Sasural Simar Ka 31st March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 31st March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Simar comes to her room and sees prem upset. She stops him and says today you have to go to office? i mean we will all cut the cake on sid’s birthday today. Prem is about to leave. simar says why don’t you talk to me? tell me if i have done something. Prem says i can say so much but i wont say anything, because if i say something you will have to go through the same pain i have been through. simar says you have to tell me what have i done? please tell me whats the reason. prem says you are the reason why sid is not between us. Simar is shocked. he says you are responsible for his death. i and amar abducted her but you released her. simar says it was not wrong. prem says i know it you would never agree. when you come in front of me the pain of sid’s absence doubles. Roli overhears their conversation. she says in heart i can’t help you didi. i am bound with promise. she comes in and says didi come with me i need your help to decorate the house. simar says i know you are missing sid a lot today? i am responsible for this. Roli says don’t even think that.

Everyone decorates the house. Roli pretends like she is very happy. Cake is set to cut. simar recalls what prem said to her. amar comes in and says thank God i found you all here. rajhiner says you at this time? amar says i am sorry i came here with cops on sid’s birthday. i know what i am going to say afresh the pain of sid’s death. but i need to tell you all this.mata ji says why are you saying this? you are part of us. Amar says i think sid’s body has been concealed by someone. there is a conspiracy behind it. he says i wanted to show you something. he asks calendar to come in. he plays a dvd, amar says according to siamr and roli ambulance was too fast and driver couldn’t control it. The day it met accident there was road repair team was working there and there was no entry. When no car was coming from the opposite car how did it hit the ambulance? Plus there are no marks of tyres on this road. this is why i think there is something behind it. Roli says after so long we have accepted this reality that he is not part of us anymore. i request you please leave us on our own. sid wont come back in our lives by reopening our case. sujat says calm down we will do as you say. roli says why don’t you understand, there was no point i knowing all this. siamr says in heart why she doesn’t want to know what happened to sid’s body? she looks worried since amar came home.

Roli goes to her room. simar comes to her and says i know what amar said was difficult to accept but it was not pointless. roli says this won bring sid back. Mata ji says to amar this will only get us pain. simar says i don’t have strength as well but we need answers. Mata ji says what if we give more pain to roli. roli says i don’t wanna go through it all again. i wont be able to live simar says but we need to know what happened there. i am with you. roli says its not like that. simar says then what is it like? If there is something share it with me. roli says i know.. simar says okay leave it. we need to cut the cake. come downstairs. I am going as well. Roli says in heart i have to stop them from reopening the cake.

Precap-roli cuts the cake. And says happy birthday sid. amar is on the spot with calendar. he says we need to look here again,

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Hey wats hapenning in ssk…..wat roli is hiding….?again twist……ohhhhh

  2. prem simar sa baat karke jaate tho roli listen it.. she says i’m bound in with kasam.. roli kisko diye hue wachan me bandi hai??? and she telling dat if she not in her promise it vl gng bad???? whats the reason dat behind roli is not telling to any one?? and y prem blames for sid’s death…. ??? tel me

  3. Hahaaa.Great.They did not even leave simar and prem.Trying to separate premar too. May be again a mosquito coming to make prem her husband.Once simar killed that mosquito wen it bit in btwn premar fights going on mosquito do sum pooja and make prem her own. Then both simar nd roli will go back to vrindavan or else they marry calendar and amar respectively.may b vikranth will be back frm jail nd marry simar. Anyways ssk breaking every level of boredom and creating crap stories. Get lost ssk from colors wit ur script writers(idiots)

    1. you are absolutely correct jai.

    2. Really ur absolutly crct….aftr sid mystry revealed and bw family vl celebrate fr 1 day then it gonna b happen wat u said…next target is prem only…nw itz sasural nagin ka…then it bcm sasural machar ka…bt it wont become sasural of roli simr…

    3. ikr!!! like wtf is happening?

  4. Roli ke bare me kuch batao?

  5. whats roli hiding?who is dat person? y she looks dat much worry???? dnt know any thng…. tel me any one… plz…. whats hapng in ssk any one tel me w whats hapng ho is da mysterious man… ???

  6. Ya koee batavo na yarr…. Kya ho raha hi ssk maee????

  7. i loved to watch this series…the first season was awesome… but in second one its too much…. i have started to hate this….

  8. Bullshit crap… god it became so so so so so boring…….

    1. So true neetu… Peak of boring

  9. Nice commrnt Jai…:)

  10. omg.what roli is hiding???.and i hate prem.he never understand his was so boring track.the writers were seperated rosid and premar too.whats going on ssk???

    1. But the thing is simar should have never saved naagin.. No one can always stand for truth.. Need to look first about your life then only your enemies.. So what prem said is right.. That dirty naagin would have died on that day.. But nothing to do.. Writers are maya maniacs

  11. Whts this new twists??? Not even possible to guess future story.. Why roli is hiding from simar if she knows everything about Sid.. How she could allow Sid staying with another lady..that too a naagin… Not even a single wife in the world will do so.. It’s better stop this serial or atleast avika and manish please quit from the show for rosidians.. Don’t you people have some responsibilities towards your fans.. Why you guys doing this to rosidians fans.. Writers try to live in this century and not in your fore fathers time…

    Jai you had given an awesome comment.. U can be a better script writer than ssk’s current boring writers..anyways everything u said is Pakka…

  12. me and my mom starts watching ssk from 1st episode.And my mom get bored and stops watching ssk at meghna episode.and i was continues this serial till now.but now i will stop watching ssk.soo boring track.and i dont want to see rosid and premar seperate.and roli was crying for sid its better to end this serial.this serial was running because of rosid you seperated good bye ssk

  13. siddarth vasudev enter into ssk as negative character to trouble the bw family…… wats dis yaar???? what hpng in ssk

  14. frnds wat do u thnk dat brnging one new charcter again as its -ve ??? and bw family goes again in trouble with him?? wat u thnkg about dis guys…

    1. What to thnk yaar. Bakwaaasss. That’s it in a single word. Now itself hundreds of sid going to be hundred and one in it. Great. Anyways this crap is not gonna end soon better we stop discussions nd stop watching dis. I’m not understanding hw cum channel promote such disgusting serial topics to be telecasted

    2. What to thnk yaar. Bakwaaasss. That’s it in a single word. Now itself hundreds of sid going to be hundred and one in it. Great. Anyways this crap is not gonna end soon better we stop discussions nd stop watching dis. I’m not understanding hw cum channel promote such disgusting serial topics to be telecasted. May b atlast roli nd simar even turn negative nd every evils living together in hell along wit their stupid writers.

  15. guys u can see these in youtube
    1.siddanth last message for roli….
    2. amar finds clues of siddanth’s murder..
    3.roli’s conspiracy against simar……

  16. no sandya.maine yeh videos nahi dekha.iss videos me kya hai

  17. Thanks @ maanu.. Neetu.. Diya..
    Will try not for this crap serial. Sum thing gud

  18. Like jai z simar and roli also turns negative one day.
    Now itsrlf roli startef showing some sigbs of it….lol

  19. Thanks sandya… Saw the videos.. I think for stretching the serial for one more year they are giving rolis campus life as new thread as well as Sids new life with maya… Mostly both of them will be seen with new pairs.. The one studying with roli sure will be in love with her and will do anything to make her own… But plss roli don’t get more people into BW family.. Better be with amar.. Else it won’t be able to digest

  20. I think they already decided to hurt rosid fans I guess.. so v can’t expect any changes.. I was having little trust tat they will end this dabba track n bring rosid unite soon but nw understood tat its our foolishness to expect such things in ssk.. am fed up of this track.. huff.. can’t watch sid in -ve role.. gud bye ssk

  21. Hey in one vedio amar is getting married na …..with whom?

    1. he is not marrying he got the clue mangalsutra frm where sid’s body missing….

  22. In which video. Share the link dear. May be roli after she join campus. We’re the track going. Anyone having some idea?

  23. Hey frndzzz.. I was watching retelecast of ssk. Wen amar is suggesting to reopen case roli is giving a reply like even if we do this Sid wnt b bck to our life for sure. It means tht Sid is nw a nag nd he can’t be back to his normal human life. So rosid cnt reunite in ssk. Isn’t right??? Wht do u guys thnk abt it?? So d summary of ssk wil b Sid wit maya nd their evil mind twrds BW. Roli wit her studies nd new life in which she adore nd luv Sid frm a distance and den a guy who is gonna luv her for sum other reasons. Whts ur opinion frnds??

  24. Good bye SSK sorry Sbk

  25. yes u r right jai.if she marry amar its good.because he is the one who cares about roli

  26. what roli hiding frm family? is she know abt sid alive or she only put sid body away.???? … dont know what hppng in ssk…?? whats da use of new entry in ssk nw… and dat to trobleng bw family….. wher is sid’s body roli knows or nt? wat she hiding?
    in synposis they gave if simar doesn’t stop investigated roli threantens her to leave the house…..rosim comes to an argument causes roli leaves the house????? wats all these…
    kisko roli gave promise.. and episode last when simar left..she asks sorry and want to close dis case and she looks sid photo… it means sid matter roli knows…..???

  27. i thnk maya must have made a deal with roli dat sid get back life frm death…and he must stay with maya… orelse she vl not cure sid… roli luvs sid alot so she must be agrees dis to save sid’s life… to it she pretends as sid dead… she wants sid to be alivethan to be live with her… i thnk she hiding dis frm family…. wat u thnk guys??? what i told is correct?? wat u thnk guys??? plz reply me

    1. may b ur r8 archana….bt hw these people in ssk always bound to promise….if dat promise made fr gud cause then one can bound to it….bt in this serial one promise make their life and other lives also hell….

  28. Archana i too was thinking the same

  29. simar ka new mission hai what roli hiding .. ithnk simar come to know dat wat is roli hiding frm family… simar and amar on mission to find what roli hiding and they reached one home… i thnk in dat home only sid vl be there with maya… im guessing .. dont knw exact…

  30. simar ka new mission is roli ka zoot ka pardha fash karna…… kya ho sakta hai roli ka sach sabke saamne laane ka…

  31. in one video ssk new twist given as dead siddanth returned as ichhadari naag… but if we opened its onlocation video is der.. is dis true news as sid back as ichhadari naag and -ve role.. what is it? is dis news is correct?? tel me plz…

    1. Yup…it’s 99.9999 % true…

  32. Yup… As archana said mostly that cud b d only reason.. What ever it is nothing bt all nonsense being showed. Simar nd amar dis time against roli to find Sid. Nyways Sid can’t b bck if baba told in last week episode was it’s ssk nothing is impossible..even they will bring dead people from heaven for their sake.. But d news frm ssk crew is nothing but rosid is being separated for ever nd ever in ssk.. Nw only maya nd Sid exist.. Frm rosid to masid.. Nd may b romar or someone on d way to fill ro___

    1. it means der is no rosid reunoin in ssk…. rosid seperated forever in ssk ah???? but onethng at last end in the serial some hope is rosid united and serial ended frever…..
      the clue which amar got mangalsutra is belongs to simar…. its simarmangalsutra…

      1. no i think that mangalsutra belongs to maya

    2. hm. .ur crct bt cant imagine amar r any other with roli….they used 2 say roli z incmplt without sid and sid z incomplete with out roli…..then hw can cvs think like dat…to seperate them….really irritating…ssk loosing their fans…fan folwing startd fr ssk only bcz of rosid..if no rosid then no ssk….i think they want more antognists than protognists….so intrducng new entries

    3. ur crct accdng to baba ji said bring sid back to human life is not possible…. but its ssk any thng possible.. like dead persons alive.. naag to human human to naag.. but if sid naag and -ve.. its not bearable to see… plz dnt show sid as naag… plz reunite rosid.. plz.. sid come back.. want rosid union…. or else end dis naag naagin crap bring anyother twist… want ro
      is rosid seperated forever or dey united???????

  33. Omg!!!!! Did any1 came to knw abt siddarth vasudev entry in ssk.. The grt thng in tht is he too in a -ve role… tht sounds intrstng..rit???? Sasural evils ka.. better rename d show..whts his role in new twists??? Anyone reply yaar

    1. ya except sasural simar ka…it deserves all titles…sasural nagin ka…sasural evils ka…as jai said mosquito track….sasural macchar ka bla bla…
      I think may b he z original nag….its just my prediction

  34. I think sidhart vasudev is the original naag now that hes taken sids body and is an ichhadhari naag he can change from sid back to his original form anytime he wants. For roli he changes to sid and for the rest of the world he stays as his true self. Thats how sids character now bicums -ve.

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