Warrior High 31st March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Warrior High 31st March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Anvesha brings Utkarsh in her car, she looks at him. He says the fight was really tough, she asks if his contender is also injured. He says both of them are fine, she asks if was two two fight. He says his partner left, he couldn’t back up. She asks who taught him such values. He says Siali, means Angela. Anvesha asks is she the girl with him in school, where he met her. Utkarsh says since… she used to come to orphanage for charity, Siali is her house name. She says he is really creative in making stories. Utkarsh asks for water, she opens a bottle for him. He drinks painfully, then tells himself to speak less as he will be caught. Anvesha was smiling.
Siali was sitting on her bed late night, cursing herself for handing the box to Sid. She stands with window wondering if Utkarsh is fine, a car pulls up. Siali wakes Niti telling her Utkarsh has come, and helps Niti down her bunk.
Both the girls run out to Utkarsh, they hug and cry, then backs up looking at Anvesha. Anvesha asks you are Siali, right? They were quiet. Anvesha says no, her nick name is Siali and she is Angela. She says she is happy that they are looking for her friend, but they have no business here at this time. Tomorrow is the final round of Mr. and Ms. Fresher’s event. Kamini comes there, Anvesha wishes them luck and goes inside. Siali and Niti run back to Utkarsh, he aches in pain and says they held his neck and it pains now. Anvesha watches this. Rishab takes Utkarsh to sick room.
In the class room, the boys were happy that one of their contender is already out, Utkarsh. Now only three of them are left. Rishab tells Parth in corridor, Anvesha took the decision that he is out from Fresher’s finalists, after yesterday incident. Ayaz asks Sid why is he is upset, he must focus on his Mr. Fresher’s title. Sid says it wasn’t something lesser.
Kamini asks the girls to decide what they want to do in an hour for talent round.
Rishab announces to the boys that Parth is out, now the two of them are competing. They must behave, and decide what their talent is going to be. Sid says he won’t need to know his talent, he isn’t participating. The boys runs after Sid.
Siali says to Niti she isn’t interested in any talent show and isn’t going to stay here anymore. Krisssane is irked how they can back out at this last moment. She would want to compete with him.
Siali and Niti bring the box to Utkarsh, he says he is seeing his maa after a long time. Siali cries that he is here only because of her today, she had forced him to come here. Utkarsh asks him not to be sad. Siali says Parth even left them at the last moment. Utkarsh says Parth must have some problem, else he is his bro. Siali says now the three of them will go away from this place, they aren’t interested in this school or talent show of this school. Niti says to Siali that she and Utkarsh had already decided that they will go with her the day she leaves. Utkarsh says the three of them are strong until only they are together.
Sid comes to Urmilla, she asks she heard he isn’t participating. He asks Mr. Rajput that he won fair yesternight, still she humilitated him in front of everyone. She says he was the weaker. He asks why he didn’t give up. She says some people doesn’t give up, he was bleeding to death yesternight She had to take some action. Sid says it is his decision that he won’t participate. Urmilla asks what has she not done for him, his name is Siddhardh Rajput, he has some responsibilities with this name, but she has failed. She takes a seat and cries. Sid sits besides her, wipes her tears and asks what she wants of him now. She stands up and says she wants him to make her proud of him. He agrees, she says alright, this time Mr. Fresher is going to be a Rajput. Sid leaves. Urmilla gets the chair, she makes a call and finds about the health of Utkarsh Rajput, asking to call on this number.
Utkarsh asks the girls for a promise, he says he wants to show these people before leaving, that they are no less. Siali argues, Utkarsh says he wants a respectful place for these people. Siali says they will participate in this talent round for sure, then.

PRECAP: Utkarsh tells Vibha the three of them will leave high-headed. Vibha asks where are they leaving. A boy announces in front of Sid that Utkarsh is also participating.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Siali-utkarsh…gud….poor parth

  2. utkarsh is really such a sweetheart. luv him!

  3. Wow gud epsd..
    Yes, anusuya, utkarsh’s heart is vry soft nd gud…
    Anvesha mam is gud too.

  4. Am I the only one who loves Sid? Agreed he has ego problems…. but he has a lot of parental pressure on him too!!

    Utkarsh is sweet too 🙂

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