The Buddy Project 3rd April 2013 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 3rd April 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 3rd April 2013 Written Update

Some last scenes from yesterday are shown. FTS being started, Panchi’s name being announced and the Mystery Man getting out of the car. RV asks Kiya if she is alright and asks her how come she got locked? She says she has no idea but she is sure that KD must’ve had a hand in it. On the other hand, Piddi asks KD the same question how come he was locked with Kiya? KD says that Avantika locked him in. Kiya continues that KD just came in and the door got locked. RV wonders why was KD in the girls’ washroom. There, KD explains why would he willingly go to girls’ washroom. Avi says to his cronies that the moment Chillars attack, they are to retaliate in full force. On the other hand, KD wonders why would Avi lock Kiya in as well? Omi says that it’s all a plan so that no one could blame Avi.

Panchi takes her place on the stage. Just then, Dean notices that the CG has arrived and goes to greet him. KD is shocked that Panchi is performing and Piddi says spitefully that she is RV’s best buddy, of course he’ll send her to perform first. There, Kiya is disgusted that Panchi took KD’s side to perform from and RV is just angry as to why Panchi is doing all this?! Dean greets CG and introduces him to Sophia.

Panchi starts singing, “Abhi Mujh Mein Kahin” (Movie – Agneepath) and Dean, Sophia and CG see the performance from afar. It’s a soft and serene rendition of the song and everyone seems to be mesmerized by it. The audience is enjoying, Dean and Sophia are smiling seeing this. RV (FINALLYY!!!!) comments that he had forgotten that Panchi was a good singer. Kiya affirms saying she is superb. KD is impressed that he didn’t know Panchi could sing this well and Piddi is literally speechless and just looks at her in awe. Up, Avantika says that she is sorry but since Panchi is the first performer, she’d have to face this. Panchi continues singing and Avantika does something with a controller in her hand and the stage is engulfed in smoke. She stops singing and starts coughing. Confusion all around. Then, at the stage lights above her, a few buckets of mud are thrown upside down on her and she’s covered in filth! Buddies are shocked seeing this and so is the CG! Only Avantika is enjoying this.

Piddi comments that RV has fallen so low hanging out with those Dhakkans that he didn’t spare his best friend but KD says RV can’t do this to Panchi! There, RV says he can’t believe KD did this to Panchi! Omi comments it’s all Avi’s plan and Avi says they (Chillars) started it and we (Dhakkans) will finish it. They go for WAR!

The Holi cum Diwali cum Bash Fight starts! There is mess all around. Panchi is left crying on stage while Kiya helplessly tells them to stop it but Cs&Ds continue the tamasha! CG keeps looking on while Dean shouts at them to stop it. The SS comes on stage and asks Panchi to stop them as they are her friends by calling her Moti. She finally gets mad and beats SS and warns him/her never to call her Moti again! There is agression all around and only Avantika is enjoying it!

Dean asks Sophia to do something and she says what can she go. CG (oh chuck it! IT’S JJ!!!) asks her if she has a police siren on her phone and she says yes. She plays it. Hearing the police, the Cs&Ds scamper and only RanSh are left fighting. Even Avantika runs away. Panchi keeps crying seeing all this. Dean has a loud in his hand and he shouts that the police will be here any moment and if they don’t stop, they will be all behind the bars! Just then, an explosive rolls at their feet and JJ bows to pick it up, ignoring Dean’s warning to not do it.

He picks it up and throws it towards the crowd. He grabs a hockey stick and starts hitting it to anyone who comes in way. The Cs&Ds finally all disappear with only RanSh standing. Dean shouts who would stop them and JJ breaks them apart with one blow. But they don’t care! They get up again, running towards each other with their fist raised. Before they can land a blow, JJ steps between them. Buddies are shocked seeing him and he FINALLY steps in light.

Yup, Anirudh “Junglee” Jaitley has officially made his entry in S2 with full STYLE!

Avantika curses that Dad missed all the fun. Down there, Buddies are still in shock seeing JJ there. RanSh let their fists fall. Shame overcomes all of them and JJ dares them to hit him because the hurt they gave him by witnessing their fight, no amount of physical pain can come close to that! He looks at each of their faces and remembers the wishes he had for them. He tells RanSh to get lost and they both walk away, dazed. To the other three, he just tells him to leave from there. JJ is close to tears while saying this but when they leave, there is only rage.

Avi calls his dad’s secretary and scolds her for telling him wrong information that his father was coming to ICC. But she says that she just told him that his father was called as a CG at a college, she didn’t know it was ICC or any other college. Avi cuts the call and says he just assumed a lot.

Piddi is shivering and STTC that the night SUCKED! Now, KiPi will be kicked out of entertainment batch and frankly, he doesn’t mind. It’d be easier than facing JJ. He then takes out his Junglee Stone and remembers JJ’s words of them causing him hurt and Piddi wipes away a shameful tear.

Precap – Dean at the wrecked party says that this function was to solve the trouble but the solution became the trouble itself. JJ gets up and says disgustedly that Buddies won’t face Jaitley now. Instead, they will have to face JUNGLEE!!

Update Credit to: Mais

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