book, but he is pubilishing it. He asks howmuch time will it take. Publisher says he will inform later. He asks Neeraj to talk to him alone. He says he cannot publish the book as they have written a lot about Jagannath and if they take action, what will happen to him and his family. He says he has to be practical, there is no room for honesty.

Madhu angrily comes to her room. She scolds Aditya that he backed Samaira. Aditya says if he had not done that, Mohanto would have thought him also wrong. He did right thing by backing Samaira. Madhu says she does not have time for argument and says she is going to office. She asks him to come to office on time.

Samaira calls Neeraj and asks him to meet. She turns back and sees Sunaina standing behind. Sunaina asks whom she was speaking to.

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