Sasural Simar Ka 3rd April 2013 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 3rd April 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 3rd April 2013 Written Update

mataji says no one will differentiate between u and ur kid in this house. sujata looks at the sonography report and all come and look. prem is thinking. simar is tensed and khushi is smiling. sid is standin alone. and sid’s mom calls him to look at the sonography. sid comes and naina looks at him…and they show is to sid and naina keeps on looking at him and sid then leaves. prem and simar see that. simar looks crying. simar thinks of roli playing with anjali. and simar asking roli to go the family way. khushi looks at naina and naina at khushi and they smile. prem sees this signal between naina and khushi. simar leaves from there. simar says roli where are u? i miss u a lot.

roli think what should i do. who should i ask. someone can tell me. but who? this vikram says he is my hubby but i dont believe him. what should i do. roli thinks kamini is sleeping and vikram is out too…i need to go out of the house and ask around who i m. someone must know me. i must go. and roli leaves.

simar crying n prem comes to her and consoles her. he says i know u miss roli but and simar says prem i think all are forgetting roli slowly. but i have a feeling she is alive and calling me. but dont know where to look for her. and prem says no one has forgotten her. and says look at sid…he is always thinking about roli. and simar looks at sid. and prem and simar hug. and prem says trust me…all will be fine. simar says i will find my roli no matter what. I will bring her back in this house and in my life.

roli on street and a little girl is running and her dad is running behind her saying stop beta roli..roli. and roli thinks i feel i have heard this name before.. i know i have a relationship with this name.

she keeps on walking and sees a pani puri stall. she goes to it. and asks for a plate. and he asks how should i make it…and she remembers sid saysing TIKHA!!! (HOT) and has some flashbacks!!! of her and sid eating pani puri. and roli runs from there. roli says who is it that i keep on seeing…why cant i see his face clearly. I feel like i have a relationship with that face. whose name is roli!??

sid comes to his room and thinks what naina said about how it is sid and niana fault and not the child. he sees roli playing with anjali on bed. and sid and roli have baby talk!! (SO CUTE…MUST WATCH)!!! cant type in words. and sid snaps out of this dream. and is sad again. he looks at their pic and says i wish this child was ours. then i would have been the happiest and luckiest guy in this world. and thats why i feel no connection to this child. but i will give this child all the happiness. I LOVE YOU!!! I MISS U!!!

veeru comes home looking for roli and says this is the problem buyiing a house far away from the city. takes too long to come home..and i cant leave roli alone. and calls out to vidya where are u/? but he doesnt find her anywhere and he gets flusttered. kamini comes and veeru gets mad at kamini. veeru goes out to look for her.

roli is walking and bumps into a woman..and the woman sees her and says YOU!! and is simling. u r meeting me after a long time. how are u and ur husband. and roli thinks she knows me and my hbby well. after marriage u forgot ur friends. roli says u know me…and her friend is saying u havent forgotten to play pranks huh!! she says i want to meet ur hubby. and i want to ask him that what magic he did on u that after one yr of marriage u didnt meet. veeru is looking for roli and sees her talking to a woman. he is tensed.


Update Credit to: kasrana

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